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AOW War Scenario: Kazakhstan (pro) vs Afghanistan (con)

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Started: 5/13/2015 Category: Politics
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This is a war debate challenge issued to the AOW War Group. I thank them for this debate, and wish good luck.AOW Group Members-you must vote on this!The Republic Kazakhstan is going to war against Afghanistan. I will declare the reasons for the war and begin the war in Round II.1st Round: acceptance, post your firepower.Rules: 1. no allies 2. No forfeitures! 3. use http://globalfirepower.comfor... millitary strength Good luck to my worthy opponett :).

Here is my millitary layout for the Republic of Kazakhstan

PwrIndx: 1.6197


MANPOWERGoing beyond military equipment totals and perceived fighting strength is the actual manpower that drives a given military. Wars of attrition favor those with more.

Total Population:17,948,816Available Manpower:8,342,680Fit for Service:6,438,168Reaching Military Age Annually:244,863]Active Frontline Personnel:110,000Active Reserve Personnel:378,000

LAND SYSTEMSTank value includes Main Battle Tanks, light tanks and tank destroyers, either wheeled or tracked. AFV value includes Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) and Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs).

Tanks:300Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs):1,613Self-Propelled Guns (SPGs):285Towed-Artillery:744Multiple-Launch Rocket Systems (MLRSs):393

AIR POWERIncludes both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft from all branches of service.

Total Aircraft:233Fighters/Interceptors:96Fixed-Wing Attack Aircraft:103Transport Aircraft:60Trainer Aircraft:20Helicopters:66Attack Helicopters:18
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You forgot the AOW rules.
1. When you accept the debate, state your country, and state the numbers of your armed forces (aircraft, men, ships, etc.). Use this source for military numbers ONLY, as it is the most reliable:;

2. Each country's turn can range from about 3 days to 60 days long, so all actions must be in accordance with this time period. (DO NOT try to win in one turn! Take into account that your opponent is also a living, thinking being that can adapt to a situation.)

3. Morale is a key factor in your armed forces' effectiveness.

4. You may produce more military forces (soldiers, ships, aircraft, tanks/humvees/cavalry), but it depends on your military budget, your country's population, and how industrialized your nation is.

5. You may choose to invade or defend.

6. The defender makes the first move.

7. The defender's primary military objective is to remove the attacker's forces from the defender's territory. The attacker's primary military objective is to annex the other country, or destroy it (physically, economically, etc). Secondary military objectives can be made by the debaters if they wish. Fulfillment of the military objectives is victory. If either side fails to fulfill their set objectives, the voters are free to reasonably determine the winner based off of who was more successful in completing their objectives.

8. If a nation's capital is destroyed/liberated, this does not necessarily mean that the war is won; the capital could be recaptured. If one of the debaters destroys or controls the administration of the opposing country, OR if the opposing country is destroyed to the point of no administration, then that debater is immediately guaranteed a 7-point victory.

9. Every aspect of the war must be realistic and must remain within the parameters established by the rules and the title. Any unrealistic action and actions deviating from the rules will cause the entire action to be void. Any further deviation after the first void action will result in a complete debate forfeiture.

10. Weapons of mass destruction are NOT allowed. A WMD is defined as:

-Radiological weapon or a radiological dispersion device: any weapon designed to spread radioactive material

-Nuclear or Thermonuclear weapon: an explosive device that derives its destructive force from nuclear reactions

-Chemical weapon: a device that inflicts chemicals designed to harm or kill humans/animals

-Biological weapon: the use of biological toxins or infectious organisms to inflict damage.

Non-conventional detonation of conventional weapons IS allowed.

11. No allies (NATO, UN, Muslim Brotherhood, or otherwise) under ANY circumstances. Annexation of other countries or agreements that allow formations of larger nations and/or direct military intervention is NOT allowed. Personnel and forces CANNOT be supplied by other nations.

You CAN have military or diplomatic agreements and/or treaties with other nations (agreements not to interfere etc). Radical groups, militant organizations, paramilitary factions et cetera are NOT allowed.

