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AOW Rebellion!

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Started: 8/11/2015 Category: Arts
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This is a special type of AOW, In which I am defender and Try to Rebel, then keep the Island of Guam. My opponent Must crush the rebellion.

1. No kritiks, semantics, etc. etc.
2. The use of WMDs are banned.
3. I am defending, And will go in round 2.
4. Con may not have ANY sort of Support from the outside, Pro may.
5. More countries may Join if wanted, on PRO.
6. Electronic warfare is allowed, But EMPs are not.
7. State your forces, or link your forces At round 1.
8. Apply in comments.
9. Morale is a factor.
10. Con ONLY wins if The Rebellion is COMPLETELY Crushed. If Not, I win.
11. I will give The reason for rebellion in round 1.


Population: 159,358
Other chammoros in the mainland: 75,000


I accept the debate. For this round, I will not provide a link to my forces because some of my forces include people that are stationed within the US-owned island of Guam, which is rebelling (which is the point of this debate).
Per AoW rules, breaking two rules will result in a forfeiture. I hope my opponent will agree with me on this point - we need to have this debate on point and deviating from the rules draws away from the debate at hand.

Thank you and good luck! May God bless you with better grammar in the following rounds.
Debate Round No. 1


September 1st
Prime Minister GreatKitteh Returns To his Homeland After Victory In North Korea and Turkey.

September- December
Relatively Uneventful

Widespread Rumors of rigged Elections Occur in Guam and Texas.

Guam Becomes Frustrated After an Suspense In Aid. The People are angry all the reparations from the recent Typhoon Is Going to Saipan.

The People Strike in Agana

Extra Police Force come in Guam. Still, Reparations aren't getting Paid.

Guam's Reservoir Programs are defended After sending water to Saipan. Military in Guam Strikes, Resulting in 10 Men being Discharged.

A Line of people at Tumor Bay Form a Line, Blocking More troops From entering.


Soldiers has gone in Multiple Bar Fights, Beating up an Man who Died shortly Later because Suicide. Location at Fountain Plaza

Second Round of strikes lead to Soldiers Removing Guam's Delegate Rights

Guam Experiences Rock Throwing At Micronesia Mall.

Troops Raid Houses of Innocent civilians and Murder a Couple.

Ethic Tensions Explode over White And Chammoros. People Start Physically Punching White Civilians, Who go to Mainland. 10,000 Chammoros also return home.

Texas Experiences Violent Riots over Trump.

JADE HELM 15 Enforces Forceful law on Texas.

Agana Experiences Violent Fireball Riots.

One Fireball catches Fire on Gasoline And Burns Down Part Of Marine Drive.

America Starts Destablizing

Tamuning Experiences Some of the WORST Racial riots. It Starts When Korean Tourists Physically Beat up Chammoros and Australians.

Chammoros Return With Cherry Bombs In the Streets, Aimed at BMW.

Minor protests occur in Talafofo.

Violent Riots occur in Agana, Coupled with Increasingly Violent stories of Fistfights.

Men with Tear Gas come in to solve the Problem

PM Greatkitteh gets Beat up by a Single Person.

Leaders of Guam get put in Jail

Massacre occurs in Dededo.

Troops Punch and Use Martial Arts on innocent Civilians.

Guam Becomes the Most Likely place to be Beat Up in the U.S.A

Anger Reaches Breaking Point. Rebellion occur mostly In agana. 10,000 Men Rebel And Capture Home depot. The Aid, The Crackdowns, The Fist Fights, and The Racial tensions is too much as People express The Anger though Violence.

Soon, Most of agana is under control.
The People Take Multiple Gas stations, Gaining oil. Homeless people Express freedom and overthrow the Soup Kitchen. The Shopping Mall is also Captured.

North Korea warns to "Get out of Guam or else"

Peaceful protests start at Asan

A Wave of Smoke Bomb Riots occur in Tamuning.

50 Angry rebels Use Compromised Vans And a Garbage Truck to Break In the Governor's house and Raid it. The Governor and children get away, but the Wife is captured.

