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Same-Sex Marriage Should Be Legal in the United States


I want to begin by saying how delighted I am to be debating Contradiction on this very important social issue. It's good to be able to argue with someone who is so philosophically inclined. For my part of the debate, I'll be arguing that same-sex marriage should be legal in the United States. Accordingly, in this debate I'm going to defend two basic contentions. First, there are no legally tenable reasons to ban same-sex marriage. And secondly, there are good reasons to think th...

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The user s0m31john is a pedophile


My opponent shows clear signs of being a pedophile which I will outline in my further arguments. My first, rather short, line of evidence will be his avatar (At the time of the creation of this opening argument) , a character known a pedo bear on the chans. It is a clear sign of pedophilia, as pedo bear is an example of an active pedophile bear, which regularly rapes 'lolis'....

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Scientology is a work of fiction.


L. Ron Hubbard was a fiction author that created a religion through his imagination. It is what it is....

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My presidential candidate of choice MUST believe in evolution.


When choosing a candidate to support, I first discard the ones who don't believe in evolution. If you believe the universe was created six thousand years ago, I can not possibly take you seriously. I think it's important to vote for someone who believes AT LEAST in evolution. How can we have someone lead our country in a fair, logical and reasonable mannor when they don't use logic to come to a reasonable conclusion on the origin of our world? I am not debating about a belief in god or th...

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The US should make new funds for the Water For The Poor Act to solve for the African water crisis.


300 millions are without water in Sub-Saharan Africa, and the problem is only growing worse. We need to fully fund the Water For The Poor Act in order to solve. It was enacted in 05, but has only been funded 10 million for regions in Africa. It needs 200 milion. Many credible literature authors beleive it can solve, and it solves for: -Water conflicts -Disease -And America's lack of Soft Power....

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Debating is for losers!


When I went to highschool, the debaters sat at the loser table, while the cool kids like myself pointed at them at laughed. Face facts. Only losers debate. Cool people have better things to do!...

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The Big Bang Theory rationally disproves God


I was reading a debate in which my opponent stated that the Big Bang theory rationally disproves God, and I wanted to get a little explanation for that. So, I think Korezaan should prove the point that the Big Bang Theory rationally disproves God, which I just don't get. Before I let him get started, I'd just like to say a few things. I believe the Big Bang Theory is basically correct. I believe Creationism is basically incorrect. I read Genesis at the allegorical level, as do most of t...

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George Bush is a good president.


George Bush has destroyed our nation. 1. He implimented No Child Left Behind, overcrowding our good schools and still leaving our bad schools to be bad. 2. He created the Iraq War for the purpose of finding weapons of mass destruction, stopping terrorism, and promoting democracy. They vote, they have no WMDs, and terrorism will NEVER be stopped, and Iraq has nothing to do with it. 3. He lowered out economy significantly, lower than most African nations. 4. He raised gas prices, making tr...

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It is impossible for two humans to physically touch eachother.


It is impossible for two humans to physically touch eachother. Gimme your best shot! I'll make my case in the second round....

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The Big Bang did not occur


The Big Bang theory is not credible in my view. I do not believe that it occurred and I will challenge others to show me otherwise. Since that is the essence of my opening statement, my opponent will have 3 full rounds to give evidence in favour of the Big Bang. I, on the other hand, will have only 2 (plus these few sentences). But I believe it will be sufficient to prove my point....

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