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A Plan to Prioritize Arming Girls

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Started: 12/9/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Whereas, Women are weaker than men; Acts of violence against woman are likely to be perpetrated by a man; and Handguns reduce or eliminate the advantage men have over women in strength. And

Whereas, Trans-women are disproportionately likely to face abuse or assault; Trans-women are more likely to be murdered in a hate crime; Statistics show murder rates of trans-women are increasing; and Trans-women are more likely to have negative interactions with law-enforcement. And

Whereas, Law-enforcement is more effective when it is trusted as an institution by the community it serves; Trust builds from positive interaction, Children base their initial perceptions and assumptions about the world on the beliefs of their parents; Single-parent households, frequently the mother, are becoming increasingly common; and fire-arms training is an effective means to develop rapport and trust with women, who pass this trust onto their children and shape the norms of the community. And

Whereas, the younger a woman becomes familiar and competent with a firearm, the longer she will benefit from this knowledge; In nature, defending her children and self is a typical feminine role, Girls mature faster than boys; Girls are less likely to be aggressive or commit crimes than boys.

Therefore be it resolved that the legal age to own a handgun be lowered from 21 to 18 for those who are female, or have taken concrete and ongoing actions to transition to female.

Be it further resolved that a funds be provided to 70 counties sheriff departments to develop and implement firearms training for women and trans-women within their jurisdiction; Parishes, counties and municipalities wishing to have a pilot program funded for a minimum of three years will submit proposals detailing the need, expertise, efficiency and ability of their proposed program to the United States Department of Education; The Department of Education will select the most compelling proposal from each state, and an additional 20 from any state or US territory.


I don't believe that women or trans-people are specifically targeted for any reason at all. Your proposal is quite dangerous already. Yes, women are biologically weaker doesn't mean that they should all be armed. With SJWs and Antifa running around it would just cause more senseless violence.
Your argument about transgender people is utterly stupid as you state that people murder them in hate crimes, no people don't. If there is anything a person should do is help they get they delusions of being something that they are not. Most people are not stupid well not enough to ignore basic biology and transgenderism is based on a mental disorder, so get a psychologist. Your argument on single mothers is fine and makes a bit of sense stating that they need to protect their children. But stating girls are less like to commit crimes is not an argument.
"Women are more likely than men to be in prison for fraud and robbery, while men are more apt to have committed violent crimes. Almost one-third of all female prisoners are behind bars on property charges vs 18 percent of male prisoners, according to 2012 Bureau of Justice statistics." -, as you can see men are more responsible for violent crimes than women, end of the story. You also stated aggression between the sexes, females are less aggressive while males are more, not true. Females are more verbally aggressive than males but males are physical more aggressive. Stating one is while other not is untrue. My source also states that most physical aggression among males are other males, so you saying females are getting attack is only applied to a small minority. Adding to my point most physical aggression among women are found against their spouse, children or siblings and it is more likely to happen in their household. Connecting this fact to you your argument about single mothers, I believe not. Should we arm females? No, not without a license/permit/certification by police.
P.S who wants are feminist with a gun in her hand vote for the other person
Debate Round No. 1


Traditionally this is where I welcome an honorable opponent and invite open and honest dialogue as we search for truth. Today it seems the guy who clicked the I accept button for this debate was raised by well meaning adults who wanted to get their spoiled daughter a pony for Columbus day. They had little money or experience but were welcome by band of roving gypsies who offered a pony at a fair price. The little girl quickly learned the pony was actually a Jackass and wated nothng to do with him. For an animal who was repeatedly abused by women it is not surprising that he cringes at the idea of women being afforded armed self defense when she has reached the maturity to take the training and apply it in real life.

That is my theory as to why his argument looks like greasy semi-solid turds that were sprayed across the screen and the kicked ad licked to hide his meaning. Since I am fresh out of rubber boots and gloves I am not going to order the argument for him, I will give him another chance.

Donkey, please take a some time and sort out whether you object to reasoning or my solutions. Brain storm and imagine what I might say back to your argument. If you have a stronger argument that would be made relevant by my argument then set the bait, If your argument would be weakened or destroyed you need to fix it or eliminate it.

If your only objection is to including trans-women then maybe you could offer an amendment with a different solution.


