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Abortion Rap Battle

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Started: 5/18/2015 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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3 Round rap batle about Abortion.

Pro goes first (you) but can't rap in last round or forfeits the debate.


What do you want picking this fight with me?
I'll tear you apart till you bend on one knee
An' acknowledge my wisdom, delivered to thee
Dropped from on high like the fruit from a tree.

Pro life or pro choice, give women the voice!
Or are you the sort that thinks better of boys?
You see girls as bitches, is that what this is?
'Cos I ain't got time for that absolute shizz!

The reason you don't like the girls that you know
And treat 'em as ovens for your seed to grow
Is because you're a pimp and you'll go with the pro
Once you have crushed 'em and branded 'em "ho".

Time to grow up, little boy, and to meet
A woman who won't let you suck on her teet
But if you can prove that you're manly (a feat!)
She may want your children, hey that'd be neat!

Women you see who are strong and upright
Do they give your boyhood a bit of a fright?
What does that say of your manhood; your might?
So where do you think, then, that you get the right

To tell a good woman just what she must do
She might want your kid if she really loves you
But just 'cos you drugged her and filled her with goo
Does not make you worthy of having a boo.

Yeah, just 'cos you drugged her and filled her with goo
Does not make you worthy of having a boo.
Debate Round No. 1


Le I don't wanna fight with you,
I just wanna write the truth,
I just wanna convey and do,
Rap like Bruce Lee did Kung Fu,
Abortion may be good in you're view,
But in mine it's a disease contagious like the flu.

"Oh Maggie's pregnant and she don't want it",
"Oh there's a problem, those shouldn't be confronted",
"I told her baby's matter, that here memories will be haunted",
"Don't bother she's abortin' it, your advice is unwanted."
"She get raped, they filmed it on tape."
"I know I'm the one who raped her, you shoulda seen her holes gape."

This is the society we live in nowadays,
A world where most support abortion and nobody prays,
A world where a fetus has less right to live than one who rapes,
A world where the weak get preyed on and morality's a maze,
In the old times, what was right was right,
Nowadays saying something's wrong is a fight,
"It's wrong to kill a baby" "pfft, yeah right!",
"We're 14 and getting drunk as F*** tonight."
"OMG let's all get high as a kite"
"Young wild and free, what a delight."

The fact is killing a fetus is wrong,
Life's a tough journey, you gotta be strong,
If you get raped, put on your mask and cape,
Fight crime, send em' to prison it wasn't a mistake,
Don't sympathize with 'em, you're not a victim of fate,
Rape is is disgusting but so is being a whore,
Human trafficking is sickening to the core,
I am not a pimp and I f***ing abhor,
The fact that you said I was that and more,
You know nothing about me so count to four,
I'll kill your Satanic a** at three, f*** the law.

You nihilistic wannabe philosophy freshman,
Start dealing with abortion and stop begging the question,
"It's wrong because it's tiny" "wrong because it's a blob",
What's really wrong is that night your mom didn't give dad a blowjob,
Instead she took him in her, took in his cum like dinner,
Nomnomnom, her body said, well not so much her liver,
You know what I find funny about you sickos with your porn?
About your wanking pro-choicers who keep blowing Satan's horn?
Every single one of you retards has already been born.

So instead of saying I support female slavery,
Instead of ad hominem attacks that all fail on me,
Why don't you whitch what f*ck you say to me,
The only thing I support os morals and bravery.


I don't want to fight you but I will if I have to
Fight the good fight, now I'm coming right at you
Spittin' ice that is cold but it sticks like a glue
Now I'll teach you to see what is false and what's true

You seem to think that rape victims are sick
And deserve the abuse that they get from such pricks
As you claim every dumb Tom, Harry and Dick
Would be oh so quick to turn such a trick

But two things you've missed in your hurry to judge,
Two ways we can see that your words are just fudge:
1 Rape victims are victims, we shouldn't begrudge
If they don't want to carry, it's not up to us.

2 Your idea that most people're totally f***ed
Just shows your philosophy totally sucks
You're projecting your own completely corrupt
Internal ideas that could never instruct.

But you've got the key that will save the day
Or at least that is what you are seeming to say
You think that the answer is simply to pray
As if that could wash the problem away!


Who you gonna pray to, pray do tell...
How you gonna save you from His hell?
Who you gonna pray to, pray do tell...
How you gonna save you from His hell?


I really hate to do it 'cos the book is just grimy
But I got to show ya your religion's freakin' slimy
I gotta quote the book to show just how it stymies
Any moral thinking through its constant whining:

Open Deuteronomy, chapter twenty two
Listen to how your LORD God commmands you:
Verses twenty two through twenty four do
Tell you quite clearly what you must do:

"Torture rape victims to death" says the Lord
"Don't you dare put those c**ts to the sword!
Torture them, stone them, I won't be ignored!
Torture rape victims 'cos I AM THE LORD"!

You think that the problem of rape can be mended
By praying to this ancient, Bronze Age, demented
Notion of God that has clearly been bended
By folk't think wives should breed for you or... be... dead?

I don't think you've any idea what a monster
Yahweh, the Lord God, Elohim, that imposter
Is, nor how wicked the ideas that He fosters
He's the ultimate gangster, despicable mobster!

So bear with me now as I show you his best,
And then you can say if you, like the rest,
Will still bow your knee to his evil behest
As "every mouth shall Him confess".


Exodus 34, 14 to 26 [1] - God lays down the real 10 commandments
Verse nineteen: The first offspring of every womb belongs to me. Redeem all your firstborn sons.

