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Abortion Is Murder.

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Started: 10/25/2016 Category: Health
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Abortion is murder because it is scientifically proven that life begins at conception. So why then, is it okay to viciously murder a child in the womb? Simple, it isn't. Some may say that it's all about giving women the right to choose (ahem, Hillary Clinton, anyone?), but if the mothers of those women "had the right to choose", then they wouldn't even be alive. It has also been scientifically proven that a fetus can feel pain early in the pregnancy. If something can feel pain, that qualifies it as living, and taking a life is murder, which is illegal, at least according to federal law. So what are you, Pro-Life, or Pro-Murder?


While you state that it is, in fact, true that life begins at conception, there are many people, and it is tacitly expressed through legal documentation that life actually begins after birth. I am not Pro-Choice or Pro-Life, I am just stating that you are being presumptive and, possibly, a bit dramatic stating that abortion consists of "viciously murdering a child". I believe that many people adopt a Pro-Choice procedure to spare misery whether it be caused by finances, lack of responsibility, etc. It's stated from that pain is felt after 8+ weeks of conception during an abortion, therefore it is preventative. Personally, I prefer that my mother had undertaken the procedure for me because she was supposedly extremely negligent; not to mention, to spare me a lifetime of living in unforeseen circumstances. But I digress, and I am merely expressing my disagreement with the establishment by stating that; impertinent.
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Posted by marctjester 11 months ago
It's stated from that pain is felt after 8+ weeks of conception during an abortion, therefore it is preventative.
Posted by marctjester 1 year ago
The definition of murder has a moral aspect. In that, the morality of abortion being immoral is inconclusive. You and I can express our opinions that it is murder, immoral, but it doesn't make it factual.
Posted by Jenae.ross 1 year ago
I agree with the PRO side. Abortion is murder. Nothing more. Nothing less. End of story.
Posted by marctjester 1 year ago
Furthermore, i do not support prochoice over prolife. i believe both to be circumstantially defensible. The morality of this subject isn't conclusive. My argument was to only prove that the argument of the instigator's had no factual basis, despite her claims that aren't determinable facts.
Posted by marctjester 1 year ago
No, I said there are many people that believe that life truly begins after birth or that it is culturally implied. I made it clear that I am neither Pro-choice nor Pro-life, but that the instigator is being presumptive.
Posted by RepublicanForLIfe 1 year ago
My point is that some animals are protected by law, while humans are not. And it's not pure nonsense. A baby is baby from the moment of conception. It's alive, its needs warmth, if it weren't alive, why would anyone tell someone that they're pregnant if it meant that they just had a clump of cells inside of them. Why would it be exiting? It's exciting because it's a human not just a random clump of cells.
Posted by vi_spex 1 year ago
pure non sense republican
Posted by vi_spex 1 year ago
killing an egg before it becomes a chicken, is not killing a chicken
Posted by RepublicanForLIfe 1 year ago
CON, You said that life begins AFTER birth? So when the baby is kicking and moving inside the mother's womb, and there is a heartbeat, this is not alive? Why don't we give humans more respect as animals? Piping plover eggs, loggerhead sea turtle eggs, and humpback chub eggs are all protected by federal law. A human baby is not. According to your logic, all the eggs can be killed because there is no life in them. This is untrue. Why do animals protect their eggs? Keep them warm? Because they are alive! Same with humans. We protect babies because they are alive long before birth.
Posted by vi_spex 1 year ago
an unborn chicken has no concept of death
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