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Abortion is a benefit to the western world.

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Started: 2/11/2015 Category: Politics
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In the majority of the western world abortion is considered a suitable operation for women who are not able or do not want to bear children. In these countries many people agree with abortion, and, as you can see in the opinion polls of this website more than half of the users also approve of abortion. I am here to argue for the subject of abortion because I also believe that it is a suitable method for unfortunate women who do not and do not deserve want a pregnancy.


How can you say it an benefit?
Everybody know that abortion means killing.
As the basic lesson about soul that this action influence the bad habit.
The actor of abortion i believe will get used to kill otherbsubject and won't feel guilty.
Debate Round No. 1


I can say it is a benefit because I believe it benefits the western world ,by which I mean the EU and the USA and other fully developed countries, because it helps women who would not be able to provide for a child and it also helps women who have been raped. For example; in the U.S, 1.04 million abortions were conducted in 2012 according to a survey conducted by the Guttmacher Institute in 2014. The amount of births recorded that year (2012) was 3.95 million.
As you can see by these figures, women do exercise their right to abortion and do so with the intent of securing themselves with a better life until they are ready to become mothers.
Are you able to provide substantial evidence and opinions as to how it is considered killing? The foetus which develops in a mother's womb does not develop a significantly functioning brain until the third trimester which means that its consciousness isn't developed until that time. If you consider abortion killing, I assume you think so because you think you're killing a human being with a conscience, but all legal practices do not perform the procedure after the third trimester which would mean that abortions do not kill conscious humans.

I do not accept your third claim because of the fact that it was not formed in a grammatically correct way.

I do not accept your fourth claim either because it is also not formulated correctly. Please use proper grammar in the future.



Well. Regardless of my grammar, i think i also still study about that. Thank you for reminding me.
And right now, i have brought evidence from reliable web.
From [ ] ,a web that use Indonesian, claim that there are 3 primary reason why abortion is conducted.
1. They do not want to have children, because they afraid if it will disturb their carrier, etc [75 %]
2. There is no any fund or the parent don't able to maintain their baby [66 %]
3. 'Accident' [50%]

Then, this data is also supported by studies (research) from Aida Torres and Jacqueline Sarroch Forrest (1998) who claim that ONLY 1% abortion caused because of raping ,as you said before.
Here, I just want to emphasize that SELFISH is the primary reason doing abortion.

Oke now, abortion seems give solution at first. But, you have to look about effect on psychology or at emotional for who do abortion.
For your information, there symptom associated on the abortion's psychology which is called "Post Abortion Syndrome". The symptoms were also recorded at i "Psychological Reactions Reported After Abortion" in publishing The Post-Abortion Review (1994).
What are the symptoms?
1. Lose self-confident (82%)
2. Cry hysterically (51%)
3. Nightmare about baby (63%)
4. Start using drug (41%)
5. etc

You said the risk above will benefit?
No, Those ruin productive mental human.
The more doing abortion, the more girls' self-confident is ruined.
Debate Round No. 2


First of all; the reliability of your data is questionable because it is so old, second of all; you cannot simply say that selfishness is the primary reason for women getting abortion. If a young woman who is unfit to become a mother has an abortion, she does it because not ready but this does not necessarily mean she is selfish, it just means that she is not ready.

In response to your claim about "Post Abortion Syndrome"; I see that most of the symptoms which you have stated, only seem short-term. A study has even concluded that women who have had abortions have not been affected, psychologically, in the long-term by their operation. The American Psychological Association also concluded, in a summary from the "Koops Report", that abortion did not carry mental health risks and that lack of support after the abortion was the only cause of conflicting feelings.

I still stand by original statement,"Abortion is a benefit to the western world". The reason I believe so is because the legality of abortion gives women, who would be unfit to become mothers, the option to take control of their lives and make their own choice. Another reason why it is a benefit is because; in the western world, if abortion were illegal, many women, who would want abortion, would probably decide on illegal procedures which would cause horrible injuries. this is another reason why abortion is a benefit to the western world.


nataliazianturi forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TBR 2 years ago
@nataliazianturi "Everybody know that abortion means killing.". I would debate that as a question.
Posted by Daniel_Nemes 2 years ago
Abortion is the slaughter of innocent children. You're warped if you think that this action is right.
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