Ezekiel 20:25-26 [2]
So I gave them other statutes that were not good and laws through which they could not live; I defiled them through their gifts—the sacrifice of every firstborn—that I might fill them with horror so they would know that I am the Lord.

Yes, that's right, people of Abrahamic faiths: The LORD demanded that all people sacrifice their first-born sons - and then virtually laughed about how he made this wicked commandment that people might know that HE is THE LORD.


Well, okay, now, getting back to my flow:
If you wanna be slave to this sick mofo
Be my guest, yo, I can't stop you, no, mo
But I want you to know I won't go that low

And I want you to see that your arguments blow
Your claim as to morals you biblically know
Are nothing but trash and Bronze Age bravado
Get with the times you sick, dumb mo fo!

If you really think that the bible is best
I bet you ain't read it! I know, I'll test...
Do you know what your words that are blessed
Say on abortion, you theistic pest?

Read Numbers 5, sixteen - twenty eight [3]
Read it and weep, you stupid troll bait
Now can you see and read straight?
God loves abortions, so why do you hate?

Now we've cleared that ancient dribbling,
Maybe we'll spot your moral fibbing,
And maybe now we'll get a sprinkling
Of common sense and moral thinking!

You see suff'ring's the stick that we should now use
When between moral options we find we must choose
And whilst you may think that you love all the boos
At one week or two they can't have the blues!

If a zygote, morula or blastocyst cries
Then maybe your stupid argument flies
But if something with no brain ups and dies
Why the moral outrage and the lies?

A collection of thousands of cells cannot be
A human being in reality!
And you've no right to claim in your see
That some magic spirit is there, how likely?

So why should a woman be forced to full term
For the rights of some cells that are bare passed a germ
Because some foul maggot, some slithering worm
Drugged her and raped her, you still hold firm?

Debate Round No. 2


In a rap debate, sources are irrelevant and shouldn't be vote on.

Round 1 this guy insists I'm fighting,
Round 2 his he desists this writing,
What is it exactly he's inviting?
A world where it's psychopaths we're delighting.

I never said rape victims are sick,
Whatever you say or think I did,
You're spitting ice, what I spit is toxic,
I evaporate your iceberg of bullsh**,
'Cause the lava I'm eruptin' is catastrophic.

First of all I wanna make it clear,
I want the punishment of all rapists to be severe,
I loathe rape with a passion, it's me that rapists should fear,
For it's not them who'd end in prison once I hunted them down like deer.

I'm not saying that abusing someone for your pleasure,
Breaking rules, taking every measure,
To make them get impregnated while you make them say 'yes sir',
Is okay but at the same time I seek to destroy peer pressure,
The one that makes any rape victim get told "you should abort it",
The one that things suggesting an abortion helps rape victims get supported,
The nightmare of the rape will haunt them, it's not the fetus' fault it's...
That baby maybe the only good thing that could come from it all.

I'm rather curious why Pro keeps resorting to rape,
'Rape this', 'Rape that' like a broken tape,
What about the majority of abortions that are due to 'mistakes',
What about the innocent lives lost for promiscuity's sake?

"Rape victims are victims" "Who are we to judge?"
Victims of rape are emotional and can't think all that much,
They cry their eyes out every night and get frightened of touch,
The right direction is where you need to give them a gentle nudge,
'Cause most decisions made in haste, where one will not budge,
Are the ones people live to regret, panic makes brains turn to sludge.

A lifeform's a lifeform, a human's a human,
You can try to twist the truth by misconstruin',
Every obvious fact and turning them on their head,
But we'll see how much your wit matters when that baby's dead.

Rape's a severe minority of abortion's that take place,
So stop playing 'rape alert', you should at least try to save face,
You were born and so was I so what a f***ing disgrace,
It is for you to say either of our lives would better off erased.
The fact is one's a zygote's formed, there is no going back,
From that point on you're slaughtering or delivering; that's a fact,
You can try paint white as blue and even gold as black(,
But this aint no meme on the internet unless you smoke crack.

I fin it amusing, this false story you tell,
This fictional tale about how I shall end up in hell,
The outrageous claim that a combination of human DNA cells,
To not combine to form a human; they couldn't form anything else!

Stop spewing your lies, focusing on rape to disguise,
The culture I've grown to despise, humanity's great demise,
It's time to open your eyes, spread something other than thighs,
Operate on hearts and minds rather than our sex drives.


AndyHood forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Babies cry, fetuses die,
Society moves on, doesn't bat an eye,
They worry more about the right to f*** then the right to life,
How about you stop banging hoes and try to keep a wife,
How about we see that everyone deserves to be alive,
How about we not kid's really conscious before they're five,
So the 'conscious' argument is like sticking your hand in a beehive,
It's stupid, self-refuting and does not deserve to thrive.


AndyHood forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by bluesteel 2 years ago
> Reported vote: Brenden-Lawrence // Moderator action: Removed<

7 points to Pro. Reasons for voting decision: k

[*Reason for removal*] Vote bomb.
Posted by AndyHood 2 years ago
Dam, lol :D
You think I might be crossing some lines? I saw the title and I reckon it's gloves off when there's the word "battle" in there :D
Posted by Jasonthecon 2 years ago
dam lol
Posted by AndyHood 2 years ago
Bring it ON ;)
Posted by AndyHood 2 years ago
You've taken Pro but you're saying that the challenger (Pro) has to go first?

I don't get it... and I don't get which side of the debate you're on either (given this first confusion). I'll gladly argue Pro Choice in the form of a rap... or are you already on that side?
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Reasons for voting decision: Forfeiture. Con also had better flow.