Religion is NOT a factor. No economic sanctions from any other nation, but economic warfare is allowed.

You cannot increase your country""'��‚��„�s population, nor can you use ANY method to allow the involvement of other countries other than what is specified. You cannot receive donations or economic support from private agencies.

12. Cyberwarfare is allowed. Electronic warfare is limited to radar/radio jamming and interception; NO EMPs.

13. The country chosen must be one of the 206 sovereign states recognized by the United Nations as of 2015. Former states such as the USSR are not accepted, nor are territory-controlling factions not officially recognized by the United Nations, such as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, currently the Islamic State), and Gaza Strip, controlled by Hamas, but recognized by the UN as a part of Palestine. You cannot choose my nation.

14. Appropriate conduct MUST be maintained: no insults, cursing, profanity, vulgar language or trolling. Any violation of appropriate conduct WILL BE REPORTED to DDO authorities.

15. If you fail to follow the rules once, you will be given a warning and your actions in that round will be void. Further disobedience of ANY of these rules WILL result in an immediate loss of the debate.

16. The Instigator is Pro.

17. These debates are strictly Force versus Force; no civilian action is allowed unless Total War is declared.

18. TOTAL WAR can be declared only as an absolute last resort. Total war is defined as the complete mobilization of all available manpower of the country. In a state of total war, every able citizen either joins the military personnel or the military labor workforce.

19. All scenarios MUST be realistic; there MUST be an established reason for conflict.

20. We may either follow the date-time storyline format, or state the events that occur directly as realistically possible in a period of 45 days.

21. This is a Category 2 AOW debate. A category 2 debate DO NOT allow the usage of WMDs. Category 1 debates allow WMDs.

I choose to defend.
My win/loss ratio is 75%

Total population: 31,822,848
Available manpower: 13,708,758
fit for service: 7,847,309
reaching age annually: 762,411
front line personnel: 200,000
reserve personnel: 0

Tanks: 700
AFVs: 9,669
SPGs: 0
MLRS: 50
Towed artillery: 226

Total aircraft: 164
fighters: 0
fixed wing aircraft: 2
Transport aircraft: 149
trainer aircraft: 6
helicopters: 123
attack helicopters: 7

production: 2,000 bbl/day
consumption: 5,000 bbl/day
reserves: 0 bbl

labor force: 7,512,000
merchant marine strength: 0
major ports and terminals: 2
roadway converge: 42,150
railway converge: 0
serviceable airports: 52

defense budget: $11,500,000,000
debt: $1,280,000,000
reserves of foreign exchange and gold: $5,983,000,000
Purchasing power parity: $45,300,000,000

square land area: 652,230 km
coastline: 0 km
square land area: 5,987 km
waterways: 1,200 km

Some music for ya!

September 28 Seeing what has happened with Ukraine and Turkmenistan, Afghanistan begins to worry even though the Taliban has been pushed out of Afghanistan. Afghanistan calls in the epic diplomat Mr. Almighty(Yes this is a crossover)

September 30 Kazakhstan and Afghanistan relations are starting to go downhill on the outcome of the Turkmenistan-Ukrainian war. Kazakhstan believes Ukraine was being too brutal while Afghanistan believes it was Turkmenistan's fault for causing it.

August 1 Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has been shot in the arm. Many Afghan citizens blame Kazakhstan. On the same day an explosion happens at a building in Almaty. Many Kazakh citizens blame Afghanistan.

August 4 With these rising tensions, Afghanistan begins mobilization. They mostly prioritize aircraft and any anti-aircraft weapons they have access to.

August 10 Afghanistan sees that navy will play no importance to Kazakhstan, but it may be important to Afghanistan.

August 12 Kazakhstan demands a halt on Afghan mobilization or they will declare war. Afghanistan refuses which result in a declaration of war. Afghanistan begins to attempt to break cyber defenses of Kazakhstan.

