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Abortion should not be funded through tax payer money

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Started: 11/17/2014 Category: Politics
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Abortion should not be funded through tax payer money.
1. Pro choices often accuse pro lifers of pushing our views on them when we speak out about abortion. If they are forcing us to pay for their abortions aren't they pushing their views on us?. Why the double standard. How come it's ok to give tax money to pro choice causes but not pro life causes. I don't work 9 hours a day at a job I don't like so I can pay for something I consider cruel and immoral.
2. No one should be forced to pay for something they don't want to.
3. If abortion is between a woman and her doctor why am I paying for it?
4. As long as my money funds abortion I am a part of it. I have rights to speak out of what I am a part if by force.
5. As long as I'm paying for your abortion I have every right to say whatever I want about it and protest wherever I want. If you don't like my protesting and want to create buffer zones around your abortion clinic than don't use my money. If women feel depressed about seeing pro lifers signs as they walk into the abortion clinic remember whose paying for your abortion--ME. If you don't like our pro life signs than don't make us pay for your abortion. If you can force me to pay for your abortion I can force you to look at pro life images.
Thank you!.


Let me begin by defining what a pro-choice position should be (or at least the one I hold).
I DO NOT want abortions to happen. I would be happy if nobody had an abortion ever. However, I understand that we don't live in a perfect world, and bad things happen.

If abortion were not available, we would instead see self-induced abortions, a higher rate of infant mortality, broken families, ect. Having a clinically monitored, safe abortion system is the lesser evil. I support it, because I understand the horrors of it not being present.

1. I accuse pro-lifers of pushing views because these views usually have a religious basis, and not a basis grounded in reality. I am not saying you fit into this category, but most do.
Anyway, a lot of the money you pay taxes to goes into the government. This money is used to fund the political parties. If you vote against abortion, then your money will go to good use. I can promise you that much more of your money goes to conservative political parties than abortion clinics.

Besides, I am not conservative. I do not agree with gun laws, ect. Why is my tax money going to them? Because that's the point of living in a government, supporting all views and needs is the point of society.

2. Great! When do I stop paying the conservative parties to lobby putting guns in schools?

I will ignore 3, it's not a logical point.

4. And you do have that right! You can vote conservative parties any time you want. Furthermore, you can run into an electorate yourself.

5. I disagree. Mothers who cannot support a child, or cannot afford to take time off work for a pregnancy do not deserve to feel like murderers. Guilt tripping people into your ideology is not correct. Once again, you can go into an electorate and solve the problem with more force, and not have to resolve to barbaric methods of protest. People should understand that standing outside an abortion clinic and hurting the people there is not OK, especially when more correct alternatives exist.
Debate Round No. 1


1. It's important to note that the number of abortions in America increased dramatically after the legalization of it in 1973. Before 1973 America had 210,000 abortions a year. By the late 1970s there were over 1 million abortions a year. Today there are 1.6 million abortions a year. I am pro life but the view that abortion should not be tax payer or state funded is a view held by pro choice people as well. For example most libertarians are pro choice but they oppose state funded abortions because forcing someone to pay for what they consider murderer is unfair.
2. My religion doesn't have anything to do with my beliefs on abortion. If I were an atheist I would still be pro life. The group secular pro life is made up of people from all religions who are united in their pro life values. I joined that group because it was the only pro life group I could find that didn't involve Christianity. Most women who get abortions are not going to be religious Christians so pushing Jesus in their faces won't help them. What will help them is better sex ed so there are less unwanted pregnancies. I also believe that if women were aware of what abortion doe to the fetus they wouldn't kill the fetus. If they understood what it was by looking at the ultra sound and having the doctor read a list of what will happen to the baby they would make the decision to keep the child.
2 I'm not conservative. I don't agree with a lot of their positions such as their anti gay rights stance and want for war.
3. If abortion is truly a personal choice that doesn't concern me I shouldn't pay for it. The woman can pay for it her self and plenty of pro choice people will be happy to donate to her if she can't.
4. The rights I'm talking about are those of pro life protestors. Many abortion clinics have buffer zones. I understand the need for them because some pro lifers are very aggressive. But if I am paying for your abortion the least you can do is hear me out. If you don't want to deal with me you Shouldn't be taking my money. If planned parenthood doesn't want to deal with me protesting outside their clinics they shouldn't be taking my money. The day they stop taking half a billion dollars a year from American tax payers is the day they can create buffer zones.
5. If the woman uses her own money for the abortion than that's one thing. If I am paying for it with my tax money than I should be able to say what I want. How would you feel if you were forced to pay for the murderers of children (with the Iraq war we all were forced to pay for that). Imagine someone is forcing you to pay for something you strongly disagree with and on top of that they won't even hear you out. It's my money that welfare queens and planned parenthood stole. I can decide what to do with my money. As long as I'm paying for your abortion ( a long with other things like welfare) I can make you feel how I want. If it's ok to steal my money and use it on things I disagree with I can make you feel guilty. If making you feel guilty is the only way to save a baby than I will do that. An entire life is worth an hour of guilt.
Woman who get abortions aren't bad people (with some exceptions) they just made bad choices. If you can't look at pictures of the act don't do the act. Own up to what your doing. Don't hide from it. Many women who get abortions become pro life.
Thanks and happy Thanksgiving!.

Today, in the US, there are about 700,000 abortions a year. This number is in decline. Clearly, someone is doing something right.
There is a strong link between abortion rate, and wealth. I can't imagine people who go in for abortions can always afford to pay for it. I'm sure you suggest that these people just don't abort, but this doesn't take care of any underlying problems. God forbid they just do it themselves, or live off welfare, with the inability to care for themselves and the unborn child.

