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A man should arrange a date at the same place & time with many women he met online

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Started: 1/25/2016 Category: People
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I will be arguing that single men using online dating sites should arrange to meet multiple women/dates at THE SAME TIME AND LOCATION.

My opponent (Con) will argue that single men should not arrange to meet multiple women/dates at the same time and location. In other words Con must give reasons why a man should date one woman at a time rather than multiple women.

Con may believe or not believe in flirting with multiple women but must be opposed to the idea of arranging a date with multiple women at the same time and place.

I've asked plenty of women why they are opposed to my belief however they don't seem to have or want to give an explaination. If women are to expect other women to turn up on a date, a man cannot be expected to remember each woman's name or anything about them, which is why I believe women are against this idea. I know that it is beneficial for me as a man not having to worry about forgetting or mixing up details, but is it beneficial for both a man and a woman?

I'm sure we will have a great time exploring this topic, rest assured I don't plan on tricking anyone, this is a serious debate, and I wish it to be fair.


Aged 17+


R1 = acceptance
R2 arguments
R3 = arguments
R4 = conclusion - no new arguments

(Burden of proof is shared)

Good luck Con!


hello, i am Ethan, sounds like an interesting debate, i look forward to hearing your ideas.
Debate Round No. 1


It is a waste of time and petrol trying to arrange to meet just one woman at a time from online dating sites. In my experience there is very little chance of women on online dating sites turning up, saying if they can't make it or if they will be late despite having the means to do so. They should therefore expect other women to turn up.

I am not the only one who wonders why women say they will turn up yet decide not to.

Why do women say they wanna date then stand up the guy?Page 1 of 1
"Ok was talking to a girl on here for a few weeks & we eventually said we were both up for meeting up for a date, so we made arrangements to meet for the date but she ended up standing me up so when she eventually did answer her phone I asked her where she was & what was going on then she just turned round & stated she just wanted to see if id really meet her then said she was busy & not to contact her again fair enough her choice but I guess what im asking is why women say they wanna date then stand the guy up same thing happened to a mate of mine with a girl he met on here ladies whats the game your playing?"

source: Plenty of Fish

Women boost their ego by not turning up to dates, but if such women expect other women to turn up to dates which they have agreed to attend then those women will not get an ego boost. Thus the number of real women will increase as there is less for women to gain by lying to men. They will put more effort into creating a proper relationship.

Many women are fat feminists who don't feel equal to men, if they share their power of choice, they can compete like men do and will be a lot happier and might stop supporting silly feminist movements too.



By the sounds of your opening the sole reason for this method is to increase the chances of finding a "good" date in as little attempts, weather it be to save fuel, money, failed attempts or time you seem to be making the point that by organising to meet multiple women at once you will be increasing your chances of a successful date by almost sifting out the "fake" women by having them agree to this method first. OR you are suggesting that if these men employ these tactics more often it will create more REAL women. either way.

In response to this I will suggest that by organizing to meet multiple women at the same time you will actually lower your chances of building any sort of meaningful connection with any 1 woman, thereby increasing the attempts it would take to find the "perfect women".

- Rapport is well known to be the MOST important aspect of building any kind of relationship. Rapport is defined as "a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other's feelings or ideas and communicate well." and by that very definition alone we can see that an air of competitiveness would hinder the forming of rapport, further more, sharing your attention with multiple people will also hinder the creation of what master hypnotist Igor Ledochowski described calls "wide rapport" which creates a bond that is able to survive in more then 1 situation.

So by sharing your attention and date with more then 1 person you are LOWERING your chances of a successful date.

- Your source suggests that women standing up dates is a common and problematic phenomenon, i disagree, the source holds no statistical proof and i can use the same source and quote "I think you mean to ask why this particular woman stood you up, since not all woman do this and I would imagine not all women you have ever been in contact with/dated have done this"

- I do not think women truly want the power/burden of choice that men have,
Weather it be through natural instincts, or upbringing women seem to be more submissive. and of course for most humans we are comfortable in what we know.

I await your rebuttal.
Debate Round No. 2


No, this is not about finding a "good" date in as few attempts as possible, it is about going on "a" date! When the vast majority of women do not turn up, or make an effort to see you, then organising to meet multiple women at once will increase your chance of meeting a potential partner. It doesn't increase your chance of having a successful date as you put it. A date is successful when someone wants to see you again, not if they simply turn up!

Most men want to be with one woman, I'm saying that men (the gender who want to be with one woman) should arange a date with multiple women at the same time and place.

Women don't have to agree to meet other women at all. I shouldn't have to share my belief on my profile, or tell them that other women might be there if they don't bother asking me. Man haters rarely say they are a feminist on their profile, and they shouldn't have to. I'll ask women if they a feminist, or what they like about men to find out myself as I have respect for other people.

If a woman is shocked to find other women sitting at a table with me on a first date and walks away then she is most likely fake i.e. lacks true interest in me. This method does sift out fake women. If I explain to her I'm dating multiple women and she wanted to date me alone she is still fake because a genuine woman would want to get to know me first and find out if we are compatible. Women won't tell you why they are bothered, so I'll tell you, it is because they are afraid of losing power which they often abuse. But if women can expect to share their power due to expecting other women to turn up then we can expect less women to abuse their power thus creating more REAL, honest women who have a high goal in life.

You say that arranging a date with multiple women at the same place and time will lower the chance of a meaningful relationship. However you are assuming that men who do date multiple women want a threesome, or an orgy. The question you should ask is do women want that? Afterall women have the power of choice of partner, men just choose whom they approach. You are also suggesting that a man can expect many women to turn up, when a man cannot expect anyone to turn up even after arranging to meet several women. There is very little chance two women will turn up, and this isn't a problem if they do. Also it would be even easier to understand other people's feelings and ideas if women were encouraged to talk more as a result of being surrounded by other women or expecting another woman to turn up later.

What makes a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship meaningful? In one word: Competition.

Competition doesn't hinder the forming of rapport, it makes it possible. Relationships form because men have to compete with other men. If there were an air of competition among women then more relationships would form, and because men would meet more women and be less inclined to settle for a woman who just turned up, those relationships would be stronger and more meaningful.

You don't have to be a master hypnotist to create a bond, or even get a second date to be successful. Let's suppose a few women turned up to date you and none wanted a second date, they may still might make friends, which is just as good as creating any other kind of relationship. If however two women want to date me I could date each one individually or decide there and then, no problem.

If a woman shows interest in you then other women are likely to be MORE interested. MORE feelings and MORE ideas will come out.



EthyWoo forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


To conclude:

Arranging to meet multiple women for a date will save petrol/money and time since the majority of women on online dating sites don't make an effort to turn up after agreeing a time and place o meet, and can't be bothered to say if they'll be late or can't go.

If women expect other women to turn up they can't get an ego boost for standing up a man, so less women will lie about theirself and they will generally be more decent

By allowing women to compete in dates, women can share their power which they often abuse and thus feel equal. Feminists are jealous of men and strive to achieve a low goal, it makes sense to help make women feel equal

Most men want to be with one woman, dating/talking to many women at the same place and time doesn't change that

Dating multiple women at the same time and place does not lower the meaning of a relationship, there is very little chance two or women will turn up anyway, and the expectation someone else will turn up will cause women to ask more questions

More relationships will form as a result of arranging to meet multiple women for a date


EthyWoo forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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