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A-Series: Can you survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

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Started: 12/6/2013 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is debate is part of a series of debates that I will debating on surviving an apocalypse. This debate in particular consists of surviving a zombie apocalypse. The voters will decide who has the better strategy to survive a zombie apocalypse.

1. The primary goal is to have a strategy to survive the zombie apocalypse. Both my opponent and I will begin the zombie scenario in the midst of a fictional metropolis. We can choose to leave for a rural area or suburb if we choose.

1.Neither I or my opponent may choose the same items, weapons, tactics, or strategy. The only exception is the location whether it be staying in the metropolis, moving to a suburb or a rural area.

If this rule is broken, my opponent or I forfeit the debate.

Round 1- My opponent and I will present the terms of how we will survive the initial week of the zombie apocalypse. We will only have the choice of selecting five items or objects to carry with us. We can choose to link up with a group of five people or less. Or we can chose to survive the zombie apocalypse by ourselves. Either way, only past the first round we can choose to link up with other groups, the military, bandits, or whomever we can think of. We will have this round ONLY to choose if we want to leave the metropolis for a rural area or a suburb.

Round 2-We both will develop our post-apocalyptic plans. Here are some examples of some vague plans. We will discuss our plans in explicit detail.
1)Will we meet meet new survivors and start a colony? If so, what size and how many survivors? What are the objectives of the colony?
2) Scavenge for supplies and food by ourselves or with our small group from the 1st round?
3) Will we look to find a government or military safe haven?
4) Will we be looking to find for a colony of survivors?
5) Will we become bandits or hunters who plan on robbing other survivors?
6)Will we become nomads that roam the zombie apocalypse?

Round 3- We will discuss how we will address the problems with the zombie apocalypse. These three groups must be addressed the military, bandits, and other survival groups. We will discuss what our relations with these groups or types of groups will be. Whether we will ally with other groups, avoid them, or make enemies of them.

Round 4- We will discuss how we will deal with zombie hordes that encroach upon our living quarters or habitat. This means what weapons will we obtain? Will we build fortifications? Is there any training required? Any appropriate gear for combat? Or will we run from zombie hordes?

Round 5-We will describe what are long term plan for survival is. I will leave the imaginations of my opponent and I up in the air for this one.

My Round 1 Case:
I will have to raid a few stores to obtain my items so it can be a bit dangerous. The five items that I will obtain are a katana, machete, backpack, a pack of double AA batteries, and a flashlight. I chose the katana and machete because these are melee weapons which will be good to fight zombies. I chose a backpack so I could pick up food and supplies as I survive. The flashlight will be good at night time to spot zombies and other hostile elements.|pcrid|37352409880|&{copy:s_kwcid}

I will be battling my way to a less populated suburb by myself. I will avoid zombie hordes and ordinary people on the way. I will get to the suburb by way of small streets rather than main streets. The suburb will be less rambunctious as the metropolis. The suburb is less vulnerable than the metropolis. The metropolis will have more zombies because there is a higher population to be infected. The suburb is closer to civilization than the rural area. So I am in a position to find more survivors or aid later.

I will temporarily locate a two story house. I will try to kill the zombies in the house. Then go on to fortify the house. I will bar the first floor windows, and cover them with sheets. The sheets wills prevent people from seeing inside. I will barricade the back door with a dresser located in the house. If there is a basement door, I will find a book shelf to barricade it. I will search the neighborhood for home improvement items like planks, nails, and a hammer. Then I will nail the planks to the basement door and back door while keeping those doors barricaded as well. The only door that will be able to be opened easily is the front. At night, the front door will be barricaded as well.

I will search the neighborhood houses and a local supermarket for food and store it in the home's fridge and basement. The zombies on my searches will be avoided because I am by myself. I will sleep on the top floor away from the windows.


This debate sound pretty cool. So I would first probably be suspicious because weird stuff would be on the news.i would get prepared ahead of time. Get some supplies. Maybe some weapons. But good weapons. Like maybe some guns(as last resort of course) and some good quality melee weapons. Plan a route to take(to a isolated location of course)and a few backup routes to take. I live in the suburbs so traffic would be tight. I would take a bike because it is silent but that just when I leave the house and pass all the city. I would go to the mountains and maybe find an abandoned camp. I would make sure it's safe. Maybe there would be a spot that I could see the city from because the mountains that I live near you can see the city. See how bad it is and maybe try to clean it up slowly. I would have a group of ten max. Ten of the most important people in my life. We would all have to get physically fit by exercising. And we would have certain camps in different locations. We would have to take turns staying awake at night to patrol the area. If we are well off we will start to build barriers around the perimeter. Try to find the strongest material we can. Go to city(not the whole group maybe like 5 of us). Find a car that is good quality that is powerful good on gas and maybe even armored. In the end we might take a boat(with enough supplies) and try to find a island to live on. And we'll start being civil if we can.
Debate Round No. 1


Apparently, my opponent was not reading the rules or the round functions. That will cost him some points. But we shall continue because there is only one rule that results in a forfeit. To my opponent, follow the rules for the rest of the debate please. I would suggest he start from the campsite and state his five items, and whatnot.

Since I am in the suburbs, I will meet up with other survivors in the suburbs to start a colony. We will start the colony when we have nine or more survivors. The colony will be setup in a suburban cul-de-sac. The colony will be based on a set of 8-10 houses that share the same backyard. We will take turns fortifying the house while building up a stock of foods.

Some survivors will be forging for food while others obtained melee weapons. These weapons will include knives, machetes, swords, bats, chainsaws, and every other melee weapon that can be obtained from the local stores. We would not concern ourselves with searching for handguns. If we found firearms, we will only take rifles. The rifles will not be used on zombies. So our colony will not fight zombie hordes head on. Rather our strategy will require us to attempt to lure the zombies into smaller groups to be slaughtered. Our colony would use melee weapons to fight the zombies.

The colony will have a leader, and that will be me. This colony would have a maximum of twenty survivors. Our colony would be focused on building a safe haven in this apocalyptic world for alpha survivors. To join our colony, five zombies will need to be killed in melee combat. People with children below the age of thirteen will not be allowed.


Can we start a new debate. I'm sorry I didn't read the rules. So can we? I'll do it right this time.
Debate Round No. 2


Sure so I will challenge you to a new debate then


SONOFGOD2013 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


My opponent forfeited. He also denied to do another challenge. Con did not follow the structure as well.Vote Pro.

Debate Round No. 4


To repeat my last post.My opponent forfeited. He also denied to do another challenge. Con did not follow the structure as well.Vote Pro.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by toamatt26 3 years ago
I'd challenge someone else to this if anyone wants to. It seems pretty cool
Posted by Josh_b 3 years ago
I like to follow
Posted by Jonbonbon 3 years ago
This debate gets the imperial seal of approval:
Posted by Tophatdoc 3 years ago
Follow the round structure and read the only rule please.
Posted by SONOFGOD2013 3 years ago
Sorry didn't read what you said I just starting writing. Next time ill do what you said.
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Reasons for voting decision: I'm giving all my votes to Pro. As much as I don't like it, Con forfeited several rounds and requested the debate to end. Pro had better Ideas for survival, better conduct, better grammar, and his argument had a better resource, him as leader.