Sorry I may be nitpicking but at least I use a bit of logic. Your argument as quoted "he cringes at the idea of women being afforded armed self defense when she has reached the maturity to take the training and apply it in real life" is incorrect because you took something I said and took it out of context. At the end of my argument I stated not without a license/permit/certification by police, so you didn't even read my argument at all. Proving that I don't cringe at the idea of women being given firearm to protect themselves, I'm cringing at the fact that you are trying to paint me as a misogynist. Calling me names is not an argument but an meaningless insult. So return to preschool.
P.S Liberals/Democrats/Leftist loved to call people names instead of argue against them with logic.
P.P.S learn to take criticism mate
Debate Round No. 2


Let me concede four facts my opponent brought up in their initial argument. First, "Women are biologically weaker"" I was dreading arguing with the type of person who would deny this.

Second, based on 2012 statistics NeatFreak stated, "As you can see men are more responsible for violent crimes than women, end of story." I am not trying to diminish the scourge that fraud is, but they are not related to women being able to defend themselves. Third, my opponent also cited an article from 1983 from which we learn, "Females are more verbally aggressive than males but males are physical (sic) more aggressive." Again, I fully agree with my opponent on this point.

If my opponent has had their feelings hurt, they need to know that their pain is valid; it is OK to cry. Recent advances in medicine have reduced fatalities from hurt feeling all the way to zero. I would suggest that higher language skills reduce the need for physical aggression, thus more and younger women having access to guns will not increase incidents of hurt feelings or massive hemorrhaging from gunshot wounds.

The fourth fact I agree with my opponent on is that most victims of assault, including rape, are men. That the majority of victims are men does not diminish the disparity of strength when a man attacks a woman. Male on male violence is more likely to pair two closely matched individuals who both seek to prove that they are stronger. Very weak or strong men need neither prove nor defend their status. Thus, the ability to inflict and receive damage are similar. All of this goes out the window if one or both are armed, the decision and ability to use violence is no longer effected by relative strength. It comes down to aggression, impulsivity, maturity, cultural norms and alternative means of resolution. Males 18, 19 and 20 years of age are more likely to resort to violence due to increased aggression, impulsivity and cultural norms due to having lower levels of maturity and fewer alternatives. Females 18, 19 and 20 are more likely to use a gun defensively than aggressively.

Near the end of their first argument, my opponent made a statement regarding increased violence in women"s households. Please provide a source, preferably more current than 1983, and clarify if you mean there is a higher rate of violence, more total incidents or something else. ""Most physical aggression among women are found against their spouse, children or siblings ". in their household," when I read it translates to, women don"t punch strangers or acquaintances. This may be true but says nothing about the frequency, severity or predictability of such assaults, nor how they compare with male initiated violence.

Now let us look at where my opponent and I disagree. They "don"t believe that women or trans-women are specifically targeted at all." If just one mugger or bad-guy committing violent crime is rational, than we would expect them to choose the weakest victim possible. My opponent recognizes that women are weaker, thus the absolute statement that they are not targeted AT ALL, is false. Let us look at another crime. More men than women are raped every year. This is a surprising statistic to many because most people don"t give much thought to the realities of prison. If prisons are excluded then women are the most frequent victim. A female rape survivor reports being assaulted by a male 98% of the time, male rape survivors report 93% of their attackers were male. ( The rapist in prison has few opportunities to choose between raping a man or a woman. Outside of prison they have more options. If women weren"t targeted then rapes outside of prison would be similar between genders. This sight cites statistics that 90% of rape victims are women, You can either believe that rapist are perpetuating a truly bizarre statistical anomaly, or that women are the target of choice. The sight also provides evidence that trans-women are disproportionately victims of sexual violence.

Maybe my opponent subscribes to the feminist answer that woman facing a potential rapist should urinate in her pants. I think that the option to produce a handgun and make the rapist piss himself is a better solution. My opponent also threw SJWs and Antifa into this debate, which is revealing. Not all Antifa and SJWs are women, not all women are SJWs and Antifa. When the closing line of argument is, "P.S (sic) who wants are (sic) feminist with a gun in her hand vote for the other person(sic)" it starts to smell a little misogynistic.