August 14 Afghanistan begins operation Caspian. 3 Afghan spies are now aboard one of the Kazakhstan coastal defense crafts in the Caspian Sea. 5 Afghan transport planes are now about through Turkmenistan after refueling and paying them 10 million. Once given the signal the Afghan spies on the ship attack killing everyone on board by surprise. Only one of them is somewhat wounded. With the ship in their hands it floats towards other Kazakh ships the planes paratroop the soldiers , but unfortunately the planes are shot down. After a battle, the Afghan forces have assumed control over the Kazakhstan navy. Although All 5 planes are shot down including 200 dead Afghan soldiers(most of them were because of the para trooping, Afghanistan has killed around 150 Kazakhstan soldiers and have control over the 6 remaining ships. There was another 2 which weren't destroyed, however they didn't have enough survivors to operate them.

August 16 After the shock at the Caspian Sea, the reaming soldiers there are given the order to only abandon ship after the ship is about to face destruction. Morale in Afghanistan rises while in Kazakhstan it sinks(no pun intended). Seeing that Kazakhstan is going to invaded them they begin making any other preparations they may need such as making several bunkers for the commanders and administration.

August 23 It seems as though Afghanistan will be able to cripple Kazakhstan cyberspace by the start of the September. Aka: your cyber defenses are almost down
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you to my good friend for this debate :).
Let the war continue in earnest today.

August 25th Kazakh president declares a state of national emergency and orders "Kazakhstan must ready for war, we must defend our nation to the last."

August 28th Somehow, Kazakhstan is able to restore its cyberspace. Through the intervention of technology experts in the colleges, the nation somehow restores its defenses against any malicious cyberattack.

September 2nd Kazakhstan military prepares for invasion. 100 Tanks and 25 helicopters along with 20,000 troops to the border.

September 4th Kazakhstan places a flag on the border as a symbol of its resolve to fight to the last.

September 7th Kazakhstan armed forces detachment of 10,000 men slips through Tajikistan with consent of the president there. They strike Jalabad, and seize control of the city within a few hours, losing 25 men killed and 21 wounded.

September 9th Gardez and Kandahar are seized by the Kazakh military, losing 100 men killed and 100 wounded. The offensive halts to allow time for reinforcements to arrive to continue the assault to convince Afghanistan to flee from its invasion plans.


I'm sorry to say, but I think you may have broken the rules.
Under rule 11 in the AOW rules it says this "You cannot receive donations or economic support from private agencies." I'm not sure, but if you can get an AOW member to moderate this I think he/she would agree that with August 28 that basically the colleges(assuming they weren't owned by the government) could not have intervene since they would be "donating" their services to you. Also I highly doubt without a country more worthy of a cyber warfare ex. Israel, could have saved them in 5 DAYS when cyber defenses would have been broken another 4-7 days after that. Also how did you even know you were being cyber attacked if Sony didn't know until after NK attacked them?
August 28 is void. I will assume to my knowledge the cyber attack would have succeeded around September 3. Your factories are shut down by a wave of Trojans. A few blackout occur along with it.

September 12 With Kazakhstan attacking Afghanistan,Afghanistan begins operation liberation. About 20,000 Afghan soldiers with 50 tanks and 40 helicopters go to recapture Gadez and Kandahar. The battle ensues. Initially Afghan troops are pushed back, but once they air reinforcements Kazakh soldiers to are forced to retreat. The casualties are both around 5,000, tanks both 10, helicopter, Kazakh 20, Afghan 15.

September 15 Afghan soldier now ready with reinforcements, are ready to attack, but decide to do a few hit and runs. At night a few infiltrators steal a few guns and kill a few people. They eve manage to destroy a helicopter.

September 16 Afghan forces surprise them in the morning. They destroy all of the remaining aircraft, kill another10,000 on both sides and destroy 20 tanks for Afghanistan and 25 for Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan survivors are either captured or scatter to Turkmenistan.

September 20 The captured Kazakh ship are now maintaining a blockade of Kazakhstan. So far they have sunk a Kazakh merchant ship going out.

September 29 Kazakh president gives a speech that they will defend against this "threat" to the nation's security.

