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Abortion is a SIN!

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Started: 2/16/2015 Category: Health
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Abortion is a sin, and it shouldn't be legal to get an abortion.
It is pure murder of an innocent person who hasn't even lived before their life is taken away from them.
True Christians should never get an abortion. It is against our religion, it's against our Holy God's words.
If you get an abortion, you're taking things in your own hand, instead of trusting that God will do what has to be done. Instead of trusting God with you life, you're letting the Devil tempt you to think that abortion is the right answer!


Resolvi tomar para mim este debate n"o para dizer que o aborto " a "nica sa"da para uma gravidez indesejada, mas para defender o direito de escolha de cada indiv"duo, principalmente as mulheres que s"o duramente criticadas por n"o levar a gravidez ao fim ou por dizer que n"o vai seguir at" o fim em tal ato.
A religi"o assumi um papel t"o cr"tico em rela""o ao aborto que coloca a pr"pria cren"a de uma determinada pessoa contra ela, ou seja, manipula principalmente o cristianismo.
E o pior de tudo " que o cristianismo promete tudo e n"o realiza nada.
Ser" que uma religi"o como essa merece ter tanta credibilidade?
Debate Round No. 1


Could you please write in English so I have chance to understand your argument?

Since I don't know you argument, I cannot reply to it. But, I will instead continue with my own opinion; that abortion is a sin.

In God's eyes, an unborn child isn't just a collection of tissues or a ball of meat - it is a living human being. Therefore, if you choose to get an abortion, you're killing a Child of God. Life begins at conception! You're murdering an innocent human being.
How can anyone believe that it is okay to do that? There's only one, who's mighty enough to decide whether it should be life or death; and that is our God. Only he can decide. So if you choose to get an abortion, you're pretending you're God, you're taking another persons life in your own hands without the right to do it!


Regarding the previous argument: I decided to accept this debate is not to say that abortion is the only way to output to an unwanted pregnancy, but to defend the right f choice each individual, especially womem who are heavily criticized.
Religion took a very critical role on abortion putting the very belief of a person against itself, ie handles.
And worst of all is that in addition to manipulate, Christianity promises everything and accomplishes nothing is based on uncertainties.
Does a religion like that deservers so much credibility?

Regarding your opinion

1) We're not sure if Good really exise;
2) What if exists, (I believe it does), we can not know what he wants, so i think it would be frivolus to say: "the eyes of God", "only he can decide."
In my design, we can not prove orassert that abortion or anything else is uncertainty based sin. We can say that is inhumane, cruel or something, but do not sin.
Debate Round No. 2


I believe this debate has turned in to a debate about whether God exists or not. I will reply on what you said in your earlier argument, but this was not my intention with this debate.

What do you mean with "Christianity promises everything and accomplished nothing"?
God promises heaven, if you promise to follow him. How can you question that, when you haven't tried it?

To answer your questions/statements.
1) I don't need proof, that my God exist. I only need faith. Real Christians doesn't need proof. Corinthians 5:7 " We live by faith, not by sight". As soon as you let yourself doubt in God, you're turning to the Devil's side. God is strong and mighty; all the things he has ever done, as only led to good things.
But it is a sin to question his words, and his powers. Take a look at Adam and Eve. They had Paradise UNTIL they started questioning God.

2) I assume you're meaning God. The Bible tells us God's point of views. As an example: In Luke chapter 1, verses 36 and 41, the Bible tells us that that Elisabeth conceived a son, and that the baby leaped in her womb. As you can see, God is using the word "baby", not fetus.
No, the word "abortion" is not used in the Bible. But we can deduce from the text, that God is against it.
God says "Life begins at conception". Therefore, an unborn baby is a living human being. Science does not argue this. Science tells us that human life already begins at the time of conception. Because from the moment fertilization takes place, the child's genetic makeup will already be complete.

God says "You shall not kill". As mentioned above, God says that an unborn child is a human being. Therefore, you're killing another human being. You going against the word of God. It is a sin.

If you read the Bible carefully, and you understand the references, read between the lines, you will see, that God is against abortion. It is a sin, to kill a Child of God.


When i accepted this debate my intention was not to direct my arguments for the existence of God or not, at the beginning my goal was to defend the right to choose without so many penalties or judgments by religions. In the course, when you expressed your opinion became clear that his intention was distancing itself from what appeared to be the debate. Perhaps if you had been more objective i would not have accepted, because the course of this, i see that this issue should habe been discussed with a Cristian.
Regarding your question: "How can you ask when you have not tried ?". I answwer you: I question because i've tried, and the more questions result.
Regarding "their claims and arguments ": do not suit me argue, for to do so would be exhausting and unfair, especially when it comes to a Christian who only hears what the whants to hear and see only what you whant to see.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TheMaskedGentlemen 3 years ago
Life does not begin at conception, Life begins at birth, based on the very definition of life.
Posted by Philocat 3 years ago
Agreed. If one accepts a debate concerning sin, it is poor practice to then dispute the actual existence of sin (which is what Con does by disputing the existence of God).
Posted by cwt002 3 years ago
Ya con should have not accepted this debate cause they are not debating the real issue. Maybe the parameters should have been more strict but this is going to turn into a debate concerning the existence of God and not abortion.
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