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A very short debate: Mac or PC?

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Started: 11/24/2010 Category: Entertainment
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If you accept this debate feel free to choice your side; Mac or PC, and state it in this first round. Then we'll begin the debate in the second and I'll start arguing for the opposite. Good luck--

PS linux is bomb.


750 characters huh, kinda short but im gonna try :P
I say PC is better compared to the MAC, argument up xD

Gives you the spotlight*
Debate Round No. 1


First off I'd like to thank my opponent for accepting; now right into it.

CONTENTION 1: Macs are cheaper.
Although macs are more expensive immediately, they last longer and in the end have longer cost effectiveness. And, to buy a PC with the same hardware as a Mac equivalent, it generally costs 1.4 times more.

CONTENTION 2: Macs are made by Apple.
Apple has been shown to be one of the most environmentally conscience electronics companies in the market when it comes to computer manufacturing. It has also seen faster and more effective human rights improvements than other companies and has removed almost all deadly toxins from their compute


1. Yes, it seems cheaper, but why should a PC need the same hardware as MAC? It should be that MAC needs the same hardware as the PC as the PC is more updated and everything is avaible online whereupon updates for MACs are limited.
And to make it even worse, MAC hardware are more EXPENSIVE then PC, making the cheap price look like a lure to bait people into buying the MAC. [1]

2. MACs are made by Apple, true, but no one ever said that the MAC is good because Apple made it. No source? I regard it as false. And to make it worse for you, most software are written for WINDOWS. (Not Apple) [1]

Got no char for PC advantages, but at least yours are bashed.

Debate Round No. 2


1. My opponent claims that my first contention is false because PC's offer more updates; this is irrelevant because the point is that for the same exact hardware, PC's cost a lot more than Macs. This proves that Macs are cheaper overall for the quality of the machine.

2. My opponent then goes on to say that Macs are not good because they are made by apple. Again my opponent misses the point that because they are made by apple means they are made with environmental consideration, and with very few numbers of toxins that are harmful to humans; toxins that all PC's still have. Thus, Macs are better because they come with all the advantages that all apple products come with.

I hope my opponent will cover PC advantages in their next speech


1. You are neglecting my point, the cost does end up choosing which one is better. Both hardware are generically the same while the MAC ones seems to be more expensive. Yes, PC cost more then MAC, but the costs of MAC with hardware will be more expensive then the PC.

2. You are neglecting my point again, i never said MACs are bad because Apple made it. To make it worse for you, i even have a source, claiming that your argument is false. Apple has REFUSED to lessen the toxins that are in their product. This is argument has been nullified.

My arguments about PC:
1. PC has better graphic and softwares, even more updated then the MAC as MAC is outdated and their updates are limited.

My only argument, no characters lef
Debate Round No. 3


1. This is getting ridicules; my opponent just contradicted himself in the first argument by admitted that PC's cost more than Macs and then saying the opposite. My opponent never however confronted the fact that for the EXACT SAME software, hard drive, and hardware, PC's cost an average of 650$ more than Macs.

2. My opponent cited a source that merely said some major companies (including apple) have refused to take toxins out of their computers. However my opponent failed to mention hat this article was written in 2004, since then apple (unlike other companies) have taken almost all toxins out of their machines.

You said PC's have better hardware, please cross-apply Cont.


1. No, you are just making it rediculous. I clearly state that the initial cost of pc's are expensive, but if compared with MAC + hardware/software, MAC is more expensive. We all know that PC offers more functionality for its price whereupon MAC has limited updates.

2. Very well, i shouldve payed more attention to the dates. I ask you, when did someone died or became terribly ill because of the toxins? If you cant provide this, then the toxins will have nothing to do with this debate.

3. I said no such thing, i only said graphic and software.

This source defeats you here:
1. The cost and effectiveness of MACs doesnt compare to the PC.(If this argument holds,i win
Debate Round No. 4


Cleveland-Cannibal forfeited this round.


Hmm, well my opponent seems to have forfeited his round...
Well voters, up to you i guess which you want to vote...
But, my arguments are still left unrefuted...
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Cleveland-Cannibal 6 years ago
Sorry, couldn't reach the computer in time.
Posted by dinokiller 6 years ago
Well, why did u choose for 750 characters then.
Posted by Cleveland-Cannibal 6 years ago
yeah 750 characters sucks
Posted by dinokiller 6 years ago
750 Character does sucks

Posted by gizmo1650 6 years ago
Posted by advil0 6 years ago
I'd debate this for the Mac side but honestly I don't think I can hold an argument for it. It'd be my opinion purely.
Posted by J.Kenyon 6 years ago
750 characters per round makes it shorter than a 1 round, 4k character debate :P
Posted by Ore_Ele 6 years ago
how is this a very short debate? It's 5 rounds.
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