I really don't have much else to do
Debate Round No. 2


I thank my worthy friend for the debate :).
Let the war continue!
September 30th Kazakhstan military increased by 45,000 with military draft instigated, a ceasefire is signed for 1 week to allow humanitarian aid to both nations.

October 1st The UN Security Council imposes sanctions on both nations for "their heinous acts."

October 2nd Kazakhstan President says "we will ignore all sanctions and fight to the death."

October 5th 5 days into the truce, Kazakhstan veterans grow restless. They want to shoot but are prohibited from it by their commanders.

October 7th As the truce ends, Jalabad, Gadez and Kandahar are assaulted and fierce fighting ensues

October 9th After heavy losses, Afghanistan retreats from all 3 cities with 700 deaths, 100 tanks captured, 29 helicopters seized. Kazakhstan lost 120 men killed, 10 tanks destroyed.

October 11th Fresh off the momentum, Kazakhstan troops overrun the city of Ghzami and claim it for themselves in less than 4 hours.

Thanks for the war debate


I've been saying let the war continue so much, I am considering taking a break from war debates.
1. Like last time I have to ask how did you seize the tanks and helicopters, but not destroy any? If I was Afghanistan I would not have let them have it. 15 tanks destroyed and 15 captured. 4 helicopters destroyed and 4 captured seems more logical.
2. I assume these sanction affect us equally or it will be unfair.

I feel like this shows the situation is going to be intense.

October 15 Afghanistan to try to lower morale decide to somewhat take the war to Kazakhstan. The ships bombard the port city Aktau. The ships deal heavy damage to the coastline and even manage to damage the airport. A few thousand Kazakh citizens and police are killed until they are forced to retreat when the army comes. They manage to kill 10 Kazakh military while losing the same. A coastal defense craft Afghanistan had has been destroyed while they managed to destroy a tank.

October 17 Seeing Kazakhstan has now a much bigger army attacking Afghanistan, the Afghan government decides they may need a bit of outside help without intervention directly. To do that they sign an agreement with Russia for them to be able to produce the Mi-24 helicopter for 250 million and to buy oil mainly from Russia. The main reason Russia agrees is because the Mi-24 is rather old. With this new helicopter they rush it to the factories and begin trying to build factories far from Kazakhstan to be able to produce these.

October 20 Afghan soldiers have once again doing a hit and run. They capture a Kazakh tank at night. While most guards are asleep they fire at a tank quickly jerking everyone awake. With the captured tank they are able to take out a helicopter on the ground with about 10 soldiers near it. The captured tank is destroyed , but not without killing a few soldiers and getting rid of 2 Kazakh tank(1 is the the tank that was captured) and a helicopter.

October 21 Afghan soldiers win a victory which cuts the Kazakh soldiers off from their supply lines to the North. Around 5,000 are killed on both sides. Afghanistan knows they must act quickly before they break through their lines.

October 27 With a force of 50,000 soldiers Afghan soldiers attack from the North, east, and west. The south has now been mines and 5,000 soldiers in trenches ready to prevent Kazakh soldiers from retreating easy. Afghan transport planes are continuing to bring reinforcements. Initially it seemed as if Afghan forces had a slight advantage, but after a Kazakh helicopter was shot down and crashed into a Kazakh tank with quite a few soldiers in that area Afghan soldiers charged overwhelming some positions. The first day ended with 10,000 dead Kazakh soldiers with the same for Afghanistan. 25 tanks for Kazakhstan and 20 tanks for Afghanistan along with recovering 5 of their tanks. 10 helicopters for both, but Afghanistan recovered one of theirs.

October 28 With extra reinforcements, Afghan forces come in and decimate the Kazakh army. When the devastated Kazakh forces try to retreat they are blown up by mines and being showered by fire on 4 sides. Eventually they have to surrender while a few scatter in the chaos. 25,000 Kazakh soldiers are either killed, wounded or captured. 17,500 Afghan forces are killed or wounded. 20 Kazakh tanks are destroyed compared to 15 Afghan tanks along with recovering another 5 tanks. 10 Kazakh and Afghan helicopter are destroyed , but another Afghan helicopter is recovered.

