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Affordable education


We can say that education is a vehicle for individual and social advancement. If we look back in time, we recall that earlier education was available only to rich people. Education was a luxury that not everyone could afford. But time does not stand still, the present education is open to everybody, the main thing is desire and diligence. But every year it becomes easier and easier to get higher education: the number of places is increased every year (though only for paid tuition). In this regar...

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Bryan Mullins: The Roast Game, ASPCA literally ate Cats and Dogs for 10 years


The truth is, the estimations of the number of Cats and Dogs in the America are incorrect because if 163,800,000 is the number of all the Cats and Dogs in America, and if you count up only 79% of households, not the pets, the number that the calculator projects is some what less than the number of all the Cats and Dogs in America. Then the estimations were intended to mislead the public by making a false estimation by plainly not doing the real math, which is by adding up all the Cats in Ame...

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Generalist approach > Specialist approach


Is it better to be a specialist in a particular field, or a generalist, that knows alot of things, but lacks depth in any field? I assume, that being a specialist means having a very narrow scope of practical and background knowledge, which is of no help in everyday life. Plus it's really tough to start something over, when you've dedicated your whole life doing one particular thing. Generalists, on the contrary, have basic knowledge of almost every important...

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Should colleges put emphasis on extracurricular activities?


I think that extracurricular activities are important, but still its not as much important as education. If these activities take too much time, it can have bad influence on students. First of all it can distract students from their study, as it is, of course, fun and interesting. However, in the end it can appear that it was just a waste of time, but it would be too late to catch up with studying. Whereas when students put emphasis on their study, they can have more opportunities in the future....

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The growth of the national debt, if not stopped, will bankrupt the nation.


I am for the proposition that the growth of the national debt, if not stopped, will bankrupt the nation....

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Should schools provide Religious Education?


Religious education is one of the most controversial issues in education that has been hovering over educational institutions since ages. It is probably one of the most debated topic that will always have a divided opinion. A few days ago I decided to look through the statistics on this topic, which is disturbing and made me very upset, disappointed and confused, because mostly parents oppose that their children being taught religious disciplines in schools, some of them withdraw their child...

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iPhone OS is better than Android OS


Task switcher in iPhone OS is better than Android OS because of the way the task switcher is triggered. In iPhone you double "press" the home button to activate task switcher while in Android, it's very sensitive because you need to "touch" the "Recent App icon" to make the same result. By saying sensitive I mean your fingertips might mistakenly get to the adjacent icons that will lead you to other results and this will make you irritated....

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The world was created in six twenty four hour periods.


This debate is on whether or whether not the world was created in six twenty four hour periods.Rules: this debate is on the Hebrew Bible only no other bible....

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Woman, Children, and child pornography


So what have Legislators, radical right feminists given us, in the name of protecting woman and children first from "stranger danger" and now from the Wild Wild Web? Constant surveillance and control over all. If over 95% of child sexual abuse is in familial why are we being told otherwise? What we have now is a surveillance state and Law enforcement (LE) will ruin your life over speculation, using the Patriot Act, and the FISA courts that approved thousands of search warrants over the years...

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Is "visible light" actually visible?


Definitions: Visible light: the portion of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum with detectable wavelengths. Visible: consciously perceived Rules: Only one. A dictionary definition does not imply factual evidence. Supporting evidence is required. First round is for acceptance only!...

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