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ALASKA will one day be the CAPITOL STATE of the U.S.A.!!!!!!

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Started: 6/12/2012 Category: Society
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....or at least SHOULD, and i will convince you all.

The FIRST troll debate of my new agenda for weekly troll debates!!!!!

Several weeks ago, we all know Imabench left us. It was sad and unfortunate, but happened nontheless. He said that I was his protege, and that I should take after his ways and do weekly troll debates. I will honor him and do so.

Anyway, I say Alaska will one day be the nations capitol, with Anchorage being the capitol city. I encourage lower level debaters to challenge me, because this debate is lax, trolling, all in good fun, and we need more good people like Koopin, Ima, and Bossy to not just go onto this site, but stay on it. Anyway, come at me bro! JUST TRY AND ARGUE AGAINST ME!!!!!!!

First round is acceptance. Good luck to whoever accepts.



I will argue Alaska should not be the capital state of the United States, and barring some apocalyptic changes, Alaska will never be the capital state.
Debate Round No. 1


Hello, and welcome. i will support the claim that Alaska will be the capitol state. By capitol state, i mean state that has the seat of the US Congress held in it. I will state my three contentions now.

1) Alaska is not hated.
When Alaskans go to other countries, we say "hi, i'm alaskan", and they all think that we are really cool because of this! I mean, Alaska! All we do is sit in the snow and hunt whales, right? We don't cause fights with other nations or personally owe billions upon billions to China and other countries. See, that is the job of the lower 48. Alaska is seen as parkas and harpoons. The lower 48 is cowboys and shotguns (I am not personally stereotyping, but that is what everyone not in America thinks of N. Amercans). The U.S. congress will see that Alaska is seen as a peaceful place not full of hate and violence, and immediately get a one way ticket to good ol' Alaska!

2)We get a Permanent Fund Dividend
Alaska is so sweet, we get free money for just livin' here. We on average get $1137 [1] for just living here for over a year as a permanent fund dividend. Sometimes it's more, sometimes less. Still, we get money. Alaska is the only state to have a yearly permanent fund dividend, and once congress moves up here, alot of people will see the greatness of this place and the free mula. Congress will be happy, and stay here.

3) Alaska's got sh*tloads of land!
If the US congress came up to Alaska, then alot of other people would come up here too. We won't have to worry about overcrowding like in NY or other large cities, cause we have so much open land, we can build tons and tons of houses and we won't have to worry about overcrowding. Alaska is the biggest state. We could fit Rhode Island 425 times in Alaska, and is 656425 square feet. That, my friends, is a lot of land.

I now hand it over to con to continue the trolling.

Thank you


I will now provide contentions why making Alaska the capital state would be a bad idea.

1) Alaskans voted for Sarah Palin into office as Governor. (1)
Even thought they should have known better, voters of Alaska chose Mrs. Palin to lead their entire state just because she had a nice smile and a few good sound bites. She later resigned due to corruption investigations to the surprise of no one (2). If Alaska was filled with 535 Congressional politicians with pretty smiles and snappy catchphrases, I fear they might all become governor of our capital state.

2) Alaska has too much snow.
Anchorage Alaska had almost 11 feet of snow last year (3). How do you expect the Congressman from Texas to drive through all the snow? They've never even seen snow men in real life. Too much snowfall in our capital state has the potential to shut the country down, and this would happen for months every winter.

3) Alaska is really far away from the lower 48. (4)
Did you ever have a group of friends who want to hang out, and there is always one or two who live really far away, and those two always complain they have to do the driving, but if they didn't do the driving than 49 others would have a long trip instead of just two, so the party is never at the two outcasts' houses. It's the same reason why we can't have Congress in Alaska.

4) If you wanted to drive to Alaska, you would have to pass by Canada.
Everyone would have to sneak by Canada, and personally, I don't trust them. Their ham is deceptively named bacon, but we know it's not bacon (5), and they drive on roads of ice with 50 ton trucks. That's insane, eh?

I will now attempt a rebuttle against your contentions.

1) Alaska is not hated, but that will change if it becomes the capital state. Do you know anyone who says, "Hey, let's go to majestic Washington D.C. for vacation!" No one has ever said that. If Alaska became the capital state, politicians would ruin everything we all love about Alaska.

2) You get a permanent dividend because of oil (6) and to encourage people to live there. Otherwise, we risk the Eskimos taking it back. You guys deserve it, but if we make it the capital state, and the population doubles, then the dividend halves. That's how math works.

3) Alaska has a lot of land, but that leads to people disappearing all the time. It's either that or aliens (7).

I present these questions for you, Pro:
    1. Would you want your 18 year old innocent daughter dating a 40 year old jerk?
    2. Would you want your innocent land inseminated with the corruptions of Congress?
    3. Do you believe it's fair to make 49 friends drive really far just so you don't have to?
    4. Where do you like to go in Alaska to get away from it all? When that area is paved, where will the new place be?
    5. Do you like the idea sharing your dividend check with all the new arrivals while at the same time paying more for cost of living as the banks and interrested parties take every piece of land?
    6. Why did you vote for Sarah Palin?
I'm enjoying this debate. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 2


cheesedingo1 forfeited this round.


