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A team of non-fictional warriors will beat your chose of non-fictional warriors

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Started: 1/4/2013 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Challenge Declined
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You may choose a non-fictional team of your own from the course of history and choose your non-fictional weaponry. You must a have valid data and performance stats of the weapons and warriors and must source them. The tactical teams will consist of four men that will have no aid from the outside world. Each individual is allowed the following weaponry: Primary, Secondary, a choice of one grenade and one melee weapon, armor can be stated but must have stats to back it. You must source the statistics of the average physical and mental condition of the individual from that area. First round is for acceptance and stating of warriors, weaponry, ect.

Each soldier is not confined to having the same weapon as the rest. Each one can be unique, or the same as the others.

1. No semantic
2. Please be realistic about the abilities of the warrior in the area. Don't go saying they are all Usain Bolts.
3. Weapons and armor must have been used or is being used by the warriors you choose.

Map of a small city where the "skirmish" takes place:

My warriors will be a United States Navy SEAL

The average physical stats are listed below:

Swim 500 yard breast or side stroke 12:30 10:00 9:30
2 minutes Push-ups 42 79 100
2 minutes Sit-ups 50 79 100
No time limit Pull-ups 06 11 25
Run 1.5 miles 11:00 10:20 09:30

Weaponry: 1 man will be equiped with a m16 assault rifle the stats are below. The second man will be equiped with a M82A1 Heavy Sniper Rifle the stats will be below the M16 stats. The second man will use the M240 Machine Gun the stats are below th M82A1. The last man will be armed with a AT4 Rocket Launcher The stats are below the M240.


Cartridge Caliber Cartridge weight Bullet weight Velocity Energy Effective range
M193 5.56×45mm 184 gr 55 gr 3,250 fps 1,302 ft/lbs 500 yds
(11.9 g) (3.6 g) (990 m/s) (1,764 j) (460 m)

Lethal range Maximum range Accuracy at 100 yards(10 shot group)
900m 3000yds 4.3in (11 cm) (2700 m)

PENETRATION: Ballistic gelatin @ 10 meters
4mm steel + layers Kevlar-29

15 inches 31 layers

Sandbags @ 100 meters 3/4" pine boards @ 100 meters
4 inches 8 boards
(complete bullet (bullet tumbled)

momentum-40.4 ft-lbs
Velocity-5.1 fps
Energy-3.2 ft-lbs

Techinical Stats:
The M16 has a chamber pressure of 52,000 psi
Trigger pull:
pull weight 5.5# – 9.0#,
creep .04” -.05”,
mechanical energy .22”# - .45”#

current models have 6 grooves, right hand twist, 1 turn in 177.8 mm (7 inches)

M82A1 Heavy Sniper Rifle Stats:

  • Weight: 31 lbs
  • Length: 48 or 57 inches
  • Barrel Length: 20 or 29 inches
  • Cartridge: 12.7 x 99mm, NATO
  • Caliber: .50 BMG
  • Action: Recoil operation, rotating bolt
  • Sights: 10x telescopic
  • Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic
  • Muzzle Velocity: 853 m/sec
  • Maximum Effective Range: 1,800
  • Maximum Range: 6,800 meters
  • Feed System: 10-round box magazine

M240 Stats:

  • Weight: 27.6 lbs
  • Length: 49 in.
  • Barrel Length: 24.68 in.
  • Cartridge: 7.62 x 51mm NATO
  • Action: Gas-operated, open bolt
  • Rate of Fire: 650–950 rounds/min.
  • Muzzle Velocity: 2,970 ft/sec.
  • Effective Range: 1,970 yd.
  • Maximum Range: 4,073 yd.
  • Feed System: 100-or 200-round disintegrating belt

At4 Rocket Launcher:

Caliber 84 mm
Muzzle velocity 290 m/s (950 ft/s)[5]
Effective range 300 m (point target)[4]
Maximum range 500 m (area target)
2100 m (maximum)
Sights Iron sights, optional night vision unit
Filling Octol
Filling weight 440 g HE (HEAT round)

For my secondary all the men will use the MK23 Offensive Pistol with surppressor
. Stats:
  • Manufacturer: Heckler & Koch
  • Caliber: 45 ACP
  • Weight w/o magazine: 4.22 lbs. (w/suppressor)
  • Length: 9.65 in. (16.56 w/suppressor)
  • Barrel Length: 5.875 in.
  • Capacity: 12+1

Passed following test.

  • 30,000 round endurance firing test with + P ammunition
  • Extreme temperatures +73°C/-54°C (+ 160/-60 F)
  • 96 hours saline mist test
  • Sand, dust and sludge tests
  • 96 hour surf simulation
  • Harshest drop tests
  • Accuracy and the highest precision

Two men wil be equipped with C-4 Plastic Explosive. Stats:

detonation velocity of 8,092 m/s (26,550 ft/s)

The other two will be equipped with M67 Hand Grenade


The M67 can be thrown 30 to 35 meters by the average male soldier. It has a 4.0–5.5 second fuse that ignites explosives packed inside a round body. Steel fragments (not to be confused with shrapnel) are provided by the grenade body and produce an injury radius of 15 meters (~45 ft), with a fatality radius of 5 meters (~15 ft), though some fragments can disperse as far out as 250 meters.

I await my opponents acceptance and team choice.

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Debate Round No. 1
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
21 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by TheDevilsAdvocate 5 years ago
I only have 1 question before accepting. Do the weapons have to be tools already used by the team in reality or can it be any weapons?
Posted by TheDevilsAdvocate 5 years ago
Spetsznaz? SAS? I might accept this debate.
Posted by Biastes 5 years ago
I do but you may not pick him in this debate because just because I believe something does not make it true.
Posted by tkubok 5 years ago
So you dont believe that Jesus was the son of God?
Posted by Biastes 5 years ago
Jesus as in sun of god is a fictional character and can be argued in other debates but will not in this one. If you wish you can pick Jesus of Nazerus but he will only be a normal man of his time. Remember that he have to stat his physical condition and cite it.
Posted by Biastes 5 years ago
The M1 Abrams is classified as a "Main Battle Tank" and is not a primary weapon.
Posted by Marauder 5 years ago
would an Abram Tank be allowed as a primary weapon? I feel like if I argued for General Petraus riding an Abram Tank that would be cheating but I dont see a rule making that out of bounds to argue
Posted by lannan13 5 years ago
Mine would be the USMC I win by default.
Posted by tkubok 5 years ago
Nm, my team has been chosen.

Jesus Christ.
Genghis Khan.
That guy who played Mcguyver.
Joseph Stalin.
Posted by tkubok 5 years ago
Is Jesus Christ non-fictional?
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