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Abortion is murder.

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Started: 11/23/2014 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Killing a potential human is murder. Period.

You will quit this site soon, murderers helper.


As to whether abortion is murder, entirely depends on the opinions of those discussing. However you've raised the topic and I will answer. As for your allegation that I will 'quit this site soon', I find that highly doubtful. But for this current debate I ask that you remain polite and on topic if that is possible. Now, as you have not set any standards for this topic. I will begin in round one.

My Argument

Claiming that abortion is always murder, begs the question of what murder is.
The oxford dictionary definition is as follows: "The unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another"

Following this simple definition, and running in counterpoint with your statement of "Killing a potential human is murder. Period." I have to question as to whether a cluster of cells, the blastocyst, in the fallopian tube is a 'human being'. At this stage, this cell cluster has indeed the potential to grow into a fetus, and then a baby. But can you define this series of connected cells a human yet? The chances of it implanting into the womb are slim, slimmer yet that it will grow to full term.

Admittedly, abortion of a blastocyst is highly unlikely due to the extremely early stage in pregnancy. But even after which, can the growing cell count be determined as a human being yet? By lawful standards before 23 weeks. No it cannot.

As for opinion coming into play. You, as previously mentioned, stated "Killing a potential human is murder. Period." I understand that any combination of a healthy ovum and sperm have the 'potential' to become a human. So does that mean every time a woman has a period, or a man masturbates they are committing murder? Does that mean the use of contraception is plain murder? Or because you do not deem them pregnant yet, they are now infallible to your death sentence to these people?

Debate Round No. 1


I screwed this one up, as usual, judging by my record on debates.

Irresponsible parents that do not tech their children the responsibility of creating human life, and look to .gov to govern and pay for their own irresponsibility are murderers.

Good parents raise good children.
It takes 2 parents to raise a child.
Singly parents eff up A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Support marriage.


Sometimes those that get pregnant can take every precaution. No contraceptive is 100% effective, and accidents can happen. There are also the known cases of rape pregnancies, in which they have no control over conceiving. You can look at your ideal examples, but there will always be those that exist outside of them.

Even within your examples. People who are reckless with contraception or parents who simply do not teach their children. Forcing them to bring a pregnancy full term is not the answer. Better education, yes. But not forcing a child upon unprepared and un-wanting parents. It is wrong for the parents with the potential of seriously damaging mental, and physical, health. It is also unfair for the child themselves. They can be born into an environment unready for them, with un-wanting parents who can go as far as to resent them.

To condemn irresponsible parents as murderers is also wrong. Some parents, such as those with unplanned pregnancies that carried them to full term, simply weren't ready to be parents. The pressure of society to avoid abortion however can force them into a corner that is unhealthy for the child. Other parents simply need more help with educating their children.

I've known fantastic parents with awful children. The parental environment matters a lot, but it is not the sole consideration when it comes to a child's upbringing. Whilst marriage is not a factor really in this debate, I will point out that there are amazing parents who are not married. Marriage is not required to stay together.
Debate Round No. 2


From your argument, I must suppose that in your mind all abortions are justified, as you have not cited a case where an abortion was unjust. Jesus was supposed to be aborted by whatever tyrant declared it.

How many potentially great minds have we killed here, under liberal dictation?

We will never know how great the mind could have been of the babe if we offed them.

Many great minds have died in the womb, thanks to abortion.

My next debate, and certainly indisputable.

Keep shooting babies, dillhole.


I'm arguing that having the choice to abort is just and shouldn't be taken away from people. Of course I'm not citing against abortion.

You can say that, but then again how many terrorists, murders, and rapists have been prevented? You can't argue that great minds are sacrificed through abortion without recognizing that the equally harmful may have been aborted.

I think I have said enough, and this debate is starting to clearly get to you, so in conclusion.

Parenthood is not always the right answer. Carrying a child full term is not always the right answer. Adoption is not always the right answer. There are times where the mother simply cannot carry the child for medical reasons. There are times where emotionally continuing the pregnancy can be damaging to both involved. There are times in which hardships will be placed upon a child if carried to full term.

Telling someone they should have carried the pregnancy to full term, or that they are murders for choosing abortion is simply not your place to say. Only the people involved truly have the say in the matter and, as difficult a choice abortion is without the constant stigmatism that comes with it, it is their choice to make.

I wish you the best of luck in the future, and that you might open your eyes to the people around you. Everyone has different opinions. Accept them and the world will be a better place.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Max.Wallace 3 years ago
A "habitual opportunist may ya be then?
Posted by One_Anonymous_Voice 3 years ago
You seem adamant to label me with some form of categorization. I enjoy the current way our system works. If something better comes along, I'll be more than happy to switch.
Posted by Max.Wallace 3 years ago
A Nationalist then?
Posted by One_Anonymous_Voice 3 years ago
I was never taught to debate. I had disagreements, differences of opinion, or just wanted to follow a chain of though with people and came to my own style of debate and discussion. So do not worry that you indoctrinated me by any means.

As for my 'side' of communism or capitalism, whilst I believe it has little no relevance in this discussion, I am a strong advocate for the democratic policies of the UK.
Posted by Max.Wallace 3 years ago
I am not debating, the way you have been taught to. Sorry if I paid taxes to indoctrinate you into the failings of a commutapilaist system. Which side of the coin are you for, anyway, commies or cappies?
Posted by One_Anonymous_Voice 3 years ago
I feel you haven't quite grasped the point of my name. 'One Annonymous Voice'. I'm just that. There's no cult ideology to me, or collective group thinking. These are my opinions, voiced in my way, to my standard.

Others are free to agree or disagree with me, but by no means do I use others words.

You didn't lose this debate because I culminate group thinking. You lost this debate because your argument was weak, lacking in detail or meaning, and far to personally effected.

I wish you the best of luck in future debates.

-One Annonymous Voice
Posted by Max.Wallace 3 years ago
One anonymous voice is the equation for group think, and the evolution of cults. Bring it in your own voice, I will no hurt you.


Posted by One_Anonymous_Voice 3 years ago
Thanks @gomergcc for the vote. With any luck it won't get reported just because someone disagrees with you.
Posted by One_Anonymous_Voice 3 years ago
Did someone seriously report the vote for me? >.>
Posted by Jzyehoshua 3 years ago
Obvious parodist/troll debate attempting to make pro-life supporters look bad.
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