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Aaron Rodgers is a better quarterback than Tom Brady

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Started: 11/7/2016 Category: Sports
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Aaron Rodgers is a better quarterback than Tom Brady. Tom Brady is not only on a team known for cheating but he is not a very good man himself. The Patriots have way better wide receivers than Green Bay but somehow Aaron Rodgers still manages to get multiple touchdowns per game. He has pulled off more miracles than any other quarterback in the NFL. Tom Brady has great timing but he also has a better line to protect him. Aaron Rodgers uses the little bit of time that he has to get things done. Yes, I agree Tom Brady seems to be amazing. But, when we really look into it, Green Bay has the slowest wide receivers in the whole NFL . Aaron Rodgers in known for his hail marys, which are extremely hard to pull off (not including the fact that the wide receivers are slow). He looks and he throws, timing and accuracy perfectly. Whereas Tom Brady has fast wide receivers and is not known for anything special. He should be more impressive ,in my opinion, to be considered the top five quarterbacks in the NFL. Keep in mind I am not even a Green Bay fan.


I personally despise Tom Brady being a Jets fan but some of the things in here are nonsense. No matter who plays for the patriots they are good every year. Aaron rodgers does not have the slowest wide receivers in the nfl. The data that you are referrring to is from last year and it states that Green Bay has the 26th slowest top 3 receivers. But who cares, speed is not relevant if the players cannot catch. And Brady releases the ball before the receivers on his team even have a chance to get deep. (Brady has a 2.01 second catch to release the fastest in the NFL) . I would like to know who are these speed demons that the Patriots have are because their best pass catcher Gronk is really not that fast he is big and he catches the ball. And the patriots second most yards so far this year belongs to another tight end Martellus Bennett ran a 4.68 which is slower than all of the packers starting receivers. Tom Brady is right now the best quarterback in the NFL I do not see how you can deny that. And the Patriots offensive line is nothing to speak of they are injury prone, and at one point last year they were on their 4th string guard. The only thing that Rodgers does better than Brady is move which is really not that important at the qb position.
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Posted by RussellMania741 1 year ago
Well that depends. If you hand Tom Brady a ball that's deflated,
then he can make anything happen. Im a Bears fan, but have a lot of respect for Roggers.
I hate the Packers, but like Roggers a lot. If he was on a team like the Patriots, he would have as many Super Bowls as Tom Brady and he wouldnt even need to deflate the football.

I think its going to be hard to argue that Roggers is better then Tom Brady. You can argue that if Tom Brady got caught cheating once, then their is no telling how many times he cheated; Now you have to convience people and prove that he did cheated. Didnt The coach cheat once before like 5 to 7 years ago. The coach was filming other teams practices.
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