In following Crossfire, 10 Officials get Killed. Security Guards Retreat, And weapons are obtained

School Fight bin University Of guam occur after racial Issues.

Rebels Raid And Capture 10 Boats, all Civilian. 5,000 Extra men Come In, and Agana Completely Falls.

Machine Gun is Captured from a Troop Who wandered away.
The Machine will be put on a Small Boat used for Fishing Control.

Troops in Guam Themselves start to Rebel. Since my opponents justification for not entering link was that ALL the people on Guam would Revolt, This is fair bases Are defended, And Rebels are a Loss, Resulting in 20 Casualties. However, Multiple Supplies are bought In.

Major Offensive by Rebels begin, Capturing Heights. Tamuning Streetlight's Dramatically, Mostly in 9:00 am. 100 More people Join the cause

Cocos Island Revolts, Frustrated by Mainland. A Patrol Boat is Stormed By the Sailors inside.

Coco's Island Is quickly Captured, Due to Very little Morale. A single Landing Craft is Captured.

Tamuning Revolts, Although parts of Tamuning are not Under Control. Jeep and Motorcycle factory/Shop is Captured, And Rebels have Transportation.

Mini cooper is captured and Rebels get Cars.

Frustrated people in Dededo Throw Fireworks At Marine drive, And At soldiers.

Piti Revolts, Capturing The Marine Drive.
Rebels Go on offense, Taking All of tumor, and most of West Guam.


Id' like to preface this round by saying that some of what my opponent said wouldn't happen at all, so we should declare anything that happens as a direct result of impossible actions to be completely void.
"Widespread Rumors of rigged Elections Occur in Guam and Texas"
There is nothing that is possible to rig, for there are no elections that would be at that time except for "early voting", which nobody would know if there was rigging of votes or not, since votes are not disclosed at that time.

As a direct result, many of the actions in the resulting from these rumors (the strikes and the escalation) should be counted as void. In fact, all of my opponent's round is effectively declared void through basic AoW procedure.

I'd also like to point out that my opponent broke his own rule - rule 11, which says that he must state a reason for the rebellion in round one. We were in round two when the reason for rebellion was announced, thus he should be penalised for not following rules.

Now, I'd like to properly define what a "WMD" is and if I can use nuclear weapons in this round, saying as WMDs are not allowed in accordance with rule 2. WMD is defined as: "any weapon involving a biological agent, toxin, or vector ... any weapon that is designed to release radiation or radioactivity at a level dangerous to human life.” Note that if I use a nuclear weapon, but the intention of the weapon is just for mass death via explosion and NOT radioactivity, I am in accordance with rule 2.

2.15.16 - the US fires multiple W88's into Guam (no reason necessary as pro didn't actually give a reason and it is up to them to do so), airbursting them so that no radioactivity kills any civilians in order to not be labeled as a WMD attack against its own citizens. The plot of areas in which are affected and where the W88's are fired into is shown below. Alex Wellerstein's algorithm suggests that there are 50,000 estimated casualties due to fire and PSI, and 147,000 estimated injuries [1].

It appears that because Guam has a total population of ~200,000, I have squashed the rebellion through injury and death. Con (me) has won against the Guam-ians, only at a cost of the world being angry. Vote con :)

[2].;(WMD definition)
Debate Round No. 2


1. The Suspense of aid, racial tensions, and general problems would still lead to a rebellion.
2. I object Con using a loophole to Penalize me.
3. Rigging the votes is possible anytime. It never had to be PRESIDENTIAL Votes, Thus it can be rigged.
4. I doubt eradicating the population would pass authority. Politicians would call it weak, Generals would call it absurd, Foreigners would say it's a crime.
5. Coco's island revolted and is alive, Thus the rebellion is alive.
6. Using a Nukes is a DIRECT Violation against The USA's Nike policy, which says Nukes are only used to deter Attackers. I was not attacking Mainland, Thus The Idea wouldn't pass.
Most Of coco's Island refuses to side with Loyalists.

