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Abortion is immoral in every trimester

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Started: 8/30/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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I accepted a debate like this before, and found that I was enjoying it, but then my opponent never responded to anything, so I decided to start another one myself. I want to stay away from the topic of it being legal or not, and just focus on its moral value. I hold the position that in every trimester, in the case of a healthy fetus and healthy mom, that abortion is immoral, my opponent must prove that wrong. I have no structure for the debate and I will let my opponent have firsts response for round 1 if they want to, I don't mind.

Good luck and I look forward to a good debate.


Hello and I accept the debate. I want to ask questions:

Why is abortion considered immoral only for a healthy fetus and a healthy mom?

Why is it NOT considered immoral for an unhealthy fetus and an unhealthy mom or unhealthy fetus and healthy mom to have abortion?

Debate Round No. 1


I don't think it is completely moral in any case, I just brought up this specific instance because pro choice people often bring up danger to mom or disability stuff, and I wanted to focus on the most popular type of abortion, with a healthy mom and fetus.


I don't believe abortion is always immoral. Adoption is seen as an alternative but it is not always a good one. In a country with an increasing population, the quality of adoption centres is getting worse.

1) In a country like India, abortion should be an option because the population is heavily increasing and poverty is rising. Couples cannot afford to take care of their children and the government cannot take care of a 1.2 billion population that lives on a $1,497 average annual income [1].

2) Again, I'll bring up a poor and heavily populated country like India. If a woman is raped there and got impregnated, abortion should be an option. Giving it up for adoption can be an option but as population gets higher, quality of anything worsens like adoption centres, schools, hospitals, etc.

3) If the mother is a drug addict and is pregnant, abortion should definitely be an option because the baby will become addicted to drugs and will suffer mentally and physically.

4) If the mother is sick and her health will get poorer if she proceeds to childbirth, do you think she should abort the baby or give birth?


Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by thedynasty139 1 year ago
1% of abortions are a result of rape.
Posted by Samcoder1 1 year ago
The question here is whether human life intrinsically has value, or whether one's ability to experience is what gives life value. If the former is true, then we must prefer torture to death, which is an incredibly cruel stance to take. If the latter is true, then abortion is perfectly moral as the foetus has no ability to experience. The same goes for those who are brain dead. If they cannot experience, then their life has no value.

For those who are shocked by this just consider to yourself: would a life have value if the individual was only capable of suffering? I think the answer of course would be no, or at least not enough to warrant continuing life. Consequently life has value not for its own sake, but for the positive experiences one can feel in life. Given that the nervous system develops later on, the foetus (baby) has no way of experiencing the world around it, and so its life does not have enough value to justify the mothers suffering.
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