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Sex before marriage


This debate is about the positives and negatives of sex before marriage. My stance is that the negatives outweigh the positives. ::Definitions:: Sex: Short for sexual intercourse. Note: I am not talki...

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Children should be lied to


I believe that lying to children, whether in the form of perpetuating silly myths like the existence of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy, or by withholding factual answers to their questions about subjects such as sex and death, is bad, primarily for the children themselves but also for society as a whole. Lying either directly or by omission is harmful because children eventually find out the truth, and an air of distrust is created. Children hear their parents say "It's w...

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Topic #29: Plea Bargaining should be Banned. (Attempt 2)


Topic 29 of Round 2. Darth_Grievous_42 vs PublicForumG-d. To be judged by usernames Evan_MacIan, shaqdaddy34, and dmill2010. As Pro, I will be defending that Plea Bargaining should be banned, thus the polar opposite of my stance that PublicForumG-d will have to defend is that Plea Bargaining should NOT be banned. As I am not well versed in foreign court procedures, I will be arguing from an American Perspective. If my opponent wishes to bring up worldwide cases he is more than welcome to do so,...

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Men should be allowed into lesbian bars.


I have a number of lesbian friends and I would like to have more, so some of my mates and I went to the Candy Bar in Soho, which is a lesbian bar. However, we were refused entry on the grounds that we were men, even though I explained that our intentions were entirely honourable and we would be in now way offended by the sight of women engaging in sexual activity with one another. I believe that the refusal of the bar's management to grant admittance to men...

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imabench is an ignorant fvuck tard


Look at his weekly stupid. He also pretends to be a christian but talks about seaman in kim kardasahns mouth. You sir need to take an IQ test u'll score so low on it...

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Homosexuals are perfectly justified and deserve all the rights of other people.


So...gays are definitely people. Their homosexual actions have no negative impact on anyone but themselves (placing them apart from rapists and pedophiles.) Therefore, no country is morally justified in placing restrictions against any of their rights. Whoever accepts this debate must find a reason why we have a right to discriminate against gays....

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The deregulated "free" market is unsustainable


Free Market - Business governed by the laws of supply and demand, not restrained by government interference, regulation or subsidy. Externality - Activities and conditions whose benefits (called external economies) and costs (called external dis-economies) are not reflected in the market price of goods and services. The primary feature of an externality is that one entity's action directly or indirectly changes the options available to other entities. Regulation - Principle or rule (with o...

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should clothing be mandatory


as it is well known that all humans born are not natural in garments but born of naked flesh then immediately are cloth and covered ,shamed. why is this because we are afraid of our naked truth ... we as humans have obtained shame from our first mother and father Adam and Eve .. it was those two who sin in the garden of eden forcing us to see our self's as grotesque and naked. "We live in an atmosphere of shame. We are ashamed of everything that is real about us; ashamed of ourselves, of our...

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Gay marriage


Gay marriages ought to be allowed because we need to respect them at rational and consenting human beings with the right to life liberty and property. Moreover, the right to marry does not impede our rights in any way and therefore it is not the governments place to prevent equal treatment. Furthermore, the tradition of marriage has been a fluent and evolving beast that will not be deteriorated by the allowance of free individuals to commit to each other in the name of love and commitment....

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Child molesters should tortured to death.


Child molesters should be tortured to death and die the most painful and agonizing death possible. That's all...

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