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Abortion should be legal in all states.

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Started: 3/14/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Abortion should remain legal; in all states. Making abortions illegal would be a violation of our constitution. The fourteenth amendment, a part of our constitution, clearly states, "nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property." Women's bodies are just that, women's. They should not be deprived of doing as they see fit with their body. It goes against what our country was founded on- freedom. Freedom to choose. Freedom to choose our president, senators, religion, and opinions. And what we want to do with our bodies. Abortion is a choice, a personal choice, that women should be able to make for themselves. Our country also faces population issues. If abortion became illegal, they would only grow worse. This is a serious issue. I'm not pro-death, I am pro-choice.


Abortion should be legal because if a person does not want a child why force them. You would also give the child a hard life if the parents don't want it because they could go to an orphanage or get neglected by there parents. So why give it a hard life?
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Posted by Iacov 1 year ago
@booknerd0720 ..."I don't think there are orphanages in America..."
You couldn't be more wrong on that one. There is a orphanage just a few blocks from my house.
Posted by SegBeg 1 year ago
The 14th amendment can be used AGAINST abortion- when you terminate a pregnancy, you are depriving the BABY of life
Posted by SapphireSpire 1 year ago
Our right to self defense is necessary to secure our right to consent and our right to consent is arguably more important than our right to life since so many people have died for it. The way consent works is that it:
1. only applies to the person you give it to
2. doesn't not automatically transfer to other people
3. is never permanent, it can be withdrawn at any time

As human beings from the moment of conception, unborn babies have all the same human rights and obligations as the rest of us. None of our rights are unconditional. We all have a right to life and an obligation to obtain consent. Anyone who breaks their obligation to obtain consent ends up committing assault, which the victim always has a right to defend themselves from using however much force is required to make it stop, including the use of lethal force as a last resort. In the case of unwanted pregnancy, abortion is the only resort.

Of course women are responsible for abstaining from sex or using birth control if they don't want to become pregnant but they are only responsible to themselves. They can't be obligated to anyone else because it would jeopardize their right to consent.

The purpose of elective abortion is to end an unwanted pregnancy, not to kill the baby. Even when a pregnancy is being aborted the baby still has a right to life which abortion providers should be morally and legally obligated to make every effort to save. And the use of lethal techniques in late-term abortions should be illegal. Killing viable baby's that are still alive after abortion is murder.
Posted by g48dd 1 year ago
If you kill the child then you violate the child's 14th amendment rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If you don't want children then don't have intercourse. There are ways to please a partner with having intercourse. Once you have intercourse you have committed yourself to be responsible for life. Because that life is unable to take care of itself, it's important for the rest of us to watch out for it.

I believe this is a States rights issue as abortion is not enumerated in the Constitution as one of the powers of the Federal Government. The founding fathers provided away to change this with a Constitutional Amendment.
Posted by booknerd0720 1 year ago
It's fine, I'll just start a new debate. (I'm not trying to be a know-it-all or anything, so I'm sorry if I come off as rude, but I don't think there are orphanages in America, just so you know). Thank you for responding to my debate, though!
Posted by bodog 1 year ago
sorry i thought i was for abortion i support it 100%
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