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A leftist Anarchist society would be functional

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Started: 3/31/2013 Category: Politics
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I will be arguing that a leftist Anarchist society would work in regards to achieving the end of hunger and homelessness, the end of authoritarian iniquitous oppression, the high production of resources, and the end of most crime. In a leftist Anarchist society, currency would be abolished, exploitative private property would be abolished, and through consensus would decisions be made.
Con will be arguing that a leftist Anarchist society would NOT function in regards to hunger, homelessness, oppression, crime, and production of resources.


Anarchism only works as a rightist society.
Debate Round No. 1


Leftist Anarchist societies have worked throughout history and have proven that societies not only are able to function without Government and Capitalism, but are able to thrive and achieve high levels of satisfaction in the areas of being physically satisfied (food, shelter) and emotionally satisfied in the areas of liberty, justice and unity.
Anarchism in Spain is a great example.

Does Revolutionary Spain show that Libertarian Socialism can work in practice?


"In Spain, during almost three years, despite a civil war that took a million lives, despite the opposition of the political parties . . . this idea of libertarian communism was put into effect. Very quickly more than 60% of the land was very quickly collectively cultivated by the peasants themselves, without landlords, without bosses, and without instituting capitalist competition to spur production. In almost all the industries, factories, mills, workshops, transportation services, public services, and utilities, the rank and file workers, their revolutionary committees, and their syndicates reorganised and administered production, distribution, and public services without capitalists, high-salaried managers, or the authority of the state.

"Even more: the various agrarian and industrial collectives immediately instituted economic equality in accordance with the essential principle of communism, 'From each according to his ability and to each according to his needs.' They co-ordinated their efforts through free association in whole regions, created new wealth, increased production (especially in agriculture), built more schools, and bettered public services. They instituted not bourgeois formal democracy but genuine grass roots functional libertarian democracy, where each individual participated directly in the revolutionary reorganisation of social life. They replaced the war between men, 'survival of the fittest,' by the universal practice of mutual aid, and replaced rivalry by the principle of solidarity . . .

"This experience, in which about eight million people directly or indirectly participated, opened a new way of life to those who sought an alternative to anti-social capitalism on the one hand, and totalitarian state bogus socialism on the other." [Op. Cit., pp. 6-7]

Basically in parts of Spain, before Franco took power again in Spain, a leftist Anarchist society was achieved.
There were some places in Spain where currency was completely abolished, but some where ration cards were used. All manual labor was controlled by the workers, the factories were controlled by the workers and the agriculture. There was a shop where you would get your resources from, where either you didn't have to pay for it, or you used a ration card and got a certain amount of resources. There were schools built that didn't deal with radical education, but taught Pacifist, moderate education.
Everybody called each other Comrade instead of Mrs, or Sir. People worked fewer hours since so many people would work. If somebody was unemployed, they would give that person a job immediately no matter how small. Production was even higher than ever since so many people were helping. People also had more of an initiative to work since there were no oppressive tyrannical bosses over their heads. Everybody was fed, everybody had a home, nobody was oppressed, there was no crime, and private property was abolished.
From the accounts of people who experienced revolutionary Spain, they spoke about the overall peace and contentment they had. They spoke about being fair towards each other, the lack of selfishness and the unity of brotherhood.
Once the circumstances that lead to selfishness are abolished, the initiative to be selfish is abolished and goodwill towards man is restored.
The oppressive forces that must be abolished in order to have a just society are Capitalism, and Government.

Why Capitalism?
Because Capitalism is basically as system where everyone competes for destructive power. Capitalism is a con.

Why are crimes committed? Many common crimes such as theft, rape, homicide are by products of the current system. Then the current system creates laws and punishments for those crimes and most people don't realize that it is that very system that is causing these crimes.

Why do people steal? People steal because they need food, they need clothes, they need supplies. How come they don't have these basic things? It is because they are poor. And why are they poor? Because in order for Capitalism to work, there needs to be people on the top and people on the bottom of the pyramid. The people on the top restrict the freedom of the people feeding from the bottom by taking most the power.

They have the "freedom" to take away the freedom of others but is that is not true freedom. It is just abuse of power which bounds freedom down.

Why do people rape? It is said that men rape women for dominance over a woman. This is cause by society and standards with gender roles. This wouldn't happen in an Anarchic society as in a leftist Anarchist society there wouldn't be sexual standards or oppressive gender standards. There are obviously more reasons for rape, but that is one of them. There's mental insanity which can be treated and all decisions related with crime will be solved through conseus

Why do people kill? Many reasons. They feel wronged, or they kill to steal, or they kill in order to not get caught for rape, or kill in order to gain fear etc. If people cooperated in a equal society and had none of these oppressive things happening, there wouldn't need to be a reason to commit these crimes.

In the capitalist system the whole working class sells its labor power to the employing class. The workers build factories, make machinery and tools, and produce goods. The employers keep the factories, the machinery, tools and goods for themselves as their profit. The workers get only wages.

This arrangement is called the wage system.

