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A Strategy for the ISIS problem

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Started: 12/7/2015 Category: Politics
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This is more of a discussion, Comments are welcome. My opponent will basically tell me why my strategy is not a reliable or good one.

I suggest a "Clean Slate" initiative. What I basically would do is make a executive agreement with Putin to let him to take the reigns in his Syrian campaign. This would entail having no fly zones and having no restrictions on Russian bombing. The world (anyone involved in the middle east conflict) would back away from Syria and let the Russians deal with the rebels and ISIS. While this will betray our rebels there and there will be a tremendous loss of life the Russians will eventually turn the tide in the war using spec ops and its famous use of carpet bombing.

Then the US coalition against ISIS will focus its target on Iraq. Aiding Kurds and deploying troops and using drone strikes/ air strikes to full potential. This would entail that many civilians will die/or severely injured.

Once the deed is done we will divide Iraq into 3 parts: Kurdistan, Shiite Land, Sunni land.

This will create peace in the region and creating a more peaceful region will be easy to deter radicalization.

The Death Toll will be in the hundreds of thousands maybe even millions if you add the Russian death toll of civilians

The price of the war on the us side will be in the billions

However the price will be lower than the overall price of continually dealing with ISIS.

Remember this is just a discussion. No sources just speak what is your mind.



This initiative won't even be close to work since bombing a hole country would be exaggerated expensive and against UN laws so it won't be permitted by the UN.

One of the biggest weak parts of your solution is that Putin or the Russian government would need to tell the Syrian citizens that their country would be attacked and it would be more probably that Isis members escape than this citizens do. The looses would be thousands of millions of dollars in buildings. Wildlife would be killed and the contamination would be very huge. Many Isis members don't even live in Syria so they won't be killed.

Basically this solution suck Isis would continue and many Human rights would be violated maybe you should think of another solution or forget the topic
Debate Round No. 1


I mean the UN can be easily persuaded.

That and the UN doesn't really have power

The UN's "sanctions" barely are having an effect on Russia and if they were brought against the US would either be dropped with coercion or wouldn't be enough to bring down the US economy.

In this article it shows the UN's carelessness. An entire genocide happened and they didn't care to i tact

(Voters DO NOT VOTE for me on Sources. I said Sources would not count and I meant it. Keep Sources at Tied)

We would also make a global standard for rigid immigration not allowing any terrorists to be admitted to and if they are found out they will captured and interrogated.

Also the Russians wont allow ISIS members to escape. They will end them with carpet bombing killing both civilians and Terrorists. Also the majority of active ISIS members are in Iraq and Syria.

Yes massive loss of life will occur but I do not think this will be a bad thing if this action results in extended peace in the middle east


Well actually it would be bad to kill 56,27 million people that live in Syria and Irak and they would defend themselves so the attack would be a failure.

And that global rigid Immigration standard would be very spensive and it would be hard to find out who is a terrorist and who is a normal Iraqi. Another hard, very hard thing to solve is not letting anyone escape because actually how can a country close all a country airports borders and ports.

This won't help maintain the peace since Syria, Irak and their allies would be mad at Russia. The economy would be devastated the environment would be harmed (bombs have negative effects in the environment) and the hole land won't be habitable for a very long time causing diseases to those that pass through there and devastating a hole civilization. Many recourse's would be wasted in this and more importantly Isis members would find a way to get away
Debate Round No. 2


You dont kill all of them it would be impossible and be vital to the mission NOT to exterminate all of the Syrians.

The Russians wont kill all the Syrians.While the death toll would be in the millions they wouldn't come close to exterminating the whole Syrian race. The "Clean Sweep" initiative would simply clear out all the radicals and impose a dictatorship in Syria (under Al-Assad) creating peace. Thorough talks with Russia would convince them to keep a leash on him and stop bombing his people with chemical weapons.

Under European/American control Iraq would be swept away and 3 new states would come into power.

With US support peace would be established through the different religions.

This would be the opposite of the Syrian position as we would establish democracies there.


Okay this is just stupid. I don't have almost anything to say in this round because you haven't give new arguments and the ones you have given are bad arguments just to no be offensive. But just to clear this up bombing Syria creating three new states and basically fighting Isis with those tons of second effects would make more harm than good. Killing that much people is bad and I don't care if they aren't all Syrians, they're inosents that diserve a good life not just to be killed because someone is mad with terrorist that don't have anything to do with them.
Debate Round No. 3
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