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Abortion rights are conservrative not liberal.

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Started: 12/23/2015 Category: Politics
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Thank you for accepting this debate.

My position is that the commonly accepted paradigm that proabortion is liberal and antiabortion is conservative is wrong.

For sake of time, we can agree the 2 political sides oppose each other on idealological reasons. To reduce the confusion, we will discuss the conservative side and assume the liberal side to be the polar opposite. If clarification is needed that's fine, but it is not necessary to duplicate the information as it would be needed to prove the liberal side....

The argument: Abortion rights are conservative not liberal.

Are you a liberal that supports abortion? Are you conservative that is against abortion? Maybe you are not what you think you are.

Do you think I'm wrong, crazy, or ignorant? Prove me wrong.

Prove the anti abortion/prolife position .... is conservative.

Rules: none

Round 1 acceptance
Round 2 main argument
Round 3 rebuttal and closing

Good luck and thank you.


I accept... my stance is simple; That pro-abortion views, abortion rights and the support of abortion is NOT a conservative approach but a liberal view.
Debate Round No. 1


To preface this discussion, the topics discussed are theoretical. My opponent may very well point to a conservative website and say "see they don"t support abortion". This discussion is deeper then that. This discussion is about the theory. Why does one side feel the way they do about the issues. As humans we all make mistakes and there are other such issues besides abortion, but kept to the scope , and on this issue I intend to prove why each side, left/right has the abortion debate wrong trough the direct

Abortion has become a litmus test for the left and the right. This one key issue often sways opinions at the polls. It is also how many people view their position on the political spectrum. The idea that one could be supportive of abortion rights and a conservative " as evidence by this accepted challenge " do not go hand and hand.
All the political discussion can be boiled down to 4 pillars written in the "left " right" format below.

1.Positive law v Natural law
2.Equality v Freedom and liberty
3.Community rights v individual rights
4.Trainability v Exceptionalism (does not fit for this argument but including it for completeness)

Starting with Natural law " the right/conservative approach to government in a truly conservative philosophy would never be to start by imposing restrictions and laws on individuals. Natural law is a doctrine that morality is superior to man written law. One does not need law to dictate how people behave. Nor can morality be legislated. This level of morality or decision is based on a doctor patient relationship. A merge of 2 consciences; and arbitration to reach a settlement of 2 civil individuals.

Natural law does not change over time. It is not persuaded by fads. It provides a vantage point. Perhaps those who like positive law " the left, like having healthcare needs governed instead of choosen. These same people are the ones that are currently enjoying Obama care. This is why Obama Care and the Hillarycare of the past are not supported by conservatives. The right truly believes government should not be managing healthcare.

Equality v Freedom. Conservatives believe in freedom and liberty. The world is not fair and conservatives are not here to make the playing field level as their liberal counter parts. A conservative takes little pride in asking for government to intrude to remove rights from some to give them to others. For example when the boy scouts are instructed by the federal government that they must let in a gay boy, this goes against American Conservatism because they believe the freedom to allow or exclude members, not the equality to allow everyone in. Regarding abortion, it is the freedom to choose life or death vs the positive law arguments that the fetus is entitled to an equal chance at life.

Conservatives believe the individual should have greater rights than the community. If one wants to build a gas station at a specific location, if he owns the land he should be able to build that gas station even if the community does not want it. The EPA has long been a dog against conservatives for this very reason. The community, or the land is regularly put before the individual"s freedom of choice to do what they wish with their property. What's the hold up with the pipeline? Conservatives are regularly the one"s fighting for this property freedom. The very right leaning city of Houston has no building restrictions on land for the above reasons. Clearly this group could not take the position that an abortion is bad for the community. Also, If the body were to be viewed as an extension of property " and at one point in US history it was, prohibition on abortion is clearly an area the true conservative would navigate away from.

In summary, the conservative supports, limited government and freedom in general. They prefer an individual"s rights over that of the community, and believe the world is unfair and are against any affirmative action equalizing the field. The above is not a group that would naturally support a ban on abortion. It seems very unnatural for a true right wing person to seek out positive law, equality, and the bettering of the community at the expense of the individual.


LegendK forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent has nothing to disagree with in my post.


LegendK forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by RustyHammer 2 years ago
The problem is that the term 'liberal' has to be defined carefully, because everything depends on what one wants to be free of, essentially. Classical liberals seek to be free of governmental control, while they affirm the natural law. Modern liberals, in contrast, invert this formula, arguing that we should be free of traditional moral constraints, particularly in the area of sexual behavior, while being less free of governmental controls. But since the natural law requires the defense of innocent human life, it stands to reason that conservatism would call for laws against AB, just as it calls for laws against garden-variety murder. It also makes sense that modern liberalism would not desire to see laws enacted governing AB.
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