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Abortion should be illegal.

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Started: 3/21/2011 Category: Society
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An abortion is restricting someone from living, also known as killing. People that have abortions are not ready to have a kid or just simply don't want one. It is not up to them whether another life can be on this planet or not. There is absolutely no excuse for an abortion, or should i say, a homicide of a human, furthermore, a baby.


Abortion, though quite an unpleasant idea, is a necessary one. We all have things we don't like to do but must and abortion happens to fall in with these things. Abortion signifies the only right that an unwilling mother has to her own life. Teenagers, rape victims etc... do not want to hang on to the memory of something stupid and horrible.

Through abortion, unwilling mothers can have another shot at their own life. Something that they are in charge of and asked for. They should not be held responsible for something that was outside their control; something that could possibly damage the rest of their life.
Debate Round No. 1


You are mistaking a baby for a burden. Having a child does not necesarily mean that the mothers' life will suffer. There are adoption facilities that take care of children that are not able to be taken care of by their mothers. To restrict a person from living because the mother is unwilling is unjust. Rape victims can sometimes become pregnant and that is part of what happened to them, it is very sad but she cannot just restrict that person from living because something happened to her.


You seem to think that we live in a Utopian society where everything "is okay and people forget and we all live happily ever after". This is not the case. For a teen mother to experience the full term of pregnancy, sacrifice her education and destroy all potential of a better life is a big price for a small mistake. And isn't it ultimately a mother's choice whether she wants to have the baby or not? What happened to democracy?

As for rape victims, for a woman to be raped is one of the most horrific things ever. Do you think that she wants to hold on to a peice of that incident for nine months? I think not.

I hope that we let go of the belief that we live in a world where everything is magic and think about the issue in a practical way.

Thank you.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by CGBSpender 7 years ago
Yes, I agree. I think we should break down all complex social problems to a simple and loaded false dichotomy. If we do it that way, we won`t have to waste our time thinking too much (which will allow us to be of greater economic utility).
Posted by creationist 7 years ago
Right to life or right to kill is what it really is.
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