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Stop accepting debates with the title 'How do Atheists rationally know truth from fiction?'


Newcomers to, DO NOT accept ANY debate with the title 'How do atheists rationally know truth from fiction?'. The guy who has been posting them, ViceRegent, is a middle-aged bigoted ignoramus with the brain capacity of a lemur, and he has been spamming this same debate for months. Please don't accept these debates. If you want, copy and paste this debate and post it yourself to spread the message :)...

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That parents should have the right to implant GPS trackers in their children


Parents should have the right to implant GPS trackers in their children...

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This House rejects the existence of a higher power (God)


I will firstly start off with my definition of God. For simplicity I will include the definition of the Christian God. According to the Bible, God is 1-Omnipotent, 2- Omniscient, 3-Supernatural and 4-Omnibenevolent. I will firstly start off with why the first 2 statements of Omnipotence and Omniscience aren't logically correct then I will hand over to side Opposition to put forth their argument. Firstly, Omnipotence is not logically correct as it brings about it's own problems. Firstly, th...

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God definitely does not exist, and the agnostic view is wrong.


God is claimed to be a supernatural being, not merely an alien being from another planet who is powerful. Supernatural means beyond nature. But nature is all of existence, which places God outside of existence, which is impossible. Therefore the concept of God is invalid, because it leads to a contradiction. Everything that exists is part of existence, and therefore is natural. I will debate any Agnostic who grants that God may exist, but no evidence has been provided....

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Libertarian socialism is not an oxymoron


Pro is arguing that the above statement is true, thus con is arguing that libertarian socialism is an oxymoron. Since this debate is a debate over semantics, no definitions of "libertarian" or "socialism" will be provided or agreed upon in my first round. Instead, we will be arguing why your own definition of the terms "libertarian" and "socialism" are more valid than your opponent's definition. We will, however, agree upon a definition for "oxymoron". I present this...

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Public Displays of Affection are Immoral


Standard rules. Also, the title really has "affection" as "affexion". ...

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is some food real?


The Speigel Online conducted an interview with legendary chef Alice Waters about the "eat local" movement, which has become a force to be reckoned with in the United States in recent years. Waters was one of the pioneers of that movement -- she transformed her state's cooking in the 1970s into world-renowned "California cuisine" with her Berkeley restaurant Chez Panisse. She promoted the use of in-season produce from local farms, and advocated planting vegetable gardens in schools. More t...

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THW not punish people under the poverty line that commit economical crimes


Thank you opponent, in advance for accepting this challenge. Before I start, I would like to clarify that we will have four rounds, and the last one should be used for pure rebuttals. the word limit is approximately 700. I have tried my best to be concise and I am looking forward to your reply! It is my first debate on, so here it goes. Good Luck! Firstly, I define punish as to give someone a penalty for their wrong doings, e.g. jail, fines. I would define people under the poverty...

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"In My Pants" Joke Smackdown: Song names


We meet again for another "IN MY PANTS" debate. This one will be about song titles that sound funny with "In my pants". The rules are the same as before: One joke per round. I will now display my joke (I am saving at least two for the last rounds ;) Ready yourself). Smells Like Teen Spirit... IN MY PANTS NOTE: NO SONG TITLES THAT ARE ABOUT SEX, PORN, OR MASTURBATION...

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Quote War


This is a short and fun debate. It is currently impossible to join. Please comment why you should participate. I am doing this because since this is in a short fashion, I only want active debaters. Rules: The quotes must be legitimate They must fit the category You must state who said the quote There will be three quotes per round (excluding acceptance round) Format: Round 1: Acceptance Round 2: Liberty Quotes Round 3: Love Quotes Round 4: Work Quotes Comment why I should choo...

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