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Abortion should be illegal with exceptions

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Started: 4/28/2013 Category: News
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is my first debate so please just bare with me.

i have had this argument before, but it was me vs. 6 Catholics and they wouldn't let me speak, and just decided that they won. plus they were very aggressive.

My point is that people who go and have sex and get pregnant then just because they don't want a child, or feel they aren't ready, should not get the option of abortion. i then feel that the people who are raped, abused, or could possibly die during the pregnancy or birthing process should get that option.

For the person who would like to challenge me they can either choose abortion should be completely legal, or it should be completely illegal.

how its going to go:
1) my opponent should next try to counter and give the reasons for why the way they feel about the topic is the the way they feel
2) i will then argue why you are wrong or flawed. and then the process will be repeated by you
3)just be nice, i don't want to go back to the argument against the six Catholics again.
4) voters just go for who you felt had a better argument
5) i would be happy to except any other persons debate on this topic, i also appreciate to see your comments


In this debate, there are a few factors that must be considered. Who has abortions, why, and what are the alternatives to abortion. I will be arguing that abortion should be LEGAL with exceptions. The foundation for my arguments will stem from the reasons for abortion not being unethical, and from the few reasonable alternatives to abortion. If any part of the foundation is proven, the ballot should go to the CON side.

Who has abortions? NBC News reports that those who have abortions come from various demographic fields, but a higher proportion of economically depressed women have abortions. 60% of the women getting abortions already have at least one child.

Why do they have abortions? Abortion rates are linked with economics. When family economy is bad, women are more likely to get abortions. Their decision may stem from wanting to better support their born children, or from not wanting to give their unborn children harsh, impoverished lives.

What are some alternatives to abortion? This will depend on the circumstances, but the most common alternative is adoption. However, carrying a baby to term most likely would entail an unpaid maternity leave, which would not help economically struggling families. Thus adoption is not a viable alternative for all.

As can be seen, having abortions is not unethical. Women don't just abort when they aren't willing to raise a child. Alternatives to abortion may not be readily available to them, and dire economic situations may demand that they have an abortion. Therefore, abortion should be LEGAL with exceptions (the exceptions are when the baby can actually live on its own).

I wish my opponent good luck in this debate. Welcome to
Debate Round No. 1


STMAknight92 forfeited this round.


I will give my opponent a chance to respond.
Debate Round No. 2


First i Want to thank my opponent for letting me speak. i became extremely busy having to handle school and practice.

I first wold like to present my counter argument against my opponents statement " Women don't just abort when they aren't willing to raise a child".

my evidence is found at:

I would like to highlight this section:
The most common underlying reasons for abortion were 1) they could not afford a child at the time and were unmarried (42%), 2) it would interfere with their education (38%), 3) it would interfere with their employment (38%), and 4) they were students or planning to enroll in studies (34%). Other reasons are having relationship problems, not ready for another child, or don"t want people to know they had sex or got pregnant, the health of the fetus, victim of rape, or became pregnant as result of incest.

The number one reason does have to financial reasons, but it does say that other reasons are because A) The infant would interfere with their job B) They were not ready C) or they did want people to know that they are pregnant.

You might say it is unethical to abort a life or potential life because you don't want you ego to be affected, r because it would interfere with your job. Most woman who have a child usually have interference with their job because of a child.

You might say that if they were scared of these reasons they would not have had sex in the first place.

it also says that there are abortions because of rap and incest Based on

every year there are around 1.3 abortions per year only 13,000 are because of rape or incest which equals 1%. This means that 99% of women who have abortions had sex willingly then got pregnant and either realized they would could not provide all they needed to for the child, or they said oh crap i want to go to college, i don't want to be tired at work, or my boyfriend always is yelling and i cant handle the stress etc.

It also states that many women had previous abortions.


There are two reasons why this debate should go to the CON side.

Reason 1: My opponent agrees with me

In his last round, my opponent states that the "number one reason does have to [do with] financial reasons." He cites that 42% of women who had abortions could not afford a child AND were unmarried, which means the total proportion of women who had abortions that could not afford a child is likely to be at least 50% (if you factor in women who could not afford a child and were MARRIED).
38% of women who had abortions said that children would interfere with their education, and 38% of said that children would interfere with their employment. Again, even assuming 50% overlap (an unrealistically high overlap) between the two groups, the proportion of women aborting due to career considerations is still over half. My opponent says that abortion should be illegal with exceptions. Is the status of the majority the exception or the rule?

My opponent claims that aborting for job prospects is unethical. Without good career prospects, poor women doom their children to lives of economic pressure. Many of these women would rather have their children unborn than have them live in poverty. As Patrick Henry famously said, "is life so dear ... as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery." Through abortion, women are saving their children from the chains of debt and economic slavery. In a country that emphasizes rags-to-riches, the rights of women to their own future are essential and unalienable.

Reason 2: My opponent's sources contradict his arguments

My opponent is pro-life. His sources are pro-choice. The Women's Center ends their article with a plea to fight for abortion rights. Infoplease states that 54% of women having abortions had used contraceptives prior to getting pregnant. My opponent says that if women were scared to have a child they would not have sex, but he forgets that they could have safe sex and not be scared. It's not the woman's fault if the contraceptives don't work. The statistic from Infoplease also invalidates the last paragraph that my opponent posted this round. People who use contraceptives usually realize from the beginning that they want children.


As we can see here, the question comes down to is it ethical to restrict the futures of women and their born children by forcing them to have children they cannot afford. Most of the women who had abortions were sure from the beginning that they didn't want a(nother) child. They sacrifice the child they carry for the economic well-being of their born children and their future children. They are not the stereotyped teenage girls, but rational adult women. They are a significant portion of the population. Therefore I urge a vote for abortion being LEGAL with exceptions. Thank you.

Sources I used in this debate:
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by STMAknight92 4 years ago
which ever one you choose
Posted by Kwhite7298 4 years ago
If I were to accept, would I need to prove that abortion should be illegal, period, or that abortion should be legal, period?
Posted by STMAknight92 4 years ago
i would accept your challenge
Posted by Ragnar 4 years ago
I already have a few debates here, but if you'd like I could accept this.

If taken I will be arguing from the "It should be legal" side, and will use several slippery slope fallacies.
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