About 100 Men Join the rebellion

North Korea and China Takes The Nukes as "No" and starts Supporting The rebellion. India, Brazil, Russia Are considering doing the same. Putin Even suggests Nuking Mainland in a Interview.

Supplies arrive. NATO Refuses to back the US because con admitted eradicating Guam's Population Would get everyone Angry.

Mainland Seriously Considers Not using more nukes,as China and North Korea May Strike back, causing nuclear war. There also is Doubt on using Nukes to crush an Small island.

Rumors that Germany is supplying Guam are prevalent.

North Korea sent
200 Medicine
50,000 Solders
20 Fighters
10 Patrol boats
1 Missiles
50 Tanks

China Sent
Essential supplies
100,000 Solders
20 Fighters
50 Tanks
1 Missiles

India sent
hundred thousand cans To Guam via the UN.

Russia recognizes Coco's island/Guam as a country. Putin says Any more nukes will lead to russia doing the same.

a Message from ASEAN.
"ASEAN is Concerned as America has destroyed the Guam Population. This included Asian Minorities. As a result, ASEAN Will Send humanitarian aid to coco's island, and expects $50 Million. Thank You for your Cooperation

America is suspended From the G7

G7 is slowly collapsing.

Widespread protests occur in Mainland Over Nuking Guam. Experts say it's unnecessary.

Russia Supports Guam. India Blocks diplomatic relations with America, The rest of the world is a bit reluctant to help America.

Russia readies It's nuclear arsenal. Guam Apparently has A Leopold.

Germany Denies giving aid.

China and North Korea Invade Saipan.

Overwhelming Them by surprise, Span's hastily called Milltas Are Destroyed. Bombers Fly. and Target Ships and Planes.

Russia Sends in men on Saipan.

Russia starts using more advanced technology, testing the t-14 armada and su-30 bringing 10 of each.

China fires non Nuclear ICBM at mainland.

India and Germany Officially Admit they supported Guam behind Mainland's back.

Coco's island gets ready to take back Mainland. Mainland never put Troops in Guam, so it's basically a Empty place.

Without Real resistance besides Bombs, Rebels invade Guam, Easily stumping the mighty. . . Trees.

Rebels Convert to Gurellia Warfare.


Re: Rebellion cause.
The US does support its citizens in the case of any Typhoons or "racial tension". Suggesting otherwise is seriously untruthful and deceptive. In any case, it doesn't really matter since we already have started the war.
There aren't any elections for there to be rigging about in January of 2016, so pro still has broken the rules. Pro *has* agreed that breaking the rules twice will lead to a forfeiture by dropping me saying this in round 1, the round for definitions/rules/etc. So far pro has broken one rule, if they break another throughout the rest of this debate they will lose via forfeiture.

Whether or not the action of nuking Guam would pass any sort of government panel doesn't matter at all. The US higher-ups did it, politicians have no say. Saying that it wouldn't happen because a Senator from Wisconsin doesn't want it to happen is absurd. Whether or not nukes break the US's Nuke Policy or not doesn't matter. We can call for reparations in the future - we do not need to follow policy in the moment; there are no rules saying we must.

My opponent has also made some actions BEFORE 2.15.2016, which is the date in which I fired the nukes. This can't be allowed, reader, because that would mean that he can change whatever he wants in hindsight! We can see in his argument in this round saying "1.1.16 Mainland Seriously..." to "2.15.16 Russia readies It's Nuclear...". Anything between these actions must be declared as void since they happen in a time in which is impossible for my opponent to make any actions. Thus, North Korea cannot send any personnel or items, China cannot send any personnel or items, and India cannot send any cans to Guam. The US cannot be suspended from the G7, the G7 does not start to collapse, Russia does not consider Coco's Island/Guam as a country, Putin doesn't say that firing nukes at Guam will lead to them doing the same, no protests occur, India doesn't block diplomatic relations with the US, and the world is not reluctant to help the US.

Basically, Guam doesn't receive any aid, Russia doesn't offer help, and the G7 is not affected.

