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A Kamikaze is a Superior Alcoholic Beverage to a Midori Sour

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Started: 9/8/2008 Category: Miscellaneous
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Everyone loves a good Kamikaze. Sweet, sour, and tanginess with just the right amount of alcohol. A kamikaze helps you reach your end goal of getting inebriated without having to sacrifice refreshing taste and drinkability. Most importantly, a Kamikaze is a superior alcohol beverage to a Midori Sour.

A Midori Sour is no doubt sweet, delicious, and refreshing; but those aspects are its downfall. A Midori Sour is too sweet and delicious.

A Midori Sour, by recipe is 1 1/2 parts Midori, 1 part sweet and sour, and 2 parts lime juice. That recipe in itself is the drinks downfall against the Kamikaze. Compared to the Kamikaze a Midori Sour is just too sweet. Unless you have the strongest sweet tooth in the world it would be impossible to drink enough Midori Sours to help you reach your end goal of inebriation. This is also due to the fact that Midori is only 20% alcohol by volume, where as the vodka in a Kamikaze is 40% alcohol by volume.

Based on these facts alone it can be seen that a Kamikaze is a superior alcoholic beverage to a Midori Sour.


I would like to thank my opponent for starting this important debate. At a time of internationally significant elections, heightened tensions between the world's superpowers and a global economic meltdown, it would be all too easy to forget how vital sickly cocktails are in our efforts to advance civilisation!

First of all, I must confess that, with the possible exception of flaming Lamborghinis and vodka Martinis, I was under the impression that all cocktails were for girls and homosexual gentlemen and being neither myself, I have not sampled either of the aforementioned concoctions.

Nevertheless, my opponent's description of the beverages in question, and my own research, should prove sufficient for me to argue the case in favour of the Midori product. For the purposes of this debate, by the way, I assume that my opponent is referring to pre-mixed drinks available in bottles from all good supermarkets and liquor stores.

Let's take the following scenario:

You are staying at the Waldorf Astoria on Park Avenue whilst in New York on business and after a day of high-level meetings you ask the limo driver to stop by a liquor store so that you could pick up a family-sized bottle of cheap and nasty booze to drink in your room.

Inside you are presented with the choice of Midori Sour, or, with its higher alcohol content, the wife-beater's choice - Kamikaze. With a post-doctorate degree in applied mathematics you quickly calculate that the latter offers more bangs per buck and you return the hotel clutching your purchase, anxious to get off your face as quickly as possible.

However, having consumed the entire bottle, you have still not reached the state of alcoholic oblivion you were seeking, so you stumble down to the bar and splash out on a bottle of champagne.

Suitably impressed by your extravagance, a blond stunner approaches you and asks if the stool next to you is free. You reply in the affirmative and ask her to join you for a drink.

Now, as everybody knows, champagne goes straight to a girl's ***** and it's not long before she's frothing at the ****, begging you to take her upstairs.

However, the champagne has gone straight to your head and just as the girl slips off her dress, revealing her delightfully pert breasts, you collapse onto the bed in a drunken stupor and the next thing you know it is the morning and there's no sign of the girl.

At breakfast you meet a business associate who is staying at the same hotel and he is looking like the cat that got the cream. He explains to you that the previous night he popped out to the liquor store and purchased a bottle of Midori Sour, which he had drunk on a bench in the bus station. Having finished it, he returned to the hotel and decided to have a quick beer in the bar before retiring to bed. You then learn that moments after taking a seat at the bar, a n angry-looking blond girl came and took a seat next to him, ordered herself a drink and told him how she had just been jilted by a man that fell asleep while she was undressing. The executive then related how they had ended up in his room making mad passionate love until dawn.

In choosing Kamikaze over the Midori Sour you realise that you have missed the opportunity to have a night of mad, passionate love with a top bit of totty and for this reason I believe that it is the Midori Sour that is the superior beverage.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting my argument.

Unfortunately, while entertaining, there are multiple flaws in your rebuttal.

First of all, both a Kamikaze and a Midori Sour are mixed drinks. They cannot be purchased in premixed packages. This shows, one your lack of knowledge on the subject matter at hand, and two your lack of research into this debate.

Second, your "story" makes uses extremely false generalizations and follows many horrible stereotypes. I hope that you don't really believe everything you just wrote or my faith in humanity has yet again dropped a few points.

Third, while a night of mad passionate love is amazing, your ethics and morals come into question. Do you always need to get a woman drunk in order to sleep with her? I really hope that you aren't someone who has to slip a roofie into a drink to get a woman in bed.

Since you failed to form an even decent rebuttal to my first argument there is no way you can possibly win this debate. My original argument stands, A Kamikaze is a superior alcoholic beverage to a Midori Sour.


Well, I'm sorry if I misunderstood. I thought my opponent was referring to hand-mixed cocktails because he was complaining about the relative alcohol content. If you want a more potent, less sweet Midori Sour you can vary the quantity of the ingredients to suit your taste - more Midori and lime-juice and less sweet and sour should make the tincture a bit less sickly and if it's still not potent enough for you, simply add a shot of good quality Vodka to perk it up a bit.

I refute my opponent's assertion that I employed stereotypes in my scenario, by the way. I don't know too many high-flying, international captains of industry whose firms accommodate them in $900 per night, 5-star hotels who spend their evenings drinking cheap alcopops in bus stations rather than sipping vodka Martinis in the cocktail bar!

My opponent wrote:

"I really hope that you aren't someone who has to slip a roofie into a drink to get a woman in bed."

I am not familiar with "roofies" but I assume they are some sort of date-rape drugs. I am pleased to advise my opponent that any such narcotic would be surplus to my requirements given that I'm fighting the girls off with a sh**ty stick as it is!

(Shaka ediyordum, imzali K���k Kush!)

In conclusion, my opponent's assertion that a Kamakaze is a superior drink to Midori sour is merely a matter of personal taste. For him, the former is superior, others might enjoy the sweet and sour melon flavour of the latter, but I am not aware of any survey or report that has established the relative popularity the drinks an my opponent failed to point to one. For this reason, you must vote Con.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Freshiequest 9 years ago
I restarted this debate because it was picked up by DylanAsdale last time... long/short story...
Posted by PoeJoe 9 years ago
DISREGARD THE COMMENTS BELOW!!!! (here are some uncapitalized letters for ya)
Posted by PoeJoe 9 years ago
Errrr... something like, "Yeah! Brian sure knows his drinks!"
Posted by PoeJoe 9 years ago
I wuz liek, "You should message brian_eggleston"!
And you wuz liek, "I agree..." and something else.
Posted by Rezzealaux 9 years ago
Wait... did I comment on this one before.....
Posted by Rezzealaux 9 years ago
What the hell?
Posted by PoeJoe 9 years ago
Why are our comments getting deleted?
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