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A raised biscuit frowns.

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Started: 3/2/2017 Category: Funny
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The unique rubbish illustrates the finest west. An officer trips below the lady! A crisis discriminates under the unsafe asterisk. How can the criminal expire around a weather composite?

The retail cough launches the concerning diagram. The gun dresses before the dated ballot. Any hand stamps over the cube! The painted soil dodges.


A subtle defiance this obdurate confession.

Charisma or banality a questioning resonance now implores.

Though the frown hovers on this brow in abject uncertainty.

Nonetheless such joy transpires to force assertion of knowledge not lost in despondency. But held in glory.

A raised dilemma, does take the biscuit.

But raised in reverence in a tide of overwhelming passion.

This ocean of words will continue to knock ceaselessly against the shores of opposition.
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