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AP Human Geography is harder than AP US History

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Started: 10/22/2011 Category: Education
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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You have to memorize and learn all sorts of things about the whole world and take amp tests on every continent. In US history, you have to just learn about the US and some occasional ties to other countries


Hello, and thank you for the debate. I will be arguing the point that AP Human Geography is not harder than AP US History. As further clarification, I will NOT be arguing the point that AP US History is harder than AP Human Geography, but that there are so many factors involved in difficulty that you can not objectively state that one is more challenging than the other.

I look forward to your first actual argument in Round 2.
Debate Round No. 1


This is my second debate since I have joined this website and I am really looking forward to debating with you! I must agree that your comment "It depends on the teacher above all" is fairly accurate, but not in some cases. While the teacher may make it seem easier by making it fun so you will push yourself to do your best for the teacher, It still remains that the material is still harder. The teacher can make the subject fun or boring, but they cant take material away so it will be easier to learn.

My first piece of evidence on my part is as follows,
In AP Human Geography, you will be assigned map tests on each continent and be asked to be able to label every country accurately (depending on your teacher, but most will.) You must also study various topics pertaining to regions around the world. There will be folk culture talking about regions on the other side of the world that preserve traditions while they will also include the whole world in popular culture.

My second piece of evidence is as follows,
In AP US History, The name is explaining itself. The study of US History is just learning about the US History and with some occasional ties to other countries because they were tied into the US History. AP US History will explain about past battles, presidents and ther speeches, the constitution and the amendments and so on.


I would like to take a moment and thank my opponent for his quick response.

Although my opponent presented two pieces of evidence, he did not draw a conclusion based upon them. He merely provided a description of the course of AP Human Geography (hereafter referred to as APHG) and a description of the course of AP United States History (hereafter referred to as APUSH). I will assume my opponent is using these descriptions as evidence that one curriculum is more difficult than the other. This is a faulty claim; no course can be objectively defined as more challenging because of the many factors and variables in determining a student's success in the course. I will define many of the factors invovled and explain how they can vary from student to student in terms of their success.

Different students have different learning methods.[1] Teachers are often much harder than other teachers; for example, one teacher may give lots of extra credit while another is strict in their grading.[2] Thus, a very lenient teacher for APHG may allow for an easy course, while a very strict, serious teacher of APUSH may cause a lazy student to fail the course. The effectiveness of the course depends on the teacher's style.[3]

What one student may find an easy course that takes no work, another student may find challenging.[4] So, although the teacher may have a great style that really captures the students' attention, his/her coursework may also affect the student's success in that course. Again, if a student excels in APHG with little to no coursework, the student may feel extremely stressed with lots of APUSH homework, not even taking into account the teacher.

Student himself
Work ethic, responsibility, intelligence, efficiency, etc., are all factors that the student himself can alter.[5] Again, using the example of APHG and APUSH, one student may pass both courses with ease and laziness, whereas one student may fail both courses with good work ethic and responsibility.

You cannot objectively state that one course is easier or harder than another, because of all the variables involved in a learning environment. The teacher, the amount of coursework, and the student's abilities are all factors invovled in success at a course.

Debate Round No. 2


renji_abarai forfeited this round.


It was nice debating with you. Thanks for the debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Nur-Ab-Sal 6 years ago
Alright, I accepted. Let's see.
Posted by Nur-Ab-Sal 6 years ago
Depends on the teacher above all…
Posted by visini 6 years ago
I really don't see the point in this debate. It all depends on the person. I mean I am good in Geography, German, Math, Chemistry, but I am not so good in English. It is all up to the specific person, so I really don't see how there can be a winner or loser to this debate. But I will see who will accept this.
Posted by imabench 6 years ago
I aced AP US History so I would like to see the Con's argument
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