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A Woman Can Rape a Man

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Started: 11/24/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
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My argument: if a woman engages with sexual intercourse, of any kind, with a man that is unable to consent (due to being intoxicated or under age) or is simply just not consenting, it constitutes as rape.

This is gender equality; if a man can rape a woman then, equally, a woman can rape a man. Also, this kind of sexual assault is often not taken very seriously and the man is mocked, which is, quite simply, bullying and sexist.


While I actually agree totally with my opponent, devils advocate is always fun, however I am asking for a little more wiggle room, my point of view will be that, while men can get raped, it is much more rare and less serious. I would be grateful if my opponent agrees to these changes however, if not I am still willing to argue that a man cannot get raped, even though it is a much harder position.

I hope I lose, but that will not stop me from arguing as best as possible.
also, if my opponent agrees,
1st round acceptance/ state position
2nd round ALL arguments
3rd round rebuttals only
Debate Round No. 1


Firstly, I agree to your new argument, and understand the position.

Your claim that male rape is "much more rare" is a little exaggerated; most statistics you can find will say that 10% of all rape cases have male victims. But this is grossly underestimated as, more often than not, a male rape victim will be mocked or too ashamed to even tell anyone. This is, unfortunately, because we live in a society that often dismisses the rape of men and ridicules them if they speak up. So, based on this, a more accurate estimate of the total rapes per year and proportion of that figure is that roughly 30-40% of all estimated rapes are against men (this is not to say fewer women are raped).

My next point is challenging your notion: "while men can get raped, it is...less serious". Most men that are raped are done so under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, and often the woman has pressured or intentional caused or forced the man to take drugs. So not only do woman rape men, but they often drug them to do it, which in itself is a crime. Also, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, men that are raped by women are ridiculed, so any emotional trauma is commonly untreated. Often, these victims feel severe fear of women, or other anxieties that any woman may feel after being raped. But women are never left alone after being raped and are supported fully, yet men are separated from society for even suggesting they were raped, causing these emotional symptoms to linger for years after having little to no support (this is not for all cases, some are accepted in often extreme circumstances).

For that last point I'm including this :

It details some cases of men (or boys) being raped by women. (Word of warning: it contains some strong language)


The statistics that I will be using are from the U.S. department of justice, which say that 3% of all men have been the victim of attempted or completed rape and 16% of women have been the victim of attempted or completed rape . 3% /19%~16% of all victims of rape are men, and 16%/19%~84% of rape victims are female, I would say that is a pretty significant difference.

As for them being "grossly underestimated" this argument is the same for women, one study suggests that 80% of women do not report rape. I do not mean to suggest that these figures are 100% accurate. However, you cant just say that the statistics are off to some degree and then just come up with new figures. especially figures that have no basis-you think that is what it would be.

I cannot address your 2nd paragraph as their is no numbers or proof to back it up besides the youtube video- which I will address.

The video is an example of a male teenager getting seduced by a previous professional cheerleader, in the video the boy was not taken seriously to some however, in the video, the speaker even says that these are not representative of the entire community, and the individual is definitely not "separated from society".

as for my arguments:
First if a women gets raped by a man, particularly a stranger, then she may get pregnant, yes there are morning after pills, however many women may be morally against this and see it as a form of murder, then it becomes a major moral dilemma to the women. There is no such dilemma if it is a male raped by a women whom is a stranger, as he does not have to make any such choice. in this way, male rape is less serious.

Virgin females also report pain in their first intercourse, and sometimes even bleed. Male virgins do not have this problem. The physical pain combined with the emotional could be quite traumatizing- and that being their first time could make it that much worse, and any future sexual act may be hard because of the trauma experienced the first time.

male sex drive is higher than females sex drive. . (this is important later)

also, compare these two videos

It is harder for men to be raped because even clear-headed, men consent almost every time. It also proves that woman can get sex almost whenever they want, so why would they go out of their way to rape someone? while men find it hard to find a sexual partner, which, combined with their high libido, may lead to them being so sexually frustrated that they are willing to do anything- even rape.
Debate Round No. 2


I want to keep my response brief, so here it is:

For your first paragraph I have some opposing statistics:
And also note that these statistics have their own sources, which are linked in the article itself.