My opponent may or may not be misogynistic but they are certainly transphobic. They are welcome to their opinions but not their own facts. Here is a New York Times article that details that transwomen are the most likely victims of a hate crime and that the frequency is increasing, More transwomen have been murdered this year than any year previous, here is an article from 2017 My opponent thinks trans-people should see a psychologist; with an official diagnosis would they support a trans-woman being able to get a handgun at the age of 18, 19, or 20?

Lastly, because states and localities have different standards for purchasing a handgun this proposal is limited to the federal requirements. Purchasers have to be 21 regardless of gender. For example, in Washington, DC they may also have to be a beatified saint, in Illinois they may have to pay absurd taxes, elsewhere they may have to take hours of classes or get permission from local authorities. Where I live in the United States you can buy all the pistols you want once you are 21 as long as you go through an FFL and pass the FBI"s instant background check.

I look forward to my opponents response.


Crime rates in the west has lowered dramatically, states in their article that "In many developed countries, crime has halved overall," and continues by stating that it is technology that is preventing crimes. Rape itself had down by one third. I'll make a bet that you believe there is a patriarch in which which women are oppressed and I'm just exploiting my male privilege. Well there is no patriarch and I'm just using my right to speak. You know what is a privilege, a woman making fake rape allegations and ruining a mans reputation even if there was no reason evidence. Jemma Beale, aged 25 was jailed for making fake rape allegations against 15 men and successfully ruined their lives. 'You are a very, very convincing liar and you enjoy being seen as a victim,' as quoted by the judge shows that she played the victim card to spark attention. She was clearly a feminist, who hated men and clearly deserved the prison sentence but what I'm trying to say is that a woman has the privilege to accuse a man of rape and manage the to ruin their lives, this is becoming more common. Here two articles and a video
Video by hunter avallone
This victimhood complex has been used by liberals a lot from legitimatizing violence against others (Antifa) to scare people into not using there voice (SJW). Men today a now turning away of women because of feminism, this is called sexdous. Sexdous is becoming more and more common as men are now more afraid of having their lives ruined by fake accusations of rape, sexual assault and harassment. This has lead them to live with their parents, more stereotypically in the basement being absorbed in porn and video games instead of going out and meeting people. Milo yiannopoulos' article on the subject.
Part 1
Part 2
Well I'm happy to find common ground with us both agreeing that there is a set age. But should it be a a priority to do so, if a woman is wary about their safety that is a reason. But it shouldn't be a priority to arm all women. One minute you liberals want to restrict guns, now you want to give out guns to civilians.
In addition my opponent has suggested again I am a misogynist, if you want be me to clarify then you should of asked. I never said that all women are part of antifa and are SJWs. this a generalization made by my opponent which took something I said out of context instead of asking for clarification on the matter. Another technique that liberals use, take something out of context and then call them names. Well I suggested that transgendered people should go to psychiatrist or psychologist, well they should because it is a mental disorder called gender identity disorder or gender dysphoria.
P.S o is run by liberals specially a bunch of feminist
P.S.S It states 'college women report surviving rape or attempted rape at some point in their lifetime.' Underline college because that is where most false accusations of rape appear.
Debate Round No. 3


Regardless of whether crime is trending up or down, victims are still victims. I advocate enabling and encouraging them to take steps to defend themselves. My opponent wants to comfort them, or their next of kin, with statistics. Before doing so I recommend he review the articles a little more carefully.

The first article contends that technology is reducing crime, one of the sources cited in the article is a study by Professor Anthony R Harris. If you read the study you"ll see that in it he attributes the decline in murder rates to improved medical interventions for severe trauma, he also recognizes that medical interventions are of no benefit to those who die at the scene of the crime. . An even better way to survive trauma is defending yourself in the first place. The other types of technology discussed in the article have little or no effect on estranged boyfriends, and other mentally unstable people.

I agree with my opponent that in the US there is no patriarchy. Again I am not a feminist, an SJW or affiliated with Antifa. I think people who make false rape allegations are perpetrators not victims. My opponent stated that false rape accusations are becoming more common and backed up the statement with three links. ALL THREE LINKS ARE ABOUT THE SAME CASE. Repeating citation after citation of the same trial doesn"t prove that false accusations are surging in Australia, only that the copy and paste function is reliable. My opponent also states that, "she is clearly a feminist." How so? False accusation were around before feminism, they will continue after feminism.

