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A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down (perhaps or perhaps not in the most delightful way).

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Started: 6/15/2009 Category: Health
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I noticed the lack of evidience in Ms. Mary Poppin's logic. I apologize to many of you, I realize that only one as cynical as I would insuate that a childrens movie has a lack of depth and logic. It just struck me that this could be an interesting debate, as I'm sure many of you will come to find out that it will.

I will begin by making observations, then moving on to my opening (and final) arguement.

Observation 1: Any sugar in the medicine is considered a part of the medicine and should not be counted as a seperate entity.

Sugar is often used as a sweetener for unsavory, bland, or tasteless commodities. With today's modern medicine, we can enhance medicine to make it taste more appealing. I will admit, the flavorless medicine in her day may have been horrid, but we are talking about today, right now.

It is not recommened that you give children pure sugar, because with all of the diseases the little rugrats have (ha, excuse the laugh please. Moving on), they may have a serious medical reaction to it.

Aside from those not-so-rare-anymore cases, sugar would still only provide a masking taste to it, and not one that even compares to enhanced tasting medicine. Not only that, but it doesn't really help it go down, it just helps with the taste.

It is for these reasons that I urge you to



I would like to thank my opponent for posting such an interesting debate.

my opponent also says that "sure the flavourless medicince must have tasted horrid". first up i would like to poitn out you sir are an idiot. as flavourless things have no taste !

my opponent thinks that sugar does not help the medicine go down , i would like to challange my opponent when he says mary poppins has no logic and no evidence , surely that a women who is capable of flying using an umbrella and landing it with the percsion of a helicopter pilot and can also make a house spotless in minutes and break out into wonderful compelling songs and get the general public to join in at random in public parks , must have some logic without explination.

As mary poppins is an expert in her field of work (supper nanny). She of course knows what she is talking about , i would like to see my opponents creditals for mis-crediting her , as she is far more qualified in that field of work.

further more apart from mary poppins being mentally insane , she is right when she says it helps it go down . As she is undoubtly refering to the taste , making it easier to swallow , nowhere does she say its actually good for you.

you say you refer totodays modern medicine , my response is that if you have medicince that actually works and has no bad taste to it you are quite clearly a witch and should be burned at the stake.

also my opponent suggests that you should vote for him , I think that anybody who votes for him is of obviously a flamming homosexual or an idiot , perhaps both.

I urge all straight people to vote for me , along with all smart people , because if you dont im going to laugh at you and call you childish names of course.
Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by James.ticknor 8 years ago
I never said it tasted bad, I just said it was horrid. Since that is an opinionated statment and didn't specify, I could say that the bottle's shape was horrid, or the (as you seem to like your "u"'s missplaced) colour.
Posted by rangersfootballclub 8 years ago
flashfire i quite cleary stated thatif you vote con i shall call you childish names , or was it make fun of your sexuailty im not quite sure , ill look into that and come up with an apporite insult later.

and yes she is quailfed to be a docter , shes a supernanny , she can fly !
if you dont like sugar however , i reccomend one of two things 1) suicide or (2) suicide
no normal person on the planet doesnt like sugar ! the only exceptions are fat fighters and wonderwoman , (she needs to stay skinny to fit in that outfit )
Posted by James.ticknor 8 years ago
Thanks flash

As for my opponent "As mary poppins is an expert in her field of work (supper nanny)." That doesn't make her qualified to be a doctor unless she had a credible source. She automatically assumed that it always went down 'in the most delightful way'. What if I don't like sugar?!
Posted by FlashFire 8 years ago
Wow rangers, way to flame the opponent for no reason and then make a crappy argument. 7 points to Con.
Posted by James.ticknor 8 years ago
No problem, I was just bored and thinking of Walt Disney. =)
Posted by Maikuru 8 years ago
Your resolution made me laugh out loud. Thank you, good sir.
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