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Abortion should be illigal except in cases of Rape

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Started: 5/16/2012 Category: Politics
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I originally started to debate to challenge another DDO member who was already debateing abortion and was arguing it was normally wrong except in special cases such as the mother and child cant both be saved or in the case of rape.

given the premise that its wrong otherwise I take the position that rape is not a cause for exception although the 'can only save one' case is. so I tried challenging the new member to debate over the rape exception. Turns out he just included that exception for 'playing devils advocate' sake partially, since he was hoping for a debate with a total pro-choice advocate over abortion putting cases of 'can only save one' and 'rape' aside.

but I still want to debate this topic, so I'm reissuing the challenge and have these terms for whoever accapts it. You have to be against abortion under normal healthy growing baby, mom and dad that are dating/hitched circumstances, the sex was totally by consent. in those cases you have to be against abortion. if your not please just dont except this debate. I dont want to debate the abortion issue altogether, just a paticular irrational exception made in most abortion debates.

if you accapt this debate you defending that abortion is wrong except in cases of rape.

I left all my argument before in this opening round but you can skip reading the italic part if you want, it was really specifically directed at the original debater I tried challenging.

also if you want to accapt this debate but dont qualiy just drop a comment in the comment section. I dont really care what rank you are that restriction was just put to keep troll debaters from accapting. if you let me know your intrested I will look at some of your past debates to see if you forfiet most of them and if dont but actually finsish your debates I will issue the challenge to you.

anyway....on with the debate.

Hello new DDO member, I saw your debate challenge and wanted to debate one of the particulates to your position, the one on rape. if the child and the mom cant both be saved then they cant both be saved so I would have a hard time making a case to dissagree if her life is endanger she should not keep her's over the childs. But as for if the child is a result of rape I can easily make a case against when you are already agreeing to the basic fact that abortion is wrong and should be illigal in normal conditions....

So do explain for me in your opening round how when.....

A man rapes a woman

Woman is pregnant with a baby as a result

You conclude.....

Kill the baby.

Given the 3 people in that scenario one would think common sense would lead you to lean toward killing the man that raped the woman if you had to kill anybody but instead you chose 'kill the baby'

Do you hold a position that babies should be held accountable to the fathers sins if they are still in the womb?

I look foward to my opponents response


I read this wrong, I would only want to debate if I'm on the pro-choice side. Sorry
Debate Round No. 1


Tell you what Irrational Thinker. I have a way to salvage this debate so that both you and I can get what we want. Now you have proven that your incredibly slow already by accepting this debate without reading the resolution, what your side is, or a single facet of my argument. You just went “oh an abortion debate, whoopee, the big bold letters look like he’s pro-life and am not so this one for meeeee…”


Accomplish that small task and you just might redeem yourself in my eyes, not that probably matters to you.

You want to debate a pro-choice side.

I want to have a debate that shows given the premise that abortion is wrong normally, then rape would not be an exception case to it being okay. If its okay during rape cases, its okay altogether, if its not okay altogether than its not okay when the girl was raped.

So tell me if this edit of the resolution works for you.

“It is stupid to label a pro-lifer as an ‘extreme pro-lifer’ for not compromising on still being against abortion in cases of rape.”

Basically you hear very often in political stump speeches the democrat often refer to a republican as crossing a line in being too extreme with there position on abortion when they are still against in cases or rape. As if to say “I can understand there view enough about when life starts to respect that they fight against abortion under normal circumstances, but surely they should be of a different mindset in the case of rape”

Rape should not be considered an exception case in these debates or even brought up at all. It has no bearing on the issues that content abortion is either right or wrong.

You know what here’s a better rephrasing of the resolution for you.

“Rape should not be brought up in an abortion debate”

Because from your pro-choice perspective it is even okay for the woman to choose to kill her baby in the womb if she were married in a stable relationship with a guy is completely prepared to financially handle a kid but ‘just doesn’t feel like having one right now’. Its her body and anything unfortunate enough to be in it is hers to tyrannically eliminate at her whim. She does not have to even have a reason. So if it where fact that she was raped thus giving a reason to choose to have an abortion is immaterial. Thus justification did not suddenly make this a choice she has a right to in your eyes

Because of my or any Pro-lifer perspective that baby is just as much a baby while its in her body, is just as much alive and that’s the thing that throws me on MY tangent. 1 day after the child is born if you killed you would look at like its murder. 1 minute it after its born not much change right? 1 minute before? Basically the same kid just located in a different spot and because that he/she lost its right to be protected? To live? Is it okay that in china they kill there baby’s when there born because there a girl? After all they were born in that country so it should be up to China’s choice? The location doesn’t phase me from my view and its not complicated to decide at exactly which point you start calling it a life. There’s really only one point you ever can and that’s conception (under my view anyway).

So why bring up rape into an abortion debate between us. It has no bearing on either of our views, as I spelled out last round why. If a man rapes a woman and she is pregnant because of it the awful deed done was done by the rapist, not the baby. So it’s a great abandon in logic THIS issue about her being raped was bridge it took for me to convert to being pro-choice. Someone else does something awful so it follows we sacrifice the innocent in the tragedy to make someone feel better about it?

