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A Resolution Against choosing the gender of their child

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Started: 5/5/2009 Category: Health
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Imagine being about 22 years old. You're happily married with the love of your life (aww) Both of you have always dreamed of having a baby girl, but because of the 50/50 chances of not being able to know if it will actually be a girl or a decide to spend a good amount of money on the high tech of being able to choose to gender of your child. For the happy couple, this means they will have the chance to maybe have the baby girl they have always dreamt of.
I have three main contentions as to why I stand in the strong negation of this resolution and why we should have the opportunity to choose the gender of our children.
(1) For those cultural reasons
(2) The desired gender in a family and
(3) The need of the dominant gender


Many people have been trying to choose there babies gender for years. There are a lot more women in the world then there are men. There are healthy and safe ways of getting the gender you want many more for a girl. People want a girl for many reasons. For fathers it would to be wanting to walk there daughter down the isle at her wedding. For mothers it would be so that she could pass her specialty and knowledge of the world. They also get to pass on their knowledge of boys/men. Women where counted in much of the cultural back grounds. Eve was part of Adam. Behind every man is a women.
Debate Round No. 1


I will present my case and then refute what the opponent has to say about this debate in the third round.... I would also like to thank the opponent for debating with me...okay on to my case.....

(1) Cultural reasons. Many believe that a life is not something that should be messed with, with all the new technology that we have now. That is why those that need/want a certain prefernce in their child can do it naturally. There are natural ways to get a greater chance of having a boy or girl. I won't go into detail with the ways as to how...but you can always talk to your doctor about those methods. If you're to shy or something to talk to your doctor about thise for whatever can also read books that contain this information. Laundrum B Shettles, MD PhD has written a book "How to choose the sex of your baby." This book explains the natural methods to choose the gender of your baby.

(2) The desired gender in the family. Many dream about having a baby boy as their first born. As a dad, they might prefer that baby boy to play catch with, to show how to drive, to say "that's my boy" etc. Others may prefer a baby girl as the first born. A mom might prefer that baby girl to buy her those cute little outfits, see how she is playing with her dolls, and see her grow up to be a mature, strong women. Being able to have the opportuntiy to choose the gender of the child will give those that opportunity...that dream.

(3) The need of the dominant gender. In China for example a bor is prefered. If we have the opportunity to choose the gender they will have a decrease in abortions, etc for those that have a girl. (This can tie in with their one child policy)
Having a baby boy will allow those, like in China the opportunity to have less abortions. Also the girls in China will not be neglected or rejected

Because of these three main reasons I urge a vote on the affirmation.


(1) The cultural reasons for many people that prefer trying to choose the gender would be as followed. The parents may try it naturally at first. After have the same gender baby more than once or twice they might try choosing their babies gender. Many people do help choose their babies gender with out even knowing. The change of eating habit what you eat, etc. My opponent has a point about the books on having natural birth. There are books and the internet just telling you the things you can do the get the child you want. So if doctors did not think it was safe they might tell you it is dangerous. They might have written a book on the matter.

(2) The most desired gender in the family would be to be a boy for fathers, and for mothers most of the time it is girls. The parents usually have the names and what gender they want. Many parents want both a boy and a girl so they can do both play catch and go shopping. The other reasons would be so they can see both get married. For some fathers they want a girl so they can understand what a girls needs are. You have a slit better chance of having a girl.

(3) The dominate gender in the US right now is women. I believe in China it would be more useful because if you have more boys then there are less women to have babies and they are over populating right now. I also agree with my opponent about the bring down the abortion. They will not need as many needs as they need now. Many people prefer a boy so they will keep their last name going, and also they are easier to raise and much cheaper than a girl would be.
Debate Round No. 2


Seeing how the opponent has not been able to come up with a case of their own to provide the reasons as to why there should be a vote on the affirmation of the debate, I will just clearify my points and refute the little information the opponent has provided (If any).

(1) The opponent talks about parents trying this naturally first, but many are not aware of how it should be done. That is why I suggest to also see a doctor to choose the gender of your child rather than going all high-tech.

(2) Of coarse the choice in gender of the infant varies with the parents, but they don't always get what they want. That's why being able to choose the gender of you infant is a good thing...because that way the parents can have the "prefered" child

(3) Talking about the more dominant gender...the opponent agrees

Thus, today, I urge a strong vote on the negation of this debate

Thank you.


misty.c forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by misty.c 8 years ago
Well just to let you guys know that was the first time debating and I did not know what I was doing and I know that but I kept on and it got even worse. I can argue a point just that I did not now what I was arguing about was I arguing for males babies or we should not have it I did not get it but it is OK because I know I tried my best.
Posted by MTGandP 8 years ago
How come the resolution is a negative statement, and the instigator is CON?
Posted by Speechee111807 8 years ago
Hey mongoose
Umm my opponent...yeah seems to have misunderstood their position in this debate... So Chillax This is new to the opponent
Thank ya's
Posted by mongoose 8 years ago
OK, I'm confused... who's debating which point? It seems to be an agreement, not an argument.
Posted by misty.c 8 years ago
Many people are choosing the babies sex even when they don't not know it and I think anything you do while you are pregnant will help chose the babies sex even when you do not know it.
Posted by misty.c 8 years ago
Many of the things that the parents do will have some risk of that but not much and also there are 400,000 babies born a year and it does always have to do with the parents and there are 18,000 People in the United States. Not all are from trying to get a certain gender of baby. Many of the things that are tried are harming the people doing them.
Posted by Common_Sense_Please 8 years ago
What if the child is at risk of a gender related illness, like haemophilia?
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