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A human is a beast inside but religion or Rules tames him.

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Started: 9/20/2013 Category: Religion
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Religion or rules are not installed in the human body , So he has to learn them to be a Human rather beast. This is the topic to debate.


I think you're talking about the nature vs nurture debate, claiming human actions are all due to the environment (nurture) he/ she grows up in.

I would disagree, I believe that the biology and the environment both play a role in how we structure our morals.
Humans know the difference between right and wrong... well at least most of us do, we portray altruistic traits because doing so benefits our own survival and the better for society its a darwinian trait to be altruistic.

Not only can altruism be traced to human but also to other animals.

For example, a cuckoo bird will lay an egg in the nest of a host bird of another species, usually one with similar-looking eggs to its own. The host bird then looks after the egg as if it were its true offspring. While some say this happens because other birds aren"t able to distinguish cuckoo eggs, others have shown that cuckoos periodically return to nests where they"ve left their eggs to see if all is well. If their young are still there, they will leave the nests alone. If not, cuckoos will destroy the nests and kill any of the host birds" eggs and chicks that happened to survive. So taking care of a cuckoo"s offspring may just be a way for a host bird to protect what she has left.

You may have noticed in the previous example that was not pure altruism.
Pure altruism may not even be possible because even by helping one another we will expect something from the other person consciously or not also further developing our ego. - survival.

Religious morals vary

An example:
Religion once claimed slavery was ok. what are your thoughts?
Debate Round No. 1


You already agreed that the religion which you called nurture has the role in structuring our morals. what our biology says I will explain to you below .
Human structure the right or wrong with his own personal perceptions which suits him. Only religion or rules developed by highest authority ,who know the psychology of human, can give him the exact idea of right or wrong.
Altruistic traits does not change his inner cruelty, He is doing for his own survival.
Religion is teaching us to have strong society and help each other so that each one shall be equal. Religion never teaches that slavery is Ok but give respect,help and work on equality basis.
Now let me explain to you the Biological nature of human being.
Human is a conjugal Beast, meaning for his consistence coupling, he may go for rape or kill. Religion and rules of life will teach him the lesson of cool and calm.
Human is a political beast , meaning imposing of wars on small country to rob the economy of others. . Million off human beings, have died in wars over the last century. Still Slaughtering is going on. Religion and rules will bring peace.
Human is a mimetic beast. And he loves to use his imagination for destruction. .
Cruelty and destruction is basically in human nature. We are our own worst enemy. The Dual nature of mind make human to be more toward negativity and religion and rules move him toward positive side. The human mind has a dual nature: on the one hand, we are ferocious, dangerous animals who regularly commit terrible atrocities against our own kind, on the other, we have a deep aversion to killing,
Even while you are reading my lines, somebody, somewhere is thinking to destroy others. It applies to countries and individual .We are our own worst enemy. Human being uniquely lethal nature makes him a beast. The control is only in religion. your move.


I never said nurture was religion but may have a relation ship with it.

Environment is how we are raised.
However by your claim there cant be any morals without being raised in a religious environment. I find that hard to believe, if anything religion has done more harm than good in a moral perspective.

-Keeping calm, For thousands of years religion has waged war claiming they're the right one, still happening today
-How is religion even tolerant, Gays, racism, other religions, sexism, sex, and more.
Maybe human nature is compassionate and caring, religion takes nice average people to do awful things in which looking at the context of the religion its not bad.
Look at the nazi party- On their belt buckle "GOD WITH US"
actually believing what they were doing was right in gods eyes, If you don't believe my claim is right just type in hitler and christianity.
Women have no rights in the middle east they cant free think, nor the right to choose their own religion, a slave to their fathers and husbands. they really have no rights
if they contradict these laws against them the will be stoned/ death.

Lastly tracing the human genome we've realized that the human race has been here for 200,000+ years and we seemed to have done fine for about 170,000 years until the birth of civilization and religion

What is you political view on totalitarianism?
Debate Round No. 2


Religion always give the lesson of peace,love and care. These are the people who make alteration . Don't judge religion by bad followers. Religion shall not to be blamed. Let me ask you, do any religion put war ? No; religion give the lesson of peace and advise to create an environment to live in peace . But if war imposed ,Then defend and save peoples and society. Religion do not encourage Racism,Gays,sexism but always give the lesson to respect other religion.
If Nazi say "God is with us" Then the God was with them? No. The War was won by America and its allies.
Women are highly respected in middle east and treated like queen. . And if I accept that they don't have rights, on the basis of some news, then is it written in religion? Again I will mentioned that people are not doing exactly what is written in religion. Human being shall be blamed not religion.
How shall I accept that we were doing good until birth of religion? instead we start doing good by the birth of religion.
If you ask the religious view of totalitarianism then I will say it is totally wrong. In the year 395 the western world changed forever. At the request of Church leaders, the Roman state unleashed a totalitarian reign of terror unlike anything the ancient world had ever seen. Laws were passed that enshrined Christianity as the official and sole religion of the Roman Empire. All other religions were outlawed and practitioners of them were killed or severely persecuted. Pagan temples were torn down by both temporal authorities and mobs incited by Christian officials. Pagan priests were killed by mob violence, and storehouses of ancient knowledge, such as the library in Alexandria, were destroyed. Religion do not say to do like that. It is not written in religion . the truth is that it says respect every one ,whatever religion people got.
The truth of religious rules and regulation is running in the books of law on which nation are progressing . But the deviation causes the problem. War, injustice, all the criminality are symptom of that.
. We have killed more of our own kind than any other animal on earth. We have destroyed more ecosystems than any other animal. We have made species extinct more than any other animal. Is all that written in religion. Unlike any animal on earth man has created things never found in nature that kills. No animal on earth other than man has created bombs, poisonous chemicals, bio-toxins, cars, planes, heavy machinery and all the other billions of things that kill directly or indirectly. T
That is why I call him beast. It is utmost important to control that beast and without religion you can not. Best regards


still misinterpreting I say.

The nazis believed what they where doing was right in gods eyes. And who says God picks sides? you've just contradicted yourself.

Secondly you're lying for saying women are treated like "queens". Thousands are dying now for the reasons I've pointed out.
GIve me evidence that says otherwise.

You have not provided any information on how the bible gives us ethics, you base your argument on non-sense, rather than factual evidence to credit it. Give me statistics, an example. The more religious people reduces crime rate in an area (making that up). where are your facts rather than personal experience.

I find it kind of ironic you find totalitarianism evil when your God holds that grip.
-He has a list of things he does not want you to do(The 1st amendment completely disregards the first five amendments)
-He has a place where you'll burn for ever if you do not follow the things he does not want you to do.
-He can convict you of thought crime
-He watches your every move for every minute of every day
-He is all perfect, all wise, all knowing,and all powerful.
-He loves you.

Thats the perfect world you imagine.

Maybe man keeps killing himself because he is still stuck up on bronze age superstition.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by dawndawndawndawn 3 years ago
rules precede religion. Animals make rules but have zero religion
Posted by mohammad180 4 years ago
Dear Drthrax, Atheists don't believe in religion. Religion came 1st then the rules were built . So it differentiate religion vs. non believer. Definitely it is a debate.
Posted by drthrax 4 years ago
Pro, I didn't understand what is you position in this debate , this is not a debate, this is a Forum-type topic.
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