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A persons past doesnt determine their future

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Started: 6/29/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
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First round is for acceptance.
Please be committed to complete the debate if you accept.
I will be arguing that a persons trials in life and specifically childhood does NOT determine how a person will turn out later.
Con will be proving the opposite.


I will accept this debate.

In this debate I will be using generalizations. The use of an individual experience is an outlier and thus not useful in this sort of opinion.

When you are a child, you are being molded. Your life experiences good or bad will greatly form your opinion of the world. From the role models, and peer experiences, you devolop into an adult. As you complete your childhood and become a man you are now very likely to contiune in your beleifs and stances on life.

While there are cases of people changing. Generally the way you are is set. There are going to be limits on what you can and cannot achieve based on your devolped temperments and personalites given to you from your past.

I will elaborate throughout the debate on these points.
Debate Round No. 1


As an example Id like to use Dylan Roof ( church shooting)
I recently read an article talking about how he had a "hard childhood" and it seemed to focus primarily on the happenings in his early life insinuating that's why he turned bad. . . The hard childhood consisted of his parents getting a divorce and his dad remarrying and then later divorcing once again .
The article said he never had lasting or close relationships with anyone due to this fact.
Now, let me ask the readers this . . how many of your parents, or the parents of someone you know, have gotten a divorce and y'all ended up just fine? How many of you, or someone you know, have gone through much worse and didn't turn to cold hearted killers or commit other heinous crimes?
My point is that sometimes people are just bad . . Everyone goes through their own trials through out life . . If bad experiences in life break people . . then it was bound to happen anyway.


I Do not think using an indvidual example is a good way to build evidence for a generic statemeny as this debate.

Abused children are likely to
have poor mental health they ar 2.5x times likely to have mental issues
they are 4x times more likely to be unhappy
they generally have poor physical health

Sexualy abused children are likely to have
medical diseases
relationship issues
isoloation/social deviance
major behavioral issues

Divorce does have a very serious impact on childrens mental stability, and relationships in the future
Its a huge stressor for kids.

Living poor has an affect on you
people in the ghetto are less likely to compelte school, more likely to be involved in crime

if your dad is in prison you have i think its a 50% chance you will be in prison later on.

In conclusion of the round,.. Your past experiences is what makes you who you are tody. You can try to deny your past, but each event that impacts you, alters you, shapes you. it makes you who you are.

Debate Round No. 2


Life is not all rainbows and butterflies . .
Again, everyone goes through their own trials in life.
"According to studies Hispanics have a higher crime rates than Whites." (
So, if a Hispanic guy commits a crime do they add in to the report that it was likely due to his race?
No, because it is irrelevant. . And so is blaming happenings in a persons life when someone commits a heinous crime.
If struggles in life cause someone to commit heinous crimes . . then it is something that was harbored inside of them and revealed due to circumstantial happenings.
Some people are just evil.
I don't have an unlimited amount of statistics seeing as this is my apparently unpopular opinion which has made this debate difficult. . . nevertheless, I hope the point I was able to portray has been made.


I guess race can definatly have to do with cultural upbrining and thus you are likely to fit sterotypes.

My statement is based on generalization and statistics.

How you grow up will strongly affect the person you become, good or bad. It is psychologically proven.

When you are born you can be anything in the world. but as you experience life you create a perspective. Depending on the experiences you have will define that perspective. And in the end that perspective will have a major impact on who you become.

That is why your past will play a major role and who you are today. And it will determine the possibilites for the future.

There will always be exceptions, but in general this is the truth.

What happeneed in your past that made you the way you are today?
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
future is in contrast with past and now
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