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AI can't fully replace writers simply because of the way humans are.

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Started: 12/17/2017 Category: Technology
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AI is becoming quite good, and it will continue to get better. There is already an AI that can right short stories called Shelley. If AI continues down the path it's on, super-intelligent AI, and therefore super-intelligent AI writers, are right around the corner. But I just don't think they can replace human writers for a few reasons.

1. Humans like humans. I bet if you were to give a short story to 10 humans and told 5 of them the story they are about to read was written by an AI and told the other 5 it was written by a human, the humans who were told it was written by an AI would like it less than the humans told it was written by another human. That's entirely hypothetical though. The only evidence I have for that is the way people react when they see advanced robots or AI. I know people will become more accepting of AI in the future, but people will probably always have bias towards machines.

2. Humans can only understand things to a certain point. An AI writer can't write stories that are so advanced humans literally couldn't understand it if they tried. Try showing a monkey a story a human wrote, it wouldn't come close to understanding it. Same would go for humans if an AI wrote a story that was made to be at it's level of understanding. Because humans have a limit to what they understand, stories written by AI literally can't be smarter, deeper, more complex than what a human can write.

3. Perfection is the biggest flaw. You know what people say if you get a dent in your car or a scar on your arm, "It builds character." It sounds like something someone would say just to try and make what happened seem less bad, but it's true. If you read a story, there are bound to be a few things that don't make sense, things that seem dumb, things that are just factually incorrect, but that usually doesn't make me dislike the story, in my opinion at least. Whenever I see a flaw in a story, I get reminded that this story was written by a human, an imperfect being that's bound to make mistakes, and I feel a weird... Happiness? I don't know how to describe it. I know other people are like this too, so it feels like if someone made an AI that could write stories humans could understand but at the same time they had no flaws, people would like the stories a lot less.

If a robot that made stories that humans could understand and were at least a little flawed, it's something that's no better than a human writer, which as I've explained, is the best writer. And if it's not better than a human writer, it can't replace them. Sure, they might be thousands of times faster and might make up the majority of books for sale, but they can still never replace good old human writers.

That's my argument anyways. What's yours?


As you said, our AI technology is getting better and better, which means eventually we will be able to create an AI that can write stories that perfectly imitates human stories. In fact, I believe they will be able to write stories better than humans do.

1. To your point that humans like humans, yes we do like other humans. However, we don't read stories because they are written by humans. I would bet just about everyone would be interested in a book written by a super intelligent dolphin. In your experiment, what if they weren't told which stories are written by AI? Most human writers really aren't that good and it wouldn't be surprising if the AI's works are better. Would they go back to reading worse stories just because it's written by a human? Sure some people would be stubborn, but what about their children? We only like other humans only when they are familiar. There is a big difference between how white people and black people treat each other now compared to when they first made contact. It wouldn't be surprising for AI to be indistinguishable from humans in the future and live alongside us.

2. You are assuming that all AI is going to be the same and basically understand everything that ever is. Maybe one day we will create an AI so advanced we can't even understand it, but there is no reason an AI designed to write humans for stories would write stories beyond our level. There isn't only one type of AI; we already create different AI that specialize at different things. I'd say most of the AI created in the future will stay at our level of intelligence since they are made by us in the first place, the exception would be AI created by another AI that is designed to make itself more advanced.

3. If perfection is the biggest flaw, you can simply design the AI to not be perfect, which I would say is easier than creating a perfect AI that writes perfect stories. You are mistaken in thinking that AI are perfect beings since they are far from that. Whether you want to admit it or not, about all stories written by humans follow some form of formula that appeal to our human psychology. An AI writer can simply designed to appeal to that psychology better. We seek the same kind of things in our stories. Some sort of conflict, some sort of climax, some sort of characters we can relate to etc. There is no perfect stories, AI simply has the potential to write better stories.

Humans will obviously always be able to write unless we are enslaved by our AI overlords or we go extinct but it is certainly possible for Artificial Intelligence to fully replace writers, as in people who write as a living.
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