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A dictatorship isn"t a long-term solution.

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Started: 1/12/2017 Category: Politics
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To point out a valid point of the other side of the argument about benevolent dictators, is that although there is a possibility for such a leader, once that leader dies the chance of them being replaced by a leader with similar values and ideals is very slim, more often they will be replaced with either a pathetic pushover who will fall to the contradictory whims of his followers or a megalomaniac who follows the harshness of past and present tyrants. Another example that is missing from this thread is that of Mao Zedong. An awful dictator who one can"t help admire his control over so many people through fear. Although Mao created a lot of what china is today, very little of what he did had positive repercussions for his people at the time. Many were tortured and starved and the bad in people rose above the good in them, creating many murders of all ages. Furthermore, China is also a good example of how the removal and oppression of intelligence ruins a country, during the reign of Mao many peasants used farming tools and methods ancient for the western world in the mid twentieth century because of the lack of innovation and creativity implemented within the country. Dictatorships are not long term solutions, I"m not one for positively condoning democracy but despite the potential corruption and slow processes of democracy, I would prefer the political freedom and freedom of thought and speech which more often accompanies a democracy than the more often repression and fearful compliance of a dictatorship.


While the track record for dictators isn't the best a dictator whom the people love does happens occasionally. The negative connotation centered around dictatorships, or autocracy's is simple a stigma based on a lack of knowledge. Also a dictator who picks a successor with similar values would be an optimal solution to the problem you submitted.
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Posted by GrimlyF 1 year ago
Mao.jr. Open your messages on your profile please. I would like to argue Pro on the thread but only if you add Forfeit=Loss.
Posted by GrimlyF 1 year ago
Dictatorship is defined by the dictator. Mugabe in " democratic " Zimbabwe is a classic example. When a leader slaughters his own people to retain power he is a tyrant. Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao were all tyrants and were followed by lesser but just as evil, men.
Posted by Deathbeforedishonour 1 year ago
Also, how is dictatorship defined? From a few perspectives I could come up with a bunch of 'democratic' nations that are dictatorships.
Posted by Deathbeforedishonour 1 year ago
Mao never ruled by fear. It was the giant mass of the Chinese working class and peasantry that were ruthless. lol
Posted by salaud 1 year ago
Mao.jr, how do you define "long term" and "dictatorship"? Also, it looks like you are in favor of the resolution and not against it.
Posted by Bound_by_Freedom 1 year ago
I don't really think that Mao ruled through fear...
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