There is absolutely no rational grounds for someone to be pro-life but be okay with it if the girl was raped. And thus its not rational for a pro-choicer to bring up rape in debate with a pro-lifer. Its just not an issue that strengthens or harms or affects in any way either side.

I await my opponents response, pondering just which tiny fragment of my post he will read this time. Or if he will read it all and maybe even argue well enough for me to forgive him for his previous stupid mistake.

(P.S. I actually see no reason to change to resolution. we can hold the choice vs life debate that i just described just fine with it as it is with you as the PRO to our resolution. arguing temporaraly from a position you dont fully back is completely legit to use the socratic method to dismantle an opposing position to your actual view. overall i think you should get the point of this debate....provided you actually read any my attempt to get you to get the point this time)



Rational_Thinker9119 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


well thank you for totally respectfully acknowledging my proposal to keep debating by not posting in the debate....or the comoent section...or in a pm....and basically being a dick pretending this page does not exist.

whatever, it just makes me in the mood to listen to this song in the video



Rational_Thinker9119 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Marauder 5 years ago
I like philip sometimes, like when he sang with elisa in that duet song in the video. other times i dont like philip at all like when he sang matchbox 20's "desise". Steven said it best when he told him "you dont have a desise you have bug!"
Posted by Maikuru 5 years ago
Jessica > Phillip
Posted by Marauder 5 years ago
I guess I can see what you mean about it being a 'fringe issue' but when arguing about positions to take that affect how he we legislate very often, i think its a good approach to consider how it affect the worst case scenario even if that scenario is a rare one.
Posted by teekong 5 years ago
I said virtually all reputable research studies indicate 0 rape cases result in pregnancy, anecdotal evidence does not refute this statement. To disprove this statement you will have to find a reputable research study that indicates something other then "Virtually all rape cases do not result in pregnancy". That statement still leaves room for a rape case to result in pregnancy, the studies simple didn't find a case that did. Further more my point in bringing that up, is that in terms of what is IMPORTANT to debate, this is very much a fringe issue, that depends greatly on a number of underlying issues that are often treated as unvoiced assumptions in these arguments. I'm not saying you can't debate it if you want to you are welcome to, I was just commenting on how abortion is such a hot topic while the decisions that lead to the NEED for arguments over abortion are often ignored and marginalized.

Each of those also qualified what is defined as rape differently. Which is why I said the argument should first be about "what is rape". There are many documented cases where teenagers claim to be raped as opposed to honestly admitting it was consensual in order to avoid the consequences.

I'm not saying that is always true, I'm simple saying the entire issues is based on a broad definition of rape, which often times is a "he said she said" situation. Obviously there are very clear cut cases when rape is rape, and those aren't the ones I'm referring to.

However I do think an argument can be made , depending on what you use as your ethical approach, in which it is morally right to abort a rape case child. I won't say I agree or disagree with it, I'm just saying you can effectively make the argument under the right assumptions.
Posted by Marauder 5 years ago
though i'm against abortion your research is wrong teeklong, I can account for at least one girl out there I know whos child was the result of a very ugly messed up rape. so its false to imply there are virtually "zero" cases.

point is though, that child is a healthy 2 year old now and she loves him to death.
Posted by Buckethead31594 5 years ago

Just play the devil's advocate.
Posted by Marauder 5 years ago
you know something I have changed my mind and I think i have a way to keep this resolution while you get to argue Pro-choice. please take this into consideration. I've mostly cooled off from initial pissed-off knee jerk reaction to your taking the debate without having any idea what it was. although I would be lying if I said i was totally over it and no longer frustrated by it.
Posted by teekong 5 years ago
Honestly, the debate should be over what is rape. There have been a great number of studies done on the number of pregnancies that occur after a rape and most of the reputable ones conclude... zero.

Again, I think I'll be continuously perplexed as to why the focus is on abortion, rather then the decisions that leads to the need to make the decision about abortion.

A vasectomy costs 350-1000, if reversed within 3 years it has a 99% success rate. If you want to be irresponsible and worry free (excepting stds) , go get a vasectomy and have it reversed when your ready to start a family. Its cheaper, safer and less psychologically traumatic for everyone involved.
Posted by elvroin_vonn_trazem 5 years ago
I'm excluded from debating this issue since I am pro-choice.
I might even be willing to go farther.
Pregnancies caused by rape should ALWAYS be aborted.

But to understand why, you need a "bigger picture" than the ordinary one involving individuals.
See, with respect to passing genes on to the next generation, Nature Does Not Care About How It Is Done.
Anything That Works Is Acceptable.

Which obviously includes rape.
But most human cultures don't like rape.
I once read about an of anonymous poll of college men,
"Would you consider committing rape if you thought you could get away with it?"
35% said "yes".

So, there could be some sort of genetic tendency toward committing rape, because, historically,
rape has been a successful way to pass genes on.
Logically, if you want to eliminate rape from human society, you need to get rid of that genetic tendency.
One way to do that, in the long long run,
is to make sure rape is NOT a successful way to pass genes on.

Which could be accomplished by aborting every single rape-caused pregnancy.
And upset a great many abortion opponents in the process, of course!
Posted by Maikuru 5 years ago
When the second speaker lets time run out on the first round, the debate automatically cancels. More people should know that.

If I was Con, I would keep arguing anyway lol.
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