October 30 The Afghan fleet attacks Fort Shevchenko. Unfortunately this attack was partially predicted causing more casualties on the Afghan side than last time. After the battle, while Kazakhstan suffered more casualties, the Afghan fleet there was almost completely destroyed. 4 of the 5 ships are destroyed along with 35 dead for Afghanistan. 8 tanks are destroyed along with 50 dead military for Kazakhstan. The last ship that was originally captured is now merely patrolling the waters as far as possible while still attacking any merchant ships. This ship is known as the Avicenna after the famous Afghan father of modern medicine.

November 1 A ceasefire is signed for 1 week to treat the wounded.

BTW Are you paying Turkmenistan for going through their country? Even a few million would convince a country especially if this is a crossover with a country that just got off from a war.
Debate Round No. 3


Good points and thanks for the debate.
November 3rd As the ceasefire holds firm, wounded soldiers begin to heal. Kazakhstan's president pays $5 million in aid to Turkmenistan in support and thanks for letting the Kazakh military pass through peacefully.

November 5th The Kazakh military promotes 2 men for bravery to the ranks of Lieutenant and Major.

November 7th The war resumes with fierce fighting outside Nuristan in Afghanistan. The objective for Kazakhstan is to surround and seize Kabul, the capital city at some point. Heavy casulaties are sustained: 230 Kazakh and 300 Afghanistan soldiers are killed. 11 tanks are seized by Kazakhstan, and 3 planes of Afghanistan are shot down.

November 9th Kazakhstan seizes Nuristan after sustaining 400 deaths and 3 tanks lost. Kazakh president hails the victory and says he is "willing to make peace if the Afghan government surrenders Kabul." It is rejected.

November 11th Kazakh troops capture Gardez with no resistance and advance towards Kabul.


Just a tip for future war debates, give your opponent a choice for surrender as it can sometimes give you victory. HOWEVER, I have been in tighter positions than this so I refuse to give up until all of Afghanistan is conquered. You didn't state how many soldiers so I will just assume several tens of thousands.

November 12 A cease fire to stop moving armies is signed for 3 days to get the wounded to safety at least.

November 15 Afghan colonel Aaron Ishmael is trapped behind enemy lines with merely 100 soldiers in a bunker. He knows he must get out or his soldiers will be overwhelmed. They are at Gardez. He is ashamed that he had to hide with his soldiers or be destroyed, but they just had too many weapons there to let them fall into enemy hands. While most of the Kazakh army is going of to Kabul as the cease fire ended today. While most colonels would have given up by now he didn't. He got sergeant Aedal Kaba to carefully search the city to get people to help them get out. He finds 25 men. They are given basic training and since they are in a bunker, are taught how to aim and shoot.

November 17 Another 25 Have joined and will strike after they have completed a week's worth of training. Meanwhile at Kabul, soldiers are scrambled to get there along with tanks and aircraft along with scattering mines

November 19 Although they have not completed a week's worth of training, Colonel Ishmael now there is no other choice, as he believes the bunker will soon be uncovered. They silently raid the police department at night and few Kazakh soldiers even heard anything. Those who did, thought it was either a dream or they were hearing things after being in battle this much. Colonel Ishmael and his soldiers killed 5 Kazakh soldiers in the police building while only having 2 wounded. "We need a better position." Thinks Colonel Ishmael. He sees his next target being the hospital.