Your second paragraph doesn't really argue against me, but rather agrees and states that it's the same for women. Also, my aforementioned source shows that I didn't just come up with the statistics, I just forgot to add the source (sorry).

In response to your argument that male rape is less serious, the circumstances you mention, I agree, are quite serious and can't happen to men. But, studies have shown that the suicide rate for sexually abused males is 14 to 15 times higher than other males (source:Holmes, W. C., M.D., MSCE, and G.B. Slap, M.S., Sexual Abuse of Boys. 280(1) Journal of the American Medical Association (1998): 1855-1862, citing numerous studies.) which I consider to be very serious (and women's suicide rates are probably higher after rape too). I'd also like to draw your attention to these sources also:

So no, a man can't get pregnant, but he can still be physically and emotionally harmed (so you may say it is slightly less serious in some cases).

And to your last point regarding male sex drive, I admit that it is, quite obviously, higher for males. But looking at the two video,s your claim that "even clear-headed, men consent almost every time" is wrong, as in the video only 30% of the men agreed to have sex, which is by no means "most". Also, in response to your point "women can get sex almost whenever they want, so why would they go out of their way to rape someone? ", women won't want to have sex with a stranger and, as statistics suggest (your source in fact:, most rapes are done by friends or people already in a relationship (Percent of victims raped by a friend or acquaintance: 38%, Percent raped by "an intimate": 28%). And finally, your claim "men find it hard to find a sexual partner" has no evidence, and your claim that "may lead to them [men] to being so sexually frustrated that they are willing to do anything- even rape" is merely an assumption, and though it may be true for some (very few), the majority of men aren't so "sexually confused" that they will rape someone (contrary to the popular belief of feminists, not all men are rapists).

Well... I kinda lied a little at the beginning there, but I thought I needed to challenge your argument (which was quite good) fully. (sorry if it wasn't really a round rebuttal)


First thank you for your statistics, and I have some more:
I do believe that people have found some flaws with the methods of this research, however, the point I am trying to make is that they're are a lot of statistics out there, in order to find the entire truth we would have to go deep into the methods and scope of each study-(which I am not willing to do as it would take a log time and rape isn't exactly my favorite topic)- and even then we could say that those statistics are underestimated for both sexes.

Yes, male victims are more likely to commit suicide than male non victims, however, as you admitted, the same can be said for women, 56% of women in one study who reported child sexual abuse had a history of suicide attempts .
This, with the addition of risk of pregnancy and physical pain imply that women rape is more serious than male rape.
As for societies' view on male rape, there are stereotypes that some people may take to seriously, however, people have different view points-society is not a massive group think- and now,with the rise of MRA, men can find support online, if not with someone in their community.

You are correct, in that my last argument has little or no supporting evidence (beside the YouTube video), however your argument that "it may be true for some (very few), the majority of men aren't so "sexually confused" that they will rape someone" has absolutely no supporting evidence or citations. Men do consent more than women, and have a higher sex drive, meaning that in a relationship, men will often be the first one's to ask for sex, and even if they don't it is likely that they will consent to their partner's wishes.
---------end of debate---------
I thank my opponent for challenging my position (I do in fact still agree with him).
While doing research, I was surprised by the amount of female on female rape in some studies.
lastly this topic disgust me greatly(as I hope it does everyone), as rape is often not separate from domestic violence and other crimes, as well as it is used as a way to manipulate people by blackmail ( someone may manipulate another by threating to tell the police that an entirely consensual sexual encounter was rape)
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by wwwwh 2 years ago
XVIII, that's why I asked nicely, and really, he already started arguing against that position in the 2nd paragraph.... anyway, I would like him to decide that, also this would not the first debate on ddo, that the positions were changed slightly after it's creation...
Posted by XVIII 2 years ago
you cannot decide to change the debate on the person that created it con, you will have to argue the original position
Posted by Nivek 2 years ago
Is being wholly ambiguous a new symptom for MRA sympathizers?

And....So What? Generalize and oversimplify all you want, a truism is a truism.
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
technically that makes him female
Posted by Nivek 2 years ago
The amount of rape for men is significantly lower than women. What? Must the smallest of things really offend us? Does our ego really takes the form of a d!ck?

No one's gonna doubt your resolve here. The only question now is whether men are willing to concede that rape for women is far worse than men.
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
no because the man would have to admit it, see?
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