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Abortion should be illegal, except in extenuating circumstances

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Started: 1/27/2012 Category: Politics
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Abortion should be illegal, except in circumstances where the birth of the child would put the mother's health at risk or the child is a result of a rape.

If the argument is that a girl/woman shouldn't have to carry to full term if she doesn't want to, then she should take greater precautions during sex and take responsibility for her actions. What about contraceptives? Condoms? If two people want to have sex, then they must be prepared for the potential results of their actions.

If she doesn't want to keep the child, then put the child up for adoption. There are thousands of perfectly qualified couples out there that are waiting to adopt a child.

People will argue that the death penalty is wrong because it's murder, but abortion is okay. A fetus's heart starts beating at just 3 weeks and 1 day (, so how is THAT not a person?

If the mother's health is not at risk and the pregnancy is not a result of a rape, then abortion should be illegal. There are plenty of couples that are willing to adopt, and they shouldn't have to go overseas to adopt just because America is too lenient in aborting pregnancies.


Good day, opponent. You have chosen a good topic. I might not win this one. But i will show my acceptance by telling you that abortion is not wrong if the mother thinks it should be so.

Your move. Make it count.
Debate Round No. 1


The mother decided to have sex, she knew what the possible results of having sex were, but yet she failed to take the precautionary measures to prevent pregnancy and still continued in her actions.

Sex is a choice, but it also comes with a huge responsibility tag. If a woman feels that she is responsible enough to have sex, then she should also take responsibility for the possible outcomes. Simply "throwing away" the baby should not be a valid response to a pregnancy.

You state that if the mother chooses to abort then she should be allowed to. That's not showing any responsibility at all. On the contrary, it's showing a severe lack of responsibility. You can't just throw your problems away because it's convenient. If the mother isn't ready or willing to be pregnant as a result of her actions, then she should reconsider her choices to be sexually active.


If the mother did not want to have sex to begin with, than she should have the option of abortion.

I am not referring to being raped, or being drunk at the time. And it is not irresponsible to consider abortion if it is completely necessary, or if the mother was told she could not become pregnant, but did. Either way, if abortion is considered, it would not technically harm the unborn baby since babies do not feel pain until at least 9 weeks after conception.
And is nine weeks not enough time to decide weather someone should not have a baby? If the mother simply does not want the baby is being irresponsible. If the mother did not know she was pregnant or it is the outcome of a rape is being fairly responsible. If the mother was drunk at the time and does not remember having sex at all is not being irresponsible, nor is it being responsible. My claim is that it is the mother's decision. If SHE feels it is necessary, then it is necessary. If it is recommended by a doctor, then it is necessary.
Not being able to feel pain is a good thing for the baby. Sometimes abortion is the right thing to do.

Good things about abortion:

*The baby does not experience pain if done within nine weeks.

*The mother no longer has to worry about what would happen to the baby if adopted
or the baby's pain for culling.

*It is possible that the baby could be "defective" due to the mother and/or father being

Neutral things of abortion:

*The mother gets a lesson out of the consequences of drunk sex.

*It is possible that [the baby] were deformed.

Bad things of abortion

*The baby will feel intense pain at being shredded to a lifeless pile
of tissue if done after nine weeks.

*The mother will feel intense pain at blades inside of her shredding
her baby to a lifeless pile of tissue.

And with that reasoning, I hope you can be able to see a little bit of my light by now.
Debate Round No. 2


If the mother did not want to have sex, that would classify as rape. Rape is having sex with someone against their will. As far as being drunk, if a girl takes a guy to court and says he raped her, but his defense is that she consented, if she was under the influence of alcohol or drugs she will win. She's in an altered mental state and cannot consciously make the decision to have sex or not. Based on my opening argument stating that abortion would be okay due

As far as not being able to get pregnant, pregnancy is ALWAYS an issue. With all the cases that have happened where the mother is told she is infertile but then becomes pregnant, a girl still runs the risk of becoming pregnant. If she's told she is infertile, she should still take the precautionary measures to not become pregnant, even if her chances at becoming pregnant are slim to none.

Whether the fetus can feel pain or not, abortion is still harming the fetus. You can do harm to something without causing it pain. Thus, destroying the fetus would harm it.

"It is possible that the baby were deformed." Are you saying that any baby that has the chance of having a birth defect should be aborted?

"The mother gets a lesson out of the consequences of drunk sex." So killing an unborn child is a good way to teach a lesson? How about the fact that she got pregnant in the first place?

I do see where you're coming from, but I still don't agree that just because a girl doesn't want to carry full term she should be able to just throw it away because it's convenient.



Your claim is almost uncounterable. I know what raping is. But if the mother was drunk, under normal circumstances, she would not remember even having sex. And if she were raped, well, under normal curcumstanses, the rapist would have killed the mother. Unless the rapist weren't that kind of rapist. If she was not killed after being rap-wait. IF SHE WAS RAPED IN THE FIRST PLACE SHE WOULDN'T BE ALOUD TO GO TO COURT UNTIL AFTER HAVING MENTAL THERAPY! AND A SMART RAPIST WOULD HAVE LEFT THAT TOWN/CITY/STATE! (<- typing angrily.)

But let's consider it was an idiot rapist

If the rapist did not flee the scene, then he would be put in jail immediately. The consequence for raping is usually a life-sentence, unle-oh. Never mind.

Either way, the mother would not remember being drunk unless she was only a little bit drunk, and abortion is sometimes recommended if the child was the result of a rape.

Your move again

P.S: I only wrote this because I cannot surrender until the last round
Debate Round No. 3


RyKo forfeited this round.


I have to admit, I was a little bit nervous when I was about to look at your next argument.

But who's to say that I can win? Who would actually be FOR abortion?

But technically you cannot surrender until we finish the debate. But I win this round, you know, since you forfieted.
Debate Round No. 4


RyKo forfeited this round.


Pain forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Pain 6 years ago
You were bold, thinking anyone would not have a bad opinion about abortion. Mabe you should do one on culling next.

Culling: verb;
the act of killing a newborn mammal that has/had/will have a
Posted by RyKo 6 years ago
It's ok, we'll fight out the drug debate :)
Posted by 16kadams 6 years ago
Although I agree I wanna accept
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