Learned men have figured out that the worker receives as his wage only about one-tenth of what he produces. The other nine-tenths are divided among the landlord, the manufacturer, the railroad company, the wholesaler, the jobber, and other middlemen.

It means this:

Though the workers, as a class, have built the factories, a slice of their daily labor is taken from them for the privilege of using those factories.That's the landlord's profit

What is left then - one-tenth of the real worth of the worker's labor-is his share, his wage.

Can you guess now why the wise Proudhon said that the possessions of the rich are stolen property? Stolen from the producer, the worker.

The whole capitalist system rests on such robbery.

The whole system of law and government upholds and justifies this robbery.

That's the order of things called capitalism, and law and government are there to protect this order of things.

Do you wonder that the capitalist and employer, and all those who profit by this order of things, are strong for 'law and order'?

But where do you come in? What benefit have you from that kind of 'law and order'? Don't you see that this 'law and order' only robs you, fools you, and just enslaves you?;



Controverter forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I extend my arguments


I didn't think about this: " Production was even higher than ever since so many people were helping. People also had more of an initiative to work since there were no oppressive tyrannical bosses over their heads. Everybody was fed, everybody had a home, nobody was oppressed, there was no crime, and private property was abolished."

I didn't think that it would be anarchy if it's communism.
Debate Round No. 3


What the Spaniards practiced in the Spanish revolution was "Anarcho-Communism" which is a leftist Anarchist society.
To be more specific, some of them practied "Anarcho-Syndicalism" etc, which all falls under the realm of leftist Anarchy.

They had no Government, and they had no Capitalism
They had no oppressive hierarchy or bosses
They didn't have money or oppression
No crimes against each other or people that were able to work, unwilling to work

They proved to the world that a society without Government or Capitalism would function, and not only function but thrive.
They achieved brotherhood, love for man, and equality



If there is no government to enforce equality people will naturally compete in a capitalist manner.
This is a scientific fact of natural selection, not just a nonsense.

The society might exist for a short while but never be fully functional.
Debate Round No. 4


If you want to talk about Natural Selection, you cannot put Capitalism in the same sentence.

A dyed-in-the-wool conservative friend recently suggested that I was hypocritical in being in support of the "Occupy Movement" while suggesting that most companies don't like to hire visibly unhealthy workers (yes, including those with unhealthy body mass indexes), because of a natural human tendency that evolved in our species to marginalize individuals who cannot actively benefit 'the tribe'.

His point is that capitalism seems to be the natural outcome of natural selection, survival of the fittest, as is my point about evolution-affected decision-making bias in hiring employees. I believe that capitalism is not at all the product of NATURAL selection, it is the product of SOCIAL selection and the result of humans having far too much time on their hands over the past 10,000 years. In just 5-10% of our species' existence, we've moved from 190,000 years of living in the natural nomadic, hunter/gatherer, tribal state our genes/instincts most naturally were designed to cope with, to being sedentary, urbanized and living in isolated nuclear families. We no longer live in the shared environment of a tribal village, like these un-contacted cousins of ours photographed in Brazil a couple of months ago:

...............Living in a society forces us to modify our naturally 'greedy' selfish interests for the benefit of our shared genes. Our 'unnatural' modern societies have long glorified what are actually anti-social tendencies to accumulate personal wealth at the expense of the health of the tribe. Anathema to most 'capitalists' today, yet clearly the most natural state for human beings to survive best in the setting we evolved to live in. From the 'what's best for the tribe' point of view, 'capitalism' is pathological. The ideology of "manifest destiny" continues to pervade the thinking of the Republican party, and is evidenced even more blatantly in all the underpinnings of the Tea Party movement, though they have all learned not to verbalize it."

Capitalism is a system of bosses gaining profits at the worker's expenses and is based solely on exploitation.
There is absolutely nothing natural about the way Capitalism is operated.
True Natural Selection would be where everyone is distributing wealth equally and working together for the advancement of the society, since that is the most beneficial way to live for the 'tribe.'
Capitalism is detrimental toward the society and only benefits the greedy profiteers.
If everyone was working together to create a better, more advanced society, and they all had the means (equal distribution of wealth) things would be actually be accomplished and the society would improve so much more.

Under Capitalism, everyone is seperated and suffering while the profiteers are the only ones benefiting and the society continues to be terrible.

Tribes have always distributed wealth, not because "the government enforced equality" but because it was the most beneficial towards society.

Socialism is not solely a just and humanitarian economic system, it is also the most beneficial for the society.

It is completely false that "Capitalism is based on natural selection."
Socialism has existed before Capitalism came and corrupted everyone and made society suffer

During the Spanish revolution, the Anarchists had a thriving, beautiful society built on humanity and compassion for each other.
They also produced much more than they have ever before under a Capitalist economic system. Much more people were working together since everyone was entitled to a job, there was much more of an incentive to work since they didn't have oppressive bosses over their heads and they owned the factory, and they all worked hard together in order to create a better society.





Debate Round No. 5
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