So far, my opponent has claimed control of Coco's Island, and has had allies send troops to Guam and Saipan - none to Coco's Island. They have also taken control of the mainland.

To this, I do the same thing that I did earlier in this debate - I send 4 W88's to the main-island of Guam and decimate any people living there.

Now, I must attack Coco's Island in order to crush the rebellion. I don't need to do anything to Saipan, saying as how that is territory occupied from allies of Guam. Coco's Island is an island chain that is owned by Australia [1]. I fire 2 W88's onto these islands, killing or seriously injuring anyone that is stationed there; severely reducing all morale (which is important in this war, according to the rules!): (I cannot paste the image into this round, I don't know why).

I then fire one W88 at the North Keeting Island, as can be seen here:

There is no rebellion left - only soldiers from other islands. I need not squash them, for they are not the rebelling force, the Guam-ian people themselves are.
Debate Round No. 3


1. Morale would arise, eradocating the Entire chammoro population is something to figjt for. On the other hand, Americabusing nukes to resolve the issue would be protested. Koko birds and the chammoro Language are Endanhered or extinct. Thisbis the sort of thing that sparks protest. Thus, Oyr mprale os Equal.

2. China and russia can See A Nuke coming in the direction of asia BEFORE it's dropped.

3. India still can send cans due to Typhoon. America did not help us in Typhoon Bavi or Dolphin, It is probable they won't in the recent Typhoon.

4. It was a typo, I suggest that The Events play for the sake of sense andbFairness.

5. Generals would be hesitant to Resokve a Small Rebellion with Nukes, Considering Two other nuclear Countries are in the conflict. The same way America did not use nukes when Vietnam, It Would not with guam. Because I am Nice, I won't void anything, If Con doesn't Void Round 3.

As diplomats Were In China and North Korea, And Advanced Chineese Radars Can detect (probably) Nukes, As well the fact that I switched to Gurellua warfare, Around 20 People Can Live. Thebrules state Thatvi win if the Rebellion is *Completely* crushed, I am still winning.

Mainland never puts troops in Guam, so 100 Chineese and 1 Chammoro Takes back Guam. The rebels *technically* Took back guam.

Putin gives a deadline of April for mainland To leave and stop.

The rest of 19 Diplomats/refugees Stay In china, as North Koreans hate America too much. As Using Nukes to get the people is Provking China to Nuckear war, Anerica Seriously considers using Nukes.

5 Chammoros from the Initial Nukes Heal and join The rebels.

100 Chamaroos In Mainland go to India, Then fly to russia, going to china, and Retake Coco's island, As virtually nothing is in there.

Australia is provoked and Sends Aid To Guam.5000 Ausstralians Land In Palaeu, with 10 Chamooros and 1,000 North Koreans, and starts the battle of Paleu.

Secevere Protests occur about america's use of Nukes. Riots are Most ranpant in Texas.

Japan asks mainland to warn The minorities Before using Nukes.

As rumored Su-30s and t-14 armatas Are in Palaeu Mainland Retreats back. Chinese And North Koreans Migs Bombs The area.

Vietnam Gives Guam 10 Tanks As it's cincerned about the minoritees.

Anti-Mainland sentiment Arises in Europe, Mostly Germoney. Russia Is Also pretty big In riots.

1 Chamorro as well as 10 Tanks, 500 Chineese and North Koreans, 100 Germans, And rumored 10,000 Russians Invades Hawaii With close air support and Tank Support.

The mainland miscaculates, it seems 20,000 North Koreans and Chineese, 500 Germans, and a classified number of *Rumored* Russians are Invades. The Islands are For Future Shaping of Guan, Not For Short Term Victory.

Putin "denies" Giving support to Guam, Stating That only concerned Russians are Rightfully Honoring the small minority and giving small Cans.

Indian-Mainland relations are shaky.

Increasing rumors Of Su-30s are rampant

A S-300 Is supposedly Shpoting at american Air force. It is unknown How much.

