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A Short Debate of Convincing

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Started: 7/31/2016 Category: Politics
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I was under a bit of debating with myself regarding one of my views being Global Warming. I've come across a lot of arguments stating its existence although I am kind of stubborn and am not willing to let go of my current beliefs. My opinion on the matter is bound to be swayed if someone takes this challenge to try and convince me. This debate is not to be voted on, it is simply a discussion to see whether I am convinced.

Thank you!


Hi there, this is my first debate. I hope I can convince you that global warming exists.

1) Many scientists have come to the same conclusion
Nasa and a lot of other organizations had come to the conclusion that global warming does exist. because global warming does exist it would mean that people would have to cut back on there CO2 emissions in order to help protect the environment.
You can see on the nasa website a lot of information about global warming:

I hope I was able to convince you!
Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by Delta2401 2 years ago
You might want to check the 6 and a half minute video making sense of 13 common misconceptions put forward by the climate change skeptics by Veritasium.

However, if you want some really long videos debunking many of anti-climate change people directly, there are plenty of them out there I have found I can link you to.

I used to be like you myself, not willing to accept it. There were plenty of good sounding arguments making fun of the scientist and how it was just a money/power conspiracy. And while I have come to conclude that yes, perhaps many politicians are exploiting this towards their own interest - that doesn't change the fact that to me, they have proven to me beyond a shred of doubt now the climate change is real. And C02 is a huge part of it.
Posted by WKOJ 2 years ago
Sorry, but I am not very convinced. I was hoping for stronger arguments and you only led me to one source.
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