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ALL women secretly value physical strength above all else in a man.

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Started: 5/26/2017 Category: Health
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I will say yes (pro) women do prefer physical strength or fighting ability in a guy above all else.
1st round is acceptance/greeting round.


I will say no (con), women do not prefer physical strength or fighting ability in a guy above all else.

I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


Women value physical strength in man. To be more specific, women are less prone to be romantically involved in a relationship if she is physically stronger or more dominant.

Lets say a man starts going out with a woman. He goes on a couple of dates with her. He has a lot of qualities, he's funny,compassionate,kind, easygoing, and smart. These are traits any average women would want. However one day she found out she was strong than him. All of a sudden non of his good qualities matter anymore. She prefers a partner that can protect her.

Lets say that there is a lot of women physically stronger than average guys, which most people claim is a myth. However if you don't believe me I challenge to you travel to places like California.


It's explicit that Pro means to prove that (ALL) every single woman who has ever lived values physical strength over everything else. So let's analyze Pro's case.

1) The first part shows that women are less prone to be in a relationship with someone stronger than with someone that's not. Even if this were true, this doesn't prove it to be the dominant quality in men. This just shows that if they had the choice of no strength vs strength, they would pick strength.

2) This is a hypothetical without any substance and just plainly false. Those qualities don't go away just because they're not strong.

3) I'm not going to California to win this debate.

4) No evidence (studies, surveys, etc.)

5) Pro hasn't met their burden.
Debate Round No. 2


1. My whole point of this argument is woman would pick strong men over physically weak men, regardless of their traits.
3. I mentioned California because a lot of women participate in bodybuilding over there, and there are a lot of wimpy guys there. This was to debunk the obvious myth that all men are stronger.
4. You need to provide evidence too. Despite how many strong women and physically weak men there are, all women end up choosing a physically stronger man. Their FINAL decision in picking a man is GREATLY influenced by his strength.
5. The only way your gonna win this is by criticizing my sub par debating skills, rather than proving me wrong.


1. This is not the topic. Of course someone stronger is generally preferable to weak men. But there are two important burdens you have in this debate. One, you have to prove the first word ALL, aka, every single women. Second you have to prove "above all else in a man", aka, strength above every other trait in men.
2. You can't post links and expect someone to read it as your argument. We don't specifically know your argument.
3. That's fine, but unless you cite evidence the only way to find out is going.
4. I don't need evidence because the burden of proof isn't shared here. You have the burden as the affirmative. Also, you don't provide evidence for what you said at the end.
5. Women prefer someone kind over a jerk that's strong.
Debate Round No. 3


My topic is that women prefer strength over other traits such as kindness and intelligence. Actually this statement is biologically proven and deemed common knowledge.

Women had been choosing men who are strong regardless of them being a jerk, over a weak and kind men.
We see it time and time again our lifetimes. The fact is everywhere. 6th graders understand this. All of it is common knowledge. ALL Women are drawn by strength more than any other good inside qualities such as kindness and understanding. It's biogical programming to ensure surivial.

Your WAY smarter than me. However I'm defending a statement that had been already PROVEN by science.

You can discredit me all you like, it's alot easier than disproving biological truth


You can't change your topic. Maybe that's what you had in mind, but the topic clearly states all women, and above all traits. You keep on being untopical, and changing the original topic.

"already PROVEN by science" You don't cite this anywhere. I don't believe science shows all women prefer someone strong than over someone kind, romantic, etc.

"discredit me all you like, it's alot easier than disproving biological truth" I'm arguing why your arguments don't suffice, this is a debate. I'm not arguing against you as a person. Also, you have to prove this "truth", the burden is on you, not for me to disprove

"The fact is everywhere" Not for me

Do the voters think pro has affirmed?

Kindness, romantic, wealth, race, smart, talented etc.
Debate Round No. 4
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Reasons for voting decision: The resolution was "ALL women value strength over other qualities". Pro starts out with an anecdote (which just restates the resolution), though he gives no reason why I should believe it as truth. Con repeats the burden Pro needs to fulfill; that ALL women value strength over other qualities. Pro already stated other qualities a man could have that a woman might like. Pro claims it's biologically proven, but it's really not. At least he doesn't try to prove it in the debate. As he's making the positive claim, he has the burden, which he doesn't even try to meet. There's no reason to believe the resolution is true, so Argument points to Con. While Pro does give a link, he's substituting an argument for it, so I won't award Source points on that front.