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Abortion should be banned in the United States

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Started: 9/29/2013 Category: Politics
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For the purposes of this debate "abortion" shall be defined as "the intentional termination of a pregnancy in which the death of the fetus is intended". I thank any opponent for accepting this debate on a hot button issue, and promise to treat my opponent fairly, and with respect and dignity regardless of how passionately we may disagree. I expect the same treatment from my opponent.

Round 1 = Acceptance
Rounds 2&3 = Arguments & counter-points
Round 4 = Closing


Honestly think about it would you rather want her to have a baby she is not ready for causing her to not raise the child right or would you rather have her not even have the child
Debate Round No. 1


I would rather the child have a chance to live. Your argument breaks down to "the child won't be raised right, so it is okay to kill him/her". This argument is disturbing indeed.

A free society is only free if defends the first and most basic right, the right to live.


Well if the child is not given the proper childhood there is no telling how the will end up in their later years, and if the mother is unfit and the father is not around it will lead to the child feeling unwanted which can go into depression when can be followed by suicide
Debate Round No. 2


Again, my opponent argues that because of a possibly dim future, it would be acceptable to kill the child. This argument could be used for many things equally preposterous:

Suicide rates are high for dentists, and people living in Seattle. Should we kill them?

Suicide rates are through the roof with the homeless and mentally ill. Should we kill them?


Im saying if the mother is not read to take care of the child she should not have the child, and a poor childhood can lead to a lot of disorders
Debate Round No. 3


We seem to be going in circles here. I hope we can break that trend in this, our last round.

It is not okay to kill someone for ANY of the following reasons:

1. They are unwanted.
2. Their future is bleak.
3. Their existence will inconvenience another.

I was hoping we would get to deeper issues in this debate, especially this being my first on this site, I see it is yours as well.

Abortion ends the life of a unique human being. Nobody has the right to intentionally destroy an innocent life. This is the basis of my argument, and I await a thoughtful rebuttal.


So if a girl was raped you would say keep the child even though it will be a constant reminder of something horrible in her life,
Abortions can lead to a decrease in adoption centers, mental disorders, over population, economic ways, abuse, homelessness and much more
Debate Round No. 4
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