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Abortion - no gray area

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Started: 8/10/2013 Category: Politics
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Many people ride the fence on hot topics. Doing so never makes sense. Nowhere as much as in the issue of abortion. There can certainly be no gray area between being a living being or not.

So why is it that so many people are against abortion, except in cases of rape or incest? (How incest isn't rape I dunno but anyway) It's still a living being, right? If that is what you believe, is it the living being's fault how it was conceived? If not than it is infanticide!

I believe that this proves abortion is more about women than their "unborn children". If you sympathize with her and say yes go ahead and do it, it's not murder. But if she is doing it for reasons you don't understand because you are not in her shoes, then it's murder. Is the definition of what she is doing contingent on your personal opinion? Do you decide life and death?

Women have always been held up to higher moral standards than men. While at the same time been considered far less moral than them. How convenient. Another topic, but I had to throw that in here for some reason.

Point is, don't feel sorry for victims of rape (and incest) or whatever situation if you are lingering more towards the Pro-Life stance. Feel no sympathy for the woman whatsoever the circumstances. Either you will allow her to do it or you won't. Either it's alive or it's not. I am obviously Pro-Choice, but I say to everyone, have some integrity and pick a side.


I accept.

To clarify my opponent will be arguing that abortion is a social issue with no gray area and that an individual should be able to easily make up their mind on the issue. I will be arguing that abortion is a social issue with gray area and that an individual may be justly indecisive on the issue.

First off, the very fact that there is so much controversy on abortion already makes it a gray issue, since both sides can easily lean either way.

My main argument is short and sweet:

The reason abortion is a gray issue, and controversial topic is because its main point of controversy is on the value of human life. Now, because there is no objective value to the life of a human, we cannot truly say whether abortion is justified or not, especially if that life is not even self aware.

What makes abortion a gray issue is that each individual person must decide for themselves is human life valuable? Is human life valuable even if it is not self-aware? Is the value of a human being of more importance than the choice of a mother? What about the life of the mother? All of these questions are questions that have no objective answer to, and are questions that each human must decide on their own.

Therefore, abortion is a gray issue topic.

Now my opponent attempts to make this subject a very simple and non-sensitive one through this:

“Either you will allow her to do it (have an abortion) or you won't. Either it's (the fetus/Zygote) alive or it's not.”

Well obviously it’s not as simple as that. Before one can decide whether we allow her to have an abortion or not, we must first decide what the value of human life is, and if it is morally justifiable to kill a human being that isn’t self-aware for the ease of the mother.

It has already been scientifically determined that human life begins at conception and there is no controversy or gray area on that.

There is n controversy over whether the fetus or zygote are living or not, the controversy comes in on whether a human being at such an early stage of life, is held up to the same moral standards as a developed human.

In fact, all in all abortion is that of a moral issue. Moral issues are the most gray area issues of them all, because arguably morality may be of a subjective nature, or even if morality is objective, not everyone will hold that sense of morality themselves.

Thank you, I await your response.

Debate Round No. 1


Good points, but I still maintain that when you are using the word "murder" or "infanticide" there can be no "well it would have been murder if she hadn't of been raped."

There is no gray area for the woman who walks into the abortion clinic, or the woman who gives birth. They see it as one or the other.

And the one thing that gets me about the gray area is it seems to be contingent on other people's sympathy for the woman. That does not seem fair, as they are not in her shoes. Neither does it make logical sense to me. A pregnant woman who was raped is pregnant with the same form of life as the woman who was not. It's either a form of life where it's removal means murder, or not.

I say, pick and choose. Pro-Life, Pro-Choice. No Pro-Wellguesso. I respect either side. I don't respect the middle.


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Debate Round No. 2


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Debate Round No. 3
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