November 20 Although it is still dark, 10 more citizens joined the small detachment of soldiers. They are given the guns found in the police building. They silently slip into the hospital. To create a diversion they light an small pile of wood on fire. Kazakh soldiers seeing this bringing in buckets of water to put it out. While that happens the Afghan force slip into the hospital while 5 stand guard at the police department and 10 at the bunker. The hospital having 25 soldiers there with only 2 awake, but sleepy soldiers. They quietly put them down with bayonets. They spread out and quietly take out the soldiers there. Once they finish, the blaze is put out. Afghan sniper Dilawar Diab with a night vision scope tries to find the commander to put him down. At first he sees nothing, but before putting down his rifle he hears someone yelling. He sees someone who seems to be in charge and fires. He doesn't know yet, but he scored a head shot that killed him almost instantaneously. Shocked soldiers are trying to rush him to the hospital while trying to find the sniper. He looks for his next target and scores another head shot on someone carrying the commander. He fires again killing a Kazakh about to go into the police department. An unarmed Afghan soldier all of a sudden, jumps out the window onto 2 soldiers carrying their dead commander. Bones broken, the Afghan soldier still manages to kill the two while dying himself. The rest of the Afghan soldiers either fire other the windows because they do not want to risk getting in the way of the snipers. After the battle subsides, the Afghan soldiers search the rest of Gardez to find any remaining Kazakh soldiers. Over 200 Kazakh soldiers die in this city compared to only 20 Afghan soldiers

November 21 While the main Afghan army is still scrambling soldiers, Colonel Ishmael severely outnumbered now has 250 soldiers with many being untrained. They find what looks like a detachment of 300 soldiers with a helicopter and a tank. They could do a direct assault , but the helicopter and tank will stop them. Dilawar knowing he likely will fail take his shot at the helicopter to hit the pilot. He missed a head shot, but hits the pilot in the chest causing him to be mortally wounded. As his consciences begins to fade, the helicopter crashes into the soldiers killing 7 instantly wounding many others. While they are trying to piece together what happened, the Afghan soldiers have now gotten close enough that they are able to destroy the tanks and begin opening fire against the confused Kazakhs. Once again, this is a victory killing 290, capturing 10, destroying a helicopter and a tanks while losing only 50 soldiers themselves. Colonel Ishmael and his soldiers getting drowsy run non stop to get to Kabul. Meanwhile, Afghanistan begins attacking again the now almost defenseless cyberspace of Kazakhstan.

November 22 They reach the city without being blown up as the last mines where being placed. Colonel Ishmael has now been promoted to major general. Dilawar is given the opportunity of training snipers or being a colonel himself. He denies the colonel request, but is willing to accept training snipers once they do not have to worry of the approaching Kazakh soldiers. The soldiers get 4 hours of rest before the Kazakh army is seen. A few Mi-24 helicopters have been produced which will help them. Dilawar gets his sniper rifle ready. They get ready to defend. The first day consisted of Kazakh soldiers charging at the Afghan positions. Afghanistan clearly won this day, but most of their mines were destroyed.

November 23 The second day ended as a Kazakh victory as now they much closer than before.

November 24 The bloodiest of the three day battle happened after Kazakhstan lost much of its airforce. Afghan helicopters aimed for the densest ares of the crowd while a few Afghan fighter aircraft come and bombs areas with tanks. This causes them to retreat so the go back to Gardez only to find out many of the men there had received guns from an Afghan transport plane and are being lead by new Major General Ishmael. Stopping them forcing to retreat elsewhere.

November 25 Afghan forces refuses to let them escape and eventually cut them off near the Salt lake. They have no choice, but surrender. Afghanistan also allocates 250 million of liquidated federal reserves to have a more formidable cyber warfare capabilities.

November 30 Afghanistan breaks through Kazakh cyber defenses and once again downs it

December 19 A treaty is sent to Kazakhstan to consider done by the epic diplomat Mr. Almighty(leave your response in the comments. I can live with being revised. If you deny it I will put a bunch of mines around Kabul along with aircraft, soldiers, and tanks).
1. The war will be over(obviously)
2. Kazakhstan will pay 1 billion in repairs(that is lenient)
3. Afghanistan will help repair Kazakhstan cyberspace.
4. Afghanistan will get to keep the Avicenna, but will no longer sink merchant ships.
5.Besides the previous points it will end up as status quo ante.(Latin for the state before the war.)

