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Abortion is wrong after 6 weeks

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Started: 12/14/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Ah........the decades old argument of abortion...... Abortion is wrong after six weeks. At 5 weeks or a little bit earlier, the fetus has started developing a brain,heart, and spine. These organs takes about 1-3 weeks to fully form (as much as a fetus's brain would form). and soon after has brain activity and heartbeat. It is therefore a living organism and it is obviously a human. Killing other humans is wrong and therefore, abortion at this time is wrong.

(Lets please try to keep this argument in one day)


Hello! Let me just start off by saying I hope we can both get some clean points off.

1. I am a republican
2. I am going to be blunt, you are wrong.
First off, the majority of women only find out they are pregnant about 4 and a half to 5 weeks in the pregnancy. If what you propose would become law, that gives women either, A. No choice but to carry the child. Or B. decide within 3 DAYS whether or not you want to abort the child or not. Also, only at around 20 weeks into the pregnancy can a fetus feel pain.
The deadline I feel for abortion should be around 10 weeks, as this is where the real critical development ends.
Debate Round No. 1


Heartbeat develops at 6 weeks. It is alive and human. Women can find out if they are pregnant sooner than the period you stated. If you are even the slightest bit responsible you would know if its a possibility that you are pregnant and they could check. Even if it has ended critical development, it is alive beforehand. There are people in this world that cannot feel or express pain. We do not just kill them because they cant feel pain. We keep them around because we would feel bad because they are human also. Wouldn't that be considered wrong? Vegetables (people paralyzed from birth) especially the ones that cant even communicate cant do anything just like the non fully formed baby. Do we kill them just because we do not want them? No. ( not in this society or this time period). As long as it is alive and human, it is wrong. That is something that is believed commonly among society but they do not think of this circumstance.


In all technicality, the child is alive at conception as it is a living cell for the first half hour of it's life. So with your argument and logic, abortions should be completely illegal. Should it not? Even with birth control, there is a chance that the woman will become pregnant anyways. So even with responsible people, it could happen. As I said, most people find out they're pregnant during that timeframe. For most people taking the precautions, they would not feel they need to check because of protection.

I feel your whole argument is based on a moral argument and is totally subjective. If you are in extreme poverty and you find out you are pregnant, would you want to carry on with the pregnancy? If carrying the child threatens your life, would you do it? If the child would have some abnormality and would have a bad chance of living a happy life, would you do it? With the timeframe that you have proposed,(and unfortunately, heard in Ohio,) People would have to make one of the biggest choices in their entire lives, in just a few short days.

Back to your,"alive and human," point. Let me ask you, do you believe in the death penalty? Do you think that is wrong? Your whole argument is subjective. But you have to think of the circumstances or the reasons why people seek abortion.
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Posted by TheCon 1 year ago
If we are going down to core biology its pretty simple, anything with growth (mitosis) is considered living. Rocks simply do not go through cell division and grow in size through mitosis. Embryo's do however, simple biology. Analogy for you: say you are the mother, and someone asks you if you are pregnant, your test is positive. Well you would say yes, by saying that it means that in 9 months you are to naturally have a child. Now with present day unnatural and unethical to some procedures you can end the process of growth. But cutting to the core of it, you simply have a life growing within you.
Posted by John_C_1812 1 year ago
By the way Gender Specific Amputation does not break the Hippocratic Oath like abortion.
Posted by John_C_1812 1 year ago
I argue abortion is a confession to a crime so it would make no difference. The real argument at the least is still are woman, friends, and families being asked to sign a confession to a crime in order to receive licensed emergency medical treatment.
Posted by Anon1984 1 year ago
I would argue that abortion is wrong right after conception. Not sure if that position allows me take the proper stance you are seeking in this debate. If this position is acceptable to your topic, in your view, let me know and I will accept the debate. But I have a feeling your expecting someone to take the position that an abortion isn't wrong later than 6 weeks when I would argue it's wrong even at or before 6 weeks. Let me know.
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