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Abortion should be a legal option for those who want it.

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Started: 8/12/2011 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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OK, I am looking to see if anyone wants to have a debate on this topic with me. 3 rounds each, with the first round to accept the challenge. The topic being "Abortion should be a legal option for those who want it.", meaning that Abortion should be legal option regardless of circumstances.


I accept your challange.
Debate Round No. 1


Alright, the motion I am carrying is that Abortion should be legalised for all.

Simply, my argument is as follows : Abortion is the termination of cells. Cells are not alive. Therefore, Abortion has no real impact. If abortion has no real impact, then everyone should be able to have it as an option.

First, let's define Abortion: The cessation of pregnancy or fetal development. So an abortion is simply halting a process. I am sure the honorable gentleman will refer to the "child" being "alive", but it is not. A fetus cannot love outside the mother until the very end of the third trimester: This is not abortion. When a child is existent, they are no longer a "fetus". A fetus is an embryo after the eighth week of development until birth. This means a child only becomes a child when it is removed from the body via birth. The idea that the fetus is alive, which I am sure will be the main point of my opposition's argument, is unnecessary and flawed. A fetus is not developed as a person: It cannot live independently. It cannot "learn". It cannot "feel" for most of its life. Remember, I am not saying disallowed for all circumstances, but for all people. Everyone should be entitled.

Abortion is not used as a form of contraception. Pregnancy can occur even with responsible contraceptive use. Only 8% of women who have abortions do not use any form of birth control, and most say they don't use it as a form of contraceptive. (

Also, removing the right of a woman's choice to her own body is removing civil rights, and is wrong at a human rights level. It is just wrong to say that only specific people may have abortions, obviously. And saying that someone may not do something because it stops something from being alive? Not killing something, fetuses are not alive, they are a clump of cells, but it is just stopping the possibility. There's a slippery slope forming.

American Psychology association also found no psychological harm caused by abortion: There is no real side-effects.
( Also, the chance of death from complications is 1 in 50,000. This is the same as the general use of anaesthesia ( or the chance of anyone anywhere on the coast dying from a tsunami ( The risk of death associated with childbirth is about ten times higher than that associated with abortion.

I think that is enough on the medical and socio-economic factors, but let's move onto the moral factors: Is a group of cells alive? Well, the average human mouth has over 400 species if bacteria, their combined populations total to billions and billions of distinctive organisms, (Stevens J. It's a jungle in there. BioScience, 1996:46:1-5). Do we count these as the same quality of life as human beings? Of course not! I am not saying we should go out of our way to terminate fetuses, but to simply give people the choice.

I am sure the honorable gentleman will bring up how people will "abuse" the system. I think they fail to realise that people do not use abortion as contraception (read prior references), nor is there any incentive over abortion as a contraceptive rather than a condom, or IUD, or equivalent. I am English, I enjoy a free healthcare. And with the free healthcare system, I have the right to free medical procedures. The idea that women should not get help is a poor one.

Let's go through some hypotheticals: What if the woman was raped to pregnancy? What about if the woman gave birth, she would be killing herself, and the child would probably die as well? What if the woman who was pregnant was in poverty?

It's quite simple, really, at least, I think so. Socio-economically, abortion is a reasonable option. Morally, restricting someone's choice is terrible. Scientifically, a clump of cells aren't "alive". I await the response, thank you.


ryan_thomas forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I'll just wait.


ryan_thomas forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Stephen_Hawkins forfeited this round.


I apologize, I have been puting in extra shifts at my job and I would like a rematch at a later time.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Zuko 7 years ago
Nice topic, I would have loved to debate this as CON. Anyway, good luck to you two.
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