I love Milo Yiannopoulos, my respect and familiarity with his stances are partly evidenced by the fact that I can spell his name right. Milo supports the second amendment. Milo wants to "red pill" more women.

Here is a freebie for everyone, if you start a paragraph bemoaning the victimhood complex, don"t end it blaming women for whatever problems men are having. Stigmatizing men who choose to maintain housing and financial relationships with their parents is unjustified. Saying it is a problem is something I would be happy to debate. Blaming the trend all on feminism is an oversimplification and ignores more significant and relevant factors that I would be happy to debate.

Sexodus is not relevant to the identified problem or proposed solution.

Here is another freebie for everyone, if you don"t want to be perceived as anti-Semitic, don"t blame everything you think is wrong on Zionists conspiracies and the Rockefellers. Likewise, if you are shy about people knowing your misogynist leanings, try not to blame everything on women. Respecting the choices and gender of trans-women may also help.

Whether or not you respect them, you at least need to acknowledge their rights. If one needs to get a driver"s license don"t tell her to see a shrink. If she needs to pee point her towards the bathroom not the doctor"s office, and if she wants to exercise her Second Amendment rights direct her to a federally licensed firearms dealer. Cool Beans if that FFL is also a psychologist, or juggler, but they need to be able to sell handguns in accordance with local laws.
My opponent wasn"t didn"t counter any of my arguments or sources in his latest argument. Instead he added two separate post scripts. In the first post script he leveled bias accusations against the source, without a shred of justification. In his subsequent post post script he announced that college is where most false rape accusations occur. Please quantify, provide a valid source, correlate it to actual rapes and lastly how the sum of all the false rape allegations in the world negate the right of one single woman to defend herself.

Lastly, her is a link to FBI crime statistics if anybody wants to peruse the accumulated data. It shouldn"t take more than twenty minutes to understand completely why allowing women to purchase handguns three years earlier than they can under current federal law is a great idea.


There's are sense of irony in what she says, loves Milo are person himself has said that the one in four statistic as false when he was quoted as saying on live television "To say that there is a "rape culture" implies that there is a system or environment that encourages rape. That does"t exist on American college campuses. And to believe in the statistics that feminists pedal, that one in four, one in five women is going to be sexually assaulted in her time on campus, you"d have to believe that American college campuses have rape rates that approach those of the Congo, where rape is used as a weapon of war. We don"t reward rapists in our society, we put them in prison."
Well states that it happens on college campuses, I don't see your argument there. When I mentioned sexdous and crime, I planned on making a connection. When men are afraid of false accusations, technology has advanced enough that it culled overall crime by half and rape by one-third. There would be less crime that is obvious enough but how does relate to the topic 'A plan to prioritize arming girls'. Well my opponent has suggested violence against women or trans-women are high and are increasing. Like I stated before crime has and will continuously decline. Men are now checking out of society because they fear being falsely prosecuted for something they didn't do, so I doubt crimes would increase. states that 2016 saw only 23 transpeople and 27 in 2017 murdered these number shouldn't make this a problem to prioritize. My opponent would state that I'm simply just dismissing their deaths, no I'm simply stating that it's not a big problem to be prioritize. If a women trans or not whom are wary of their safety, can go get a gun license with a good reason in mind from the police. Funny enough Milo is a transphobe and it's hard for me to see your point when you say that you like him. Well some people like Milo and me aren't just going to throw basic biology just because it hurts their feelings. All I'm going to say is, thank for debating. Well I know I'm not using a conventional structure. I'm a student at a liberal school, well I feel liberated for debating such a topic. My teachers are strict with topics so, thank for the debate.
P.S population of America is 323.1 million in 2016, divid 323.1 million by two then multiply the answer (161,550,000) by 1/4 or 0.25 and you get 40,387,500 now compare it to the FBIs stat which is 95,730. It's a big difference.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Whistle 2 years ago
I love Milo. Like 90 some-odd percent of women I don't consider myself a feminist in the least. I wish my opponent would stick to the subject.
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