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Abortion is morally permissible

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Started: 8/30/2014 Category: Philosophy
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First round is for acceptance.
Second round is for opening statements.
Third round for first rebuttals.
Fourth round for second rebuttals and concluding remarks.

This debate will be centered on the moral issue concerning abortion, so do not bring Roe v. Wade or the law into this discussion. It's about the moral issue only.

Pro will argue that abortion is morally permissible. While Con will argue that abortion is morally wrong. Both Pro and Con share the burden of proof.


I accept this debate, and I hope we each could get insight on each other's side. I wish my opponent good luck, and I am anticipating my opponent's opening argument.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you Guidestone for accpeting this debate. I look forward to our dialogue. (:

Why Killing a Human Fetus is not Wrong

When you kill a fetus, you are not taking away a life that it values. A fetus is not aware of itself and has no desires or interest. It’s impossible to believe that harming a being with no interest could be morally wrong. If we actually believed that harming a being with no interest is wrong, then killing plants and bacteria would also be morally wrong. But of course nobody thinks killing those things is wrong, so why would it be any different for the fetus? What makes killing wrong? Why do we normally think that it’s one of the worse things a person can do? In my view, what makes killing wrong is that it frustrates the desires and plans a being has for the future. Since a fetus cannot have a desire or an interest in continuing to live its life, it can’t be harmed by having its life ended. This is why killing a fetus is not a moral wrong. Now I will run threw some possible objections to this desire view on the wrongness of killing.

1. “Suppose there is a suicidal person who takes no interest in his or her future, would it be wrong to kill them?”

It depends on the situation. If it’s a person with severe depression who has been to therapy, counseling, and has gone through a variety of things to help combat this illness but nevertheless still feels terrible and wishes to die, then yes, it would be morally permissible to kill them. However, this person must be an adult who consents to a lethal injection administered by a physician. Let’s take another scenario. Suppose we have a depressed person who hasn’t gone through any treatment to combat his illness but has a very pessimistic view that he won’t get better. Is it permissible to kill him? No, it’s not. The reason for that is because this person is not able to think rationally due to his depression, and so cannot make a meaningful choice concerning his death. Only when he is well informed about certain treatments and counseling can he be allowed to choose euthanasia.

2. “A person who is asleep does not have a desire to continue living, so under your view it would not be wrong to kill them in their sleep."

This is false. A person who is asleep does have a desire to continue living. When someone is asleep, they still have their same mental states, beliefs, desires, and interest in continued existence retained in their brain. This is also true in times when people are temporally unconscious.

3. “Under this view, infanticide would be morally permissible. Because infants don’t have a desire for continued existence.”

Infanticide would not be morally permissible under this view. This is because once a child is born it no longer threatens the well-being and autonomy of the mother. After birth, the child can be taken away and placed up adoption if the mother doesn’t want it. Killing the infant would be wrong because it would go against the desires of the people willing to take care of it.


In this paper I have argued why killing a human fetus is not morally wrong, and that the interest and desires of the mother to have an abortion should not be ignored so the fetus can use her body to live.



Guidestone forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Me and Con have decided to cancel this debate and start over on a new forum. (:
Debate Round No. 3


Guidestone forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Imalwaysthesmartone 3 years ago
I hope con comes up with a good argument because you are so morally wrong in both your opening statement and your final conclusion. In fact had I just read that without knowing that your debating someone I would have concluded that the writer is morally bankrupt. Good luck Guidestone
Posted by Dookieman 3 years ago
Dude, that is so funny you said that. Because I was actually going to put as one of the rules that we can't argue whether morality is objective or subjective. Arguing about that stuff is so annoying, l0l.
Posted by Imalwaysthesmartone 3 years ago
I'm new here and have been floating around this site but I have a question for you Dookieman. By whos morals will this debate revolve around? If it's your morals wont we have to debate your morals first? My point of the question is if you agree with abortion you will have an entire set of different morals than some one against abortion.
Posted by Geogeer 3 years ago
I'd do it, but it would probably devolve into subjective morality vs objective morality...
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