December 21 (In case you deny it) Until Kwanzaa ends, a cease fire is signed.
Debate Round No. 4


Thank you for a good debate.
December 22nd Kazakh Parliament formally receives the proposed treaty.
December 23rd Kazakh Parliament votes 100-97 to accept the treaty, the treaty now ends to the District Representatives.
December 25th Kazakh Christians mark Christmas, and encourage both sides with hymns and prayers for both sides. Pope Francis calls for the truce to last longer, or for Kazakhstan to sign the treaty
December 26th After many hours of fierce debate, the District Representatives vote 20-18 at 11:34 pm local time to pass the treaty forward to the Prime Minister for final approval and forwarding to the president.
December 27th The ceasefire expires and fierce fighting erupts once more. 111 Kazakh soldiers and 69 Afghani soldiers are killed.
December 28th The PM of Kazakhstan says the treaty signing will take place in Jalabad, not Kabul and forwards amended treaty to the president
December 29th Kazakh troops while waiting for the president's word on the treaty assault the outskirts of Kabul
January 1st 2016-On New Year's Day the Kazakh President signals approval of the treaty: Afghani President Ghani will meet him in Jalabad to sign the treaty.

I want to thank my friend for the debate


January 1 A three day cease fire is signed just in case the treaty doesn't go through. While much of the Afghan administration seems to be present. After hours of negotiations they agree on having it at status quo ante. They only difference is that now Afghanistan is seen as a strong nation for taking on the originally perceived mighty Kazakhstan. Relations between the two counties begin to improve making this actually accomplishing something. This being New Years day now has something else to celebrate. Peace between two nations after a bloody war. Afghanistan makes this as a national holiday.

January 3 Afghanistan and Kazakhstan begin major reconstruction. With the new Mi-24 from Russia Afghanistan begins producing them to their best abilities to help defend in future wars. Afghanistan with all these factories being built is creating many jobs which causes unemployment to decrease.

January 4 The epic diplomat Mr. Almighty bids farewell to Afghanistan.

January 1 (2017) Afghanistan celebrates the 1 year anniversary of peace.

Thank you for a good debate my friend. At round 4 initially I thought I may be a bit screwed. You are pretty good, thank you for a great war debate my friend!
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by greatkitteh 3 years ago
I still cant vote because Guam isnt regconzied as a country, and sadly my computer doesn't know my minor pacific island ;(
Posted by Russia_The_almighty 3 years ago
@Tejretics Even if the war ended with Status quo ante bellum, Afghanistan still held off the invasion.
Posted by tejretics 3 years ago
If you're shutting down entire cyber systems, using Trojans is a waste of cyber-constructs and warfare. If you're just shutting down, use viruses. Trojans are used when you want to shut down *individual* systems or hack into the systems so that you intercept the information, e.g. shutting down venting systems of nuclear power plants.
Posted by Russia_The_almighty 3 years ago
War ends with status quo ante. I guess its up to the voters to see who really won.
Posted by Kylar 3 years ago
Reasonable enough by me
Posted by Russia_The_almighty 3 years ago
Did you mean Kandahar? I can only find that on an Afghan map. If you want me to demilitarize two Afghan cities, here's my rebuttal. No, Afghanistan did not fight this war to kill a few ten thousands and to have two demilitarized cities. I would do status quo ante. The original treaty was lenient like Lincoln's ten percent plan, but now it seems like it is Johnson's even more lenient plan.
Posted by Kylar 3 years ago
type in afghanistan map, and look in images you will find a map that has it
Posted by Russia_The_almighty 3 years ago
I can't find Kedar, all I find is this place from the bible.
Posted by Kylar 3 years ago
Treaty proposal:
1. Gandahar and Kedar become demilitarized zones
2. Jalabad hosts the signing of the treaty
Posted by Gabe1e 3 years ago
RTA is killin' it.
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Who had better conduct:Vote Checkmark--1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:Vote Checkmark--3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:40 
Reasons for voting decision: Both sides fought well, But Con attacked Kazahstan, Which is a violation of the rules. Con Was only allowed to defend
Vote Placed by tejretics 3 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:--Vote Checkmark3 points
Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:00 
Reasons for voting decision: War ends in status quo ante bellum. Neither side was very specific on who was invading or defending, and both sides seemed to do both. Con began an *invasion* in R1, thus if Con is the invader (please clarify), this would be a violation of Rule 6 and conduct would go to Pro.