Paleu Is Taken, Extending Guam's borders. 1 chammoro, with 200 North koreans and 20 Rumored russian Su-30s invade Jarvis Island.

Putin Again Denies any Support.

India grows Increasingly Worried, and sends Non-Lethal aid To Guam.

Mainland Fails to meet deadline. Russiannow openly Confesses Sending Aid to Guam. At least 50 Vechicles were sent behind America's Back.

Russian and Chineese Cyber Forces Hacks and Comprimises Guarded Infornation about America's Presidents.

Full On Invasion of Hawaii Occurs.

Guam Is recgibized By 10 Nations being
North Korea

Chammoros Lock themselves in Shanghai, Bracing for Nukes.


I don't really care about the inconsistensies in my opponent's argument - arguing whether or not Germany, one of the closest allies to the US - would provide aid to Guam in the form of food (which they would not, admittedly - not because they do not sympathise but simply because the Guam dwellers are scattered around too much) is boring and makes me want to rip my hair out.

On the fifth of April, 2016, there was an invasion of Hawai'i by unknown forces. I will have to assume that this was from outside aid forces, such as China or NK, because the Chammoros only boast a number of about 5 deployable units, which were not said to be deployed there. This does not need to be addressed for me, since I am fighting the Chammoros, not the NKians (well, I am fighting the NKians, but the Chammoros are more important).

On the sixth of April, 2016, the Chammoros decided to lock themselves in Shanghai. What this means is that they're all within the confines of the city as labelled by the Chinese government. Once again, they are ALL (this means all of the Chammoros, because my opponent said the Chammoros as a whole) within the confines of Shanghai.

This round will be centred around peace-revelation, because there seems to be no real way for me to win and kill all of the opposing forces.

The US says that it will enter peace-talks with Guam in Shanghai, with all forces being deployed there to ensure there is no sneak-attack by NK or China or any other enemies. The UN says that this area is not suitable for peace-talks because of an inherent bias towards the Chinese in case of an attack, thus the peace negotiations are to be held in the Australian territory of Coco's Island (actually the west island of the Coco's Keeting Islands, but is just called "Coco's Island" hereinafter) by the 20th, and all enemy forces must leave.

All forces leave Coco's Island, leaving a desolate plane due to the nuking.

The UN deploys UN peacekeepers and builds a resolution room, with a room that is perfect for negotiations to prevent the talks that happened in the Vietnamese or Korean conflicts of the US, which didn't happen due to room design and speaking order.

The UN decides that all Chammoros should be present during the peacetalks to speak about what they want personally with US representatives. The Chammoros agree that it would be helpful and an honor to speak with the mainlanders with what they want to happen in the future - even if they had attacked their culture and people without - what they consider - a just cause.

Approximately 4,000 Mainland forces are deployed to be on ships surrounding Coco's Island for the mainland, and roughly 1,000 UN peacekeepers in the interests of Guam.

All forces arrive and are surrounding the islands entirely.

The Chammoros, UN representatives, the President of the Mainland and a few North Korean representatives all shake hands and make pleasant comments - the next day is for negotiations.

Negotiations start between Guam, UN, US and NK. Guam wants to be it's own nation with Coco's Island and Hawai'i as territory - the US is only interested in giving Guam the original island.

Negotiations continue, no points of interest except that Guam is dropping wanting Hawai'i, but wants $2,000,000,000 in reperations. The US declines because Coco's Island is sovereign to Australia.

Guam drops wanting Coco's Island. Now wants the original island + $30 billion. The US declines due to not believing that $30 billion is a fair amount. The UN agrees with the US, NK doesn't. Tensions start to rise, but not to alarming levels.

NK postpones the negotiations for 3 days due to South Korean issues that they have to listen to; the President flies back to Washington, D.C. for this time to sign some bills into law that Congress has passed.