As Pro hasn't had a chance to reply, I will pass this round back to him.
Debate Round No. 3


First of all, I apologize to my opponent nd the voters for the forfeit. It was bad of me, And I'm sure I will be docked off conduct for it.

1) True, Sarah Palin was our governor, but she was governor BEFORE she turned crazy. She cut costs for the Exxon Valdez oil pipeline [] and helped with paving roads and making Alaska better. THEN she turned crazy. Don't you see? Before, when she was a true alaskan, she was great, but When John McCain tried to get her to be VP, she was exposed to the lower 48 (that's what Alaskans call the US) and thus, she went crazy. The lower 48 is crazy. Alaska isn't.

2) Who gives a f*ck if there's snow?!?! The texans can adapt! Alaska is so glorious, people will have to make sacrifices. Going to any state will involve sacrifices. Also, maybe Alaska has enough snow and everyone else has too LITTLE snow? BOOM. Your minds have been blown.

3)true, but if all of the people went to the 2 outcasts place, think about this: since the 2outcasts haven't had any parties or anything, won't they throw the biggest most epic party because their spirit and awesomeness has built up inside them for so long? YES. Same with Alaska.

4) first of all, planes. That's how most people get to Alaska. Secondly, if Alaska becomes the Capitol state, we will purchase a Section of Canada in order for us to have clear passage too Alaska. Thirdly, Alaska hates Canada too.

Now, onto his attackes.

1)Actually, many people I know Love Washington dc and really like traveling there. It has many historical sites and is very beautiful. Same with Alaska. Since it's glory days of the gold rush, Alaska has had many historical sites and is an absolutely beautiful place to live.

2) true, it will half, but money is money. Which would u rather have: money, or no money? Honestly, knowing America, I think we all choose money. :)

3)I'd say aliens. Those basterds are out there somewhere.... They took Mary Lou and the kids! But other than that, I assume you concede this point considering your only argument was aliens.

Now, for his questions.
1) if he can support his family and my daughter, and can buy me a boat, sure.
2) Why would their semen be on my land? It can't be revenge, cause when I did that to them, it was an accident.
3)If my party is hella tight, then sure.
4) The great thing about Alaska is the space. There is so much space in Alaska, if there were houses on every part of Alaska, we could easily fit the entire population of both America's and probably more.
5) we pay as much as the rest of you, but actually LESS. Anchorage has no taxes you have to pay for buying stuff at the grocery store or stuff around town. Only house car and other stuff like that do you have to pay taxes for.
6) I personally didn't, but as I stated in my first rebutte, she was fine.

That is all. I hand it over to my opponent, I too, am enjoying this. I love expressing my love for Alaska.

Thank you


Pro, I would like to quote you from R4 "[Sarah Palin] was exposed to the lower 48 (that's what Alaskans call the US) and thus, she went crazy." This worries me greatly that Alaskans turn crazy upon exposure to citizens of the lower 48.
  1. If your great leader was crazified so easily by the lower 48, imagine what will happen when the state is flooded with lower48ians. This is a disaster waiting to happen in a capital state. Sure not everyone would turn crazy, but probably a lot because Sarah Palin set a pretty high bar in that arena.
  2. You are not worried about snow since you live in it more often than not, but some people can't operate normally in snowy weather regardless of which place has the proper amount of snow.
  3. The two outcast places would be able to throw a good party once in a while, but after a term, it would get boring and no one wants to drive that far. Same with Alaska.
  4. I am glad we agree about Canada. I'm sorry to see my fellow state trapped against the ocean by Canada. We'll save you one day.
and for your rebuttals:
  1. The key word in my R2 was "Majestic" Washing DC is commercial and bought and sold every generation. Not many, if any, consider it to be majestic.
  2. Yes, I choose money, but the key is that you would lose half of it if the population doubles. That means current Alaskans would actually be losing money by becoming the capital state, and as you said you like money too, this would be a bad thing.
  3. You say aliens, but the FBI says it's people just wondering off because there is too much Alaska. Who do I believe?
In closing, Alaska is a beautiful state, and makes the United States better as a whole. However, the majesty of Alaska and its innocence are a big part of the wonder. If Alaska were to become the capital state of the United States, Alaskans would regret it. It would be bought and sold just like our Washington DC and the Alaskans themselves would turn crazy with regular exposure to the lower 48's people.

Let's keep Alaska beautiful. Say no to the capital state change.

Thank you.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by OberHerr 6 years ago
Actually, I was thinking about making Alaska my summer home when I ruled the world.....
Posted by cheesedingo1 6 years ago
hell yes!
Posted by bossyburrito 6 years ago
Alaska is awesome though.
Posted by cheesedingo1 6 years ago
Shut up bossy.
Posted by bossyburrito 6 years ago
Alaska already has a capitol city, and capitol states do not exist...
Posted by AlwaysMoreThanYou 6 years ago
What is a capitol state?
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