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Removing Religion from Politics


Even though I am an atheist I have respect for religions and I understand people who are religious. Some of the most amazing people I know in life are old regular Baptist and I would entrust my life to them. The passion and love they show to their God can inspire me, an atheist. That being said I do not believe that we will progress as a country and even a species if we allow politics to be so widely controlled by religion of any kind. I believe United States elected officials should be allowed...

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Religion was made to control people


Creating an invisible being that constitutes laws and defines our humanity is the best way to gain control. In the past, sciences were stopped because it didn't follow the laws of God. For example: When Copernicus argued that the Earth was not the center of the universe and it was rather the sun, the church tried to quickly kill his story. Religions control groups of people....

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Donald Trump is the best choice for President


Honestly, I just feel like many people do not give Donald Trump enough credit. He has a strong character that many people lack and DO need. Donald Trump is exactly what America needs; he knows how to push and nag and get his point across, he understands that he doesn't have to "fix" himself to fit in with what other people's views are; he's just a man with much needed qualities in a leader. Everything Donald Trump has said is nothing new to what have already been problems in the United States fo...

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Should students have to wear uniforms to school?


This is a debate on whether students should have to wear uniforms in school. First round is acceptance. Rounds 2-4 are arguments and rebuttals and round 5 is for closing arguments no new arguments. Good luck....

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"They told you that the primary purpose of the death of the Lord Jesus on the cross was to save you"


They told you that the primary purpose of the death of the Lord Jesus on the cross was to save you...was it? I propose to you to start by tracing back the story of the cross from the very beginning: There..., in the paradise, God prepared for Adam and Eve what you may call "heaven on earth" and God was like a friend to them, "the LORD God called unto Adam, and said unto him, where are you? (Genesis 3:9). God provided them with everything they need to make their lives wonderful, but Satan...

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Hiroshima was not nuked


This challenge is a part of the outlaws debate tourney. Rules: -BoP is on con -only 500, characters allowed. -Logical fallacies are allowed and encouraged -Vote bombing is allowed and encouraged -All Arguments in the third round MUST be in Spanish (Google translate is fine) -All arguments after this round MUST be in Comic Sans -I like cheese....

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Bernie Sanders Would Hurt America If Elected


My argument: Bernie Sanders would severly hurt America if elected in 2016.DISCLAIMER: My viewpoint in no way implies any support for any of the alternative/opposing candidates, or any support for a Democratic or Republican nomination. This debate strictly adheres to the policies of Sanders; at no point should this [debate] turn into one regarding any other candidates' policies. Economic and social issues will be discussed. ...

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Dark matter is a hindrance to scientific advancement


When astronomers observe the universe, their models do not match what they see. For example, astronomers predicted a very large and dense object in the middle of our galaxy, the Milky Way -- since the countless solar systems are being attracted. However, when we looked towards the center of the Milky Way... we saw nothing. So what happens next? Bright minds, instead of seriously questioning their understanding of the universe, declare that they can't possibly be wrong (ego through the roof)...

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gay animals exist


There are there are hundreds or even thousands of animals that are actually gay. For example. Male dolphins often break away from the females to engage in all-male orgies, apparently for fun. There are plenty of females around, yet they still engage in this, as do other sea mammals. They are not trying to dominate each other, they're pleasuring each other playfully. Sometimes they will pair up REGARDLESS of availability of females. Male giraffes sometimes show affection towards each...

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I need to start 3 debates


I just need to create 3 debates so I can vote on a debate...

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