One of the ships - unknowing to any forces except for the US ones - fires a W88 into the air and this explodes 2400metres above the surface, which is directly above the negotiation area that was set, instantly killing all that are inside this brighter orange area (Chomorros, some UN peacekeepers, NKians) with no possibility of surviving due to thermal burns from the bomb and the building collapsing. All forces within the orange area are either killed or injured, leaving around 300 UN peacekeepers and around 1200 US mainland forces alive.;(I cannot post the picture itself anymore - I don't know why! Click the link to see the nuclear blast)

The Chamorros are defeated because they believed that peace could possibly happen because they bent the knees of the US.
(Anything beyond here is just for fun)

The Chinese send a naval force that kills all US forces that are left mobilised around Coco's Island. A small price to pay to kill 20 people.

South Korea, wanting some more aid from the US, says that the US was justified. At this, NK nukes and kills 85% of those living in Seoul.

A UN resolution states that the world is officially at war with the US due to the unlawful use of nuclear weapons - US responds officially: "so what?"

Debate Round No. 4


100 Chammros Are rescued By Canada And Rebel, with 50 Men Who are healded. The rebellion is Akive

As The Mainland Itself Is being under attack by all the Countries in world, America Starts Crumbling. Americans Get the War unpopular.

America is too busy Dealing with the world, And Guam is not a Priority. Guam is recgonized by all The countries in the world, Thus the rebels win.

As Mainland Is being Attacked by All the Nations, It cannot afford to keep it's islands. Ameruca flees to It own Land

Guam Is taken.

Generaks refuse To use more Nukes, As The world can beat america in WMD.

As 2 Million invade Sacramento, America Starts to crumble.

Enbargoed and Crippled, America is forced back to the Rockies.

The world Turns and Bombs the USA, America Outnumbered. As Oil cannot come in in america, Pilots continue crashing.

Guam Is recgonized by the World. Thus, I win.

Vote pro!

America Is exhuasted, War grows Unpopular, The world Claims Naval, Air,Economic, Cyber, and Land Superiority.

After 2 Years, America can go no more and surrenders a War with earth.


Wait, what in the seven seas did you just do, pro? You just totally dropped my arguments that I killed the UN peacekeepers and all of the Chammoros - all 20 that you said existed - during some peace negotiations. Then you said that Canada intervenes and there are 100 Chammoros rebelling...?

Come on, that's totally a cop-out. You are saying that the population of Chammoros increased fivefold over a few days AND that they weren't killed by a nuclear bomb that exploded 2 kilometres directly above their heads ... all the while dropping my arguments.

Whether or not Guam is recognised by the world doesn't matter, truly - what is necessary is keeping the rebellion of the original Chammoros alive. And I killed them all.

I trust that the voter knows that killing all of the Chammoros means that there aren't any that are alive. I won this debate because I squashed the rebellion by killing them, and my opponent dropped my killing them (which could be turned as "wouldn't happen", but he didn't say that). Squashing the rebellion is the point of this debate, not having the nations of the earth be at war with the US.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by greatkitteh 3 years ago
You dont have to.
Posted by Lexus 3 years ago
do I really need to link to my forces?
Posted by greatkitteh 3 years ago
Alrifgt; Lexus gets it.

However; I can gyrellia warfare you.
Posted by Lexus 3 years ago
I'd totally accept*
*if aid is only given after round 2 ;)
Posted by Lexus 3 years ago
I'd totally accept
Posted by greatkitteh 3 years ago
Indeed, it's pretty nuch how guam can beat the rest of USA.
Posted by Theunkown 3 years ago
It's still a trump card that can suddenly turn defeat into victory,
Posted by greatkitteh 3 years ago
As long as it MAKES SENSE. For example, China might give me $5 Billion in thebcindition for acess to the sea, feelig It's More profitable thwn Short Term sanctions.

Or, North Korea may, to destablize it's enemy out.

However, UK can't join in becaise Guam Chcoloate Tastes good.
Posted by Theunkown 3 years ago
Can you specify who Pro may get assistance from? Because if its every country in the Asia Pacific
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Reasons for voting decision: Con kills the Chamaros, which is enough to crush the rebellion. Ergo, I vote Con.