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AMD, within the next 5 years, will take over as the lead processor manufacturer.

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Started: 10/10/2017 Category: Technology
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Back in the first quarter of 2017, Intel launched it's seventh generation of i7 processors, some of the best performing processors of the year. The i7-7700k was being quite questionable, with temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius on full load.

It wasn't long until AMD launched their 1800x processor, coming close, if not equal to Intel's i7-6900k. Finally, the 2 big companies that had been chugging along, were getting competitive.

Recently, there has come to light that the thermal paste under the lid of the i7-7700k and many other newer generations of Intel processors had been getting stock, faulty, and almost useless thermal paste.

Is this going to be the downfall of Intel? Or is this just a smudge on their record? Will AMD take this opportunity to deliver even greater performance and reliability, or will Intel step up and own their mistake, promising greater reliability in their processors?


Honestly, we cant for sure know what"s gonna happen in the future. I don't feel like AMD will completely take over Intel. With Intel and AMD, there has been a lot of competition and people have been switching. It has been switching and competition has been going since AMD was founded. I don't feel like Intel's processor industry will be wiped out because of AMD. I feel like one might fall but we don't know for sure. I think the competition will keep going well past the 5-year mark. Unless another company comes along and destroys them, but that is highly unlikely. I think Intel will hit back hard sometime over the rainbow.

Ryzen and Threadripper isn't the end of the processor industry for Intel. It's extremely close right now. with Intel going down to 56% to 44%. When Intel releases another processor it will shift. I don't know if Intel or AMD will lead in 5 years. It will be extremely close in 5 years but it just depends if Intel will counter Ryzen and AMD will counter Intel's counter. I'm not arguing Intel will take over, I'm Debating that we won't know. Its how the way the market works. The competing company makes a brand new product and the rival company will make a new better product, increasing sales and then the rival company must counter this. Intel or AMD's processor industry is far from over and neither company will give up.
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Much progress will be made with the next generation of processors. Performance but stability is a big thing in processors. To me it just feels like Intel is trying to cram power into their processors, with a lower price tag than AMD to seem better.

Again, the pre-applied thermal paste is a big thing Intel got criticism for. The only way to fix their mistake was to de-lid the processor and apply another coating of thermal paste. Even then, you'd be voiding the warranty.

Lucky for consumers, one company decided to cash in on this and made a de-lidding tool for the new i9-7900x, and i7-7700k. This won't be out for some time though. (see here:

This is a safe way to de-lid your processor and apply new thermal paste, safely rather than dangerously, with a knife. If Intel had simply upped the price of the processor, with better thermal paste, they would have not had this problem. I honestly think this is the knife that will cut the deepest for Intel, and be the downfall of their reliability.


You're not thinking into the future which your whole debate is based on. Intel can fix this with a new processor that will come out. This issue can easily be fixed and it gave Intel a sense of reliability. Its all about what happens in the future. When it comes to the past, Intel was much more reliable. It's just a whole new generation of processors. If Intel didn't come out with a new processor that was more reliable, cheaper, and faster, their processor industry would crash because of Ryzen.

I feel like AMD has taken over as the lead processor industry right now but Intel will fight back. Its all a matter of time. I think in 5 years the processors will be cheaper, more reliable, and faster.
Debate Round No. 2


Reliability in a company is the strongest thing.

AMD has a very dedicated fan base, people that will defend AMD until the day they die. There are certainly people from Intel like that, but the reliability for their processors, and the average temperatures show that if Intel keeps up this whole controversy of temperatures and unreliability, people will slowly see that AMD won't let down their customers. Unlike Intel, where they will do anything to cut corners and make their processors better and cheaper than AMD.

AMD has something Intel doesn't. Intel has virtually no competition. Intel will keep packing power into their processor, and keep cutting corners until AMD catches up to them and shows AMD cares about the quality of their products. Even though AMD's processors are objectively worse, the reliability factor will push them past Intel.
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