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Started: 11/19/2013 Category: Philosophy
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The bible says "Thou shall not murder"
Does killing unborn children not count???
If your a teen mom and can't afford a baby, don't kill it. THAT IS MURDER. If needed there is a thing called ADOPTION.


In the The Holy Bible in Exodus 20:13 it is stated that "thou shall not murder"[3]. While it is true that murder is wrong whether you are religious or not, our legal system is not a theocracy and thus not based on religion or the bible, assuming that you are not living in a theocracy.

When it comes to birthing a baby and putting it up for an adoption instead of terminating it whether you are a teenaged girl or a mother, this is completely situational. Many women are in different situations including economic and social reasons. Economically they may not be able to afford giving birth since many states and countries charge people for giving birth[4]. This is not including food, car seats, daycare, and the countless other requirements an infant has. A birth can cost thousands of dollars, which many women could not afford and would go into large amounts of debt to do so. Socially a teenaged girl may not want her family or friends to know that she has gotten pregnant, or comes from a family that are strong anti-abortion thus making her keep it from fear of judgement and being disowned. Of course this is situational, but it is still an issue that scares many young women into getting or not getting abortions.

Doctors who perform abortions say that the best time to get a surgical abortion is within the first 8 and 12 weeks of pregnancy [1] where during this time period the fetus is incapable of feeling pain. A fetus being able to feel pain is a terrible thought when it comes to abortion, but according to the Journal of the American Medical Association the fetus does not feel pain until at least 24 weeks[2] during the late stages of the second trimester of pregnancy and early stages of the 3rd trimester. It is important to note that 3rd trimester and late 2nd trimester abortions are looked down upon and in many countries and states are illegal by this point, thus most abortions are within the first twelve weeks of pregnancy where the fetus is neither viable nor can feel pain.

To kill a baby would be murder, but in the case of terminating a pregnancy an abortion is terminating a pregnancy by getting rid of the fetus. An unborn fetus is not a baby, but a fetus[5][6][7].

Debate Round No. 1


1st Lover_of_life isn't a good name for you
2nd we may not live in a theocracy in the US, but the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE says "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal (no matter how old you are -1 to 200), that they are endowed by their Creator with certain UNALIENABLE rights, that among these are LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."
3rd Abortion offends God
4th 52 million fetuses have been killed in the last 40 years! That's 1 baby every 20 seconds!
5th in any medical textbook it will say that life begins when a woman's egg is fused with a man's contribution
6th 347 women have been killed by legal abortion since 1973
7th I'm sure that if you are human that you were a baby once
8th the number of American babies killed each year is roughly equal to the number of US military deaths that have occurred in all of the wars that the United States has been involved in combined.
9th 86 percent of abortions are done for convenience
10th the cost of birth should go down
The Declaration of Independence


1. You stated that my name is not a good name, which is not part of the debate. My name refers to my personal love of life that I share with my friends and family, but this is not related to the argument.
2. The Declaration of Independence is not a list of rules or laws that are to be followed, but a list of grievances spelled out to King George III. The Forefathers understood and acknowledged this and ignored the Declaration when they created the Articles of Confederation in 1783 and the Constitution in 1789. Since King George has since passed, who the Declaration was for, just stands as a reminder of that time period and what the United States originally stood for.
3. Religion is not part of the United States legal system, therefore its use to argue for a cause in the United States or any other secular country is invalid.
4. As terrible as that is, it's entirely circumstantial. We do not know how many of those were needed due to medical issues, for economic reasons, or any other reason.
5. Life is defined as the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death. A fetus is not and will never be capable of reproduction and a fetus is not capable of functional activity (the task or act that allows one to meet the demands of the environment and daily life) since it is entirely reliant on the mother.
6. While it is true that women die from legal abortions, it should be noted that as many as 5,000 women die every year from illegal abortions in the United States and the death rate for abortions is 0.6 per 100,000 procedures[1].
7. I have been through every stage of life up to young adult, I do not see how this is relevant.
8. A baby is an infant which has been born, a fetus is a fetus until it is birthed.
9. Abortions done for convenience are entirely situation, ranging from a lack of wanting a child to dying if a women does not get an abortion, to rape victims, to women who cannot afford to take care of the baby and do not want to bring it into a world of poverty.
10. The cost of birth should go down or be free, but unfortunately it costs thousands of dollars in the United States and is not going down anytime soon.

Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by janetsanders733 3 years ago
@LoverofLife, I was wondering if you could elaborate a little bit on your position that "Thall shall not murder" is a theocracy. Yes Israel was ruled by a theocracy(God). But, "Thall shall not murder" is the moral law not civil. Moral law comes from God. The moral law (Ten Commandments) is written on everybody's heart.
Posted by Lover_Of_Life 3 years ago
Sure, lets debate!
Posted by tikiman7771 3 years ago
i really need another round. Want another debate @lover_of_life?
Posted by paigemsc2014 3 years ago
Abortion is wrong. Although there are some circumstances that people do not want to deal with whether it be money, rape, etc, it is still wrong to do. When there are people striving to have a baby and cannot, they have a chance to have a child they love and care for.
Posted by tikiman7771 3 years ago
cmon @lover_of_life respond or forfiet
Posted by tikiman7771 3 years ago
Thanks for the help @devin.cooper64 I will have to do some more research
Posted by devin.cooper64 3 years ago
Altough im against abortion...

Your opinions are half baked, under developed, and so on, most people can't afford to give birth to the child, medical bills are expensive, freaking expensive. Abortion may have a price behind it, but its cheaper and less time consuming than medical bills and getting all the legal way for adoption done.

Adding to that, religion card doesnt work when the people who do aboritons usually DONT believe in him.

Ill just say this, if any accepts, youre going to get torn apart.
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Reasons for voting decision: CON insulted PRO while PRO was respectful and polite, so conduct goes to PRO. PRO dismantled CON's arguments about religion and countered his other sources. Though CON didn't have another chance to respond, PRO still supported his own arguments with sources and did a better job defending them. Arguments and sources go to PRO.
Vote Placed by dtaylor971 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: CON lost his cool on the lover of life thing. He did not make good arguments and failed to include as many links as PRO. He also made a few spelling mistakes. PRO is the winner all around.