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A Zombie Apocalypse Is completely Possible

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Started: 1/5/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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In the case of the Zombies being undead, the human body decays twice as fast in the air. Decomposition also occurs faster in different temperate zones. For example; in the tropics a dead body would become a mass of maggots in 24 hours. The flesh and muscle tissue would inevitably decompose to a point of not being able to move the bones around and to a point of were the limbs would fall off. It all depends on the temperate zone of were the body is. My best guess is around 1 year and then it will be all over.

I do honestly believe that it is fully possible whether it be due to a fungus (cordysepts) or, a virus.


Those zombie fungi are too delicate and weak to even a mile away to even threaten a human being. This is because those fungi target ANTS, FISH and BIRDS. The only real threat of the zombie apocalypse is if prions, an unstable protein that you can get from cannibalizing brain tissue, becomes too abundant in one's system. Even so our body has built up an IMMUNITY to these proteins. Even if this immunity didn't exist, all of the people who have died of this protein have stayed dead. Even so the number of cannibals and the location of those cannibals are too far away from western civilization to spread. Even so most cannibals eat muscle tissue so that leaves very, very, very little to start a zombie apocalypse and, with all of the awareness and research done on the simulations of the zombie apocalypse that the chance of a successful zombie apocalypse is reduced to zero.
Debate Round No. 1


According to There are over 400 different types of cordyscepts. Each type of cordycepts infects a different spices. Which could possibly mean that according to the theory of Evolution it could infect evolve to infect humans. Mass cannibalism has never been recorded and only small groups or singular people would commit cannibalism and cannibalism is preformed by people today. According to it is rare but still preformed today also pirons is NOT the only thing that makes people perform cannibalism. There is many different causes to cannibalism and it has also been preformed in Western civilization.

Since I do believe the term "zombie" has been modified from the last round I'm going throw in this:

Science has proved there to be different diseases that cause zombie like symptoms such as and not limited to Brain Parasites, Nerotoxins, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, Neurogenesis (reanimation) and, Nanobots. Now the last two may sound extremely fictional but they are plausible. There is a lab that is dedicated to research on Neurogenesis is happening and just realty Scientists have already created a nano-cyborg, by fusing a tiny silicone chip to a virus. The first thing they found out is these cyborgs can still operate for up to a month after the death of the host. Notice how nano scientists went right for zombification, even at this early stage. (2)




I agree that the cordyceps will evolve and I agree that the Creutzfeldt"Jakob disease is a possibility, but if you look at the fact that evolution takes HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF YEARS to change that much. Also, you forgot to mention that the Creutzfeldt"Jakob disease is a prion disease and therefore doesn't evolve at all since they are just proteins. Even though patients do experience zombie like symptoms, the disease only infects 1 person for every million people in select countries. The best reason why the Creutzfeldt"Jakob disease will not become next zombie apocalypse is that it you get it like any prion disease. by eating human brain tissue which frankly, never was popular even among cannibalistic societies. Still, the ones that did built up an immunity to this disease and that is a possible vaccine for this disease that already can't make a zombie apocalypse.
Debate Round No. 2


In the case that cordycepts does infact evolve to humans it still falls under the topic of zombification only because It can happen at a later date. Also my opponent forgot to go against my other possibiltys of zombification, such as Nerotoxins, an example of a Nerotoxin is the Japanese blowfish which can cause the body to go into a near death state and only be revived by certain chemicals which renders them brain dead and allows them to use there body cultures such as in Haiti the have preformed this ritual before in these of voodoo. Neurogenesis and Nanobots. Which have all been proven to promote a zombie apocalypse. There for because my opponent failed to go against my points thus allowing the affirmative to win the debate.


The time it takes cordyceps to evolve will be thousands of years at least. by this time, we will have amazing technology at our fingertips. This includes computers that have a memory and CPU more powerful than all of humanity combined. this would be their equivalent of a laptop. In fact, futurists can very accurately predict when the computational power of the earth will double. Also, to imagine the power of these computers, the most powerful computer today is only a bit more powerful than the average human brain. So brains are already very powerful. in this distant future, there are probably even one hundred billion people spread out over this star cluster. So the power of these computers is more than all of those already remarkable minds. Today, biologists use very powerful computers to figure out how to give us the right antibodies for any kind of disease. Therefore, by the time those cordyceps evolve, we will already have a vaccine. Those neurotoxins from blowfish you talked about are produced by the Fugu fish. These fish do cause temporary brain death, but the victim awakens completely normal other than the fact that they missed a few years. Plus, brain death is when your brain shuts off yet a special part of your brain, the brain stem, is still functional. The brain stem is in control of the body's unconscious activities such as the heart, digestion and others. When the rest of the brain is shut off, the body will eventually run out of energy in a matter of weeks and run out of water in a matter of days. To combat this, a victim of this blowfish is put under life support equipment, given nutrients intravenously and is under constant watch to ensure they don't wake up and are trapped in their hospital bed. In round 2 I failed to notice that you also mentioned a man made version of the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. This does not matter because it was made by MAN in the United States of America. The scientists here are very, very, very, careful when handling these substances. There precautions include sealing the containers in clear plastic tubes instead of glass, keeping the tubes inside rooms with password activated locks, steel walls, bullet-proof windows, and airtight sealing to provide a 0% chance of contaminating the outside world.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Ragnar 3 years ago
Remember to cite the sources for your evidence.
Posted by whatledge 3 years ago
I think the closest I seen to a human zombie was in the book "Hot zone" or something like that. About Ebola, which was initially a disease on monkeys or chimps and transferred over to humans briefly before jumping species again or mysteriously disappearing. I recall that it was highly contagious too.
Posted by Ragnar 3 years ago
I would be very interested in accepting this debate, however the current resolution is unclear. Doubly so since in your first round you concede that it is possible...
Posted by MassiveDump 3 years ago
If I were you wanted to get a better chance of acceptance, I'd rephrase the resolution to "A Zombie Apocalypse Is Fully Possible" and change your position to Pro.
Posted by ESocialBookworm 3 years ago
Posted by ESocialBookworm 3 years ago
This sounds cool and unique. Definitely will be a god read.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro's second and third round arguments were good, but the first one had no relevance, therefore giving conduct to Con. Con did not use sources while pro did. In round three Con made a conseccion that the cordycepts could exist. The reason for More convincing arguments: The resolution asks if a zombie apocalypse is possible, and Pro answers that. Con states that it would not happen for thousands of years, but that doesn't refute Pro's arguments. Overall, I expected more from this debate.