I agree with you that sex-ed is a must. I hope this is why abortion is in a decline.
I hope women are aware of the abortion process before going into an abortion. However, a woman who needs to take the abortion doesn't have the choice to go back upon understanding, and may need help with the charges afterward. Anyway, there are many abortion opportunities that don't include surgery.

I'm not saying you're conservative, but I'm saying that there's tons of things in the government that I don't agree with, but I pay for.

"pro choice people will be happy to donate to her if she can't."
I think you're a little confused on the goals of pro-choice people. See the start of my first argument.

"If you don't want to deal with me you shouldn't be taking my money...The day they stop taking half a billion dollars a year from American tax payers is the day they can create buffer zones"
It's like you think that taxes is stealing. It's not your money, it's the government's. You have the right to change what they use it for, the government is based around this ideology.
What about all the taxpayers who think people shouldn't attack abortion clinics? You seem to think just because you pay a few taxes means that your country should bend to your will, and yours alone.

"It's my money that welfare queens and planned parenthood stole. I can decide what to do with my money"
No it's not, it's the governments.

This whole thing seems to be based on a sense of entitlement. Yes, you pay your taxes. However, people who disagree with you pays their taxes too. Taxes are just a product of living in a country, and are not yours to decide. Nobody is stealing your money.

"Own up to what your doing. Don't hide from it. Many women who get abortions become pro life."
Any stats on this? I've heard the opposite.
Debate Round No. 2


I would love to see less unwanted pregnancies. People shouldn't sleep around with men twice their age and than expect me to pay for their abortion. I didn't force you to sleep around. If people had more access to birth control and didn't sleep around with any guy that smiles at them at the bar there would be less unwanted pregnancies. People also should be aware of the eugenics, population control and money making goals behind the abortion industry. I doubt a black women would get an abortion knowing that planned parenthood began as a racist eugenics group that wanted to exterminate them or knowing that 52% of black babies are aborted thanks to planned parenthood clinics being mostly in minority neighborhoods (80%) I don't think anyone would get an abortion knowing that the baby can recognize their voice at 3 months along or that they feel pain while they are being dismembered. Late term abortion is done by the doctor sticking a tool up the women's vagina and pulling the baby out and that breaking it's neck or cutting it. These babies are viable outside the womb and sometimes come out alive even during legal abortions. In silent scream an abortion of a 3 month old is shown. Once the canula is inside the uterus the baby squirms and tries to get away from it. I don't want to pay for the dismemberment of a defenseless baby.
Plenty of people support planned parenthood. They would donate.
As long as planned Parenthood takes tax payer dollars that means other people are funding their organization and as long as that's the case those people have an obligation and a right to protest against them.
There's no entitlement. I don't want to pay for a eugenics group to dismember babies.
An example of a woman who worked at planned parenthood and had two abortions is Abby Johnson. Now she's a pro life activist. Many abortion doctors turn pro life.


I agree people shouldn't sleep around with people twice their age, and I think this is a very poor example of an abortion. On the flip side, many abortions are a product of irresponsible fathers who ditch as soon as a pregnancy occurs; and in this case if the mother feels abortion is necessary, then I would support it.

Margaret Sanger was not racist ";
Even if she was, this would not mean you get out of taxes.

The debate about fetal pain is complicated. I will not go out and say they don't feel any pain. This is why abortion is a complicated topic, but I stay with my answer that abortion is necessary. I'm sure a fetus will go through much more pain if the mother kills it by force or by poison.
Anyway, I also encourage doing it as early as possible, in this case, you know the fetus will not feel pain, and in the best scenario, you don't need surgery to do it.

"the baby squirms and tries to get away from it."
That's grossly unrealistic. Fetuses respond to stimuli, but are far from squirming away from something that they will perceive to hurt them. Even newborn babies are incapable of this.

You do have the right to protest, nobody is taking that away from you. I'm just telling you that you're not solving any problems by doing so.

"I don't want to pay for a eugenics group to dismember babies."
Well, if you see it as black and white as that, then you're above the rest of us. To me, abortion is a complicated topic where people get hurt no matter what side you're on. I find that paying for a group who will professionally handle abortions, rather than leaving it to the rest of us, is a progressive idea.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by UndeniableReality 2 years ago
@Reeseroni - your RFD for conduct is not given.
Posted by UndeniableReality 2 years ago
Fair enough. My mistake.
I could have been much clear that I was adding to your point, not trying to refute it, but directing it to someone else would have been much more productive.
Posted by Vesero 2 years ago
Okay, I guess I don't know why you directed the point of society to me. Why not someone who doesn't know the point of democracy and telling me I can leave :P
Posted by Jingram994 2 years ago
Here's a handy little reference, just in case I might have missed something.

Posted by Jingram994 2 years ago
My apologies for the typos. I'm typing this on an iPad, and autocorrect is a killer.
Posted by Jingram994 2 years ago
"Many people who protest out side abortion clinics confront the women and offer them an alternative. As long as these women are using our tax money to abort their babies we will show them whatever pictures we want and yell whatever we want at them."

Are you simple? Do you seriously think women are jus rocking up to those clinics out of the blue, and haven't given the issue even the slightest bit of consideration? And what, pray tell, is your 'alternative'? 'Deal with it'? Because that's about the extent of what I'm hearing.

"If they don't want to deal with us they shouldn't use our money to pay for their abortions. If planned parenthood doesn't want to deal with us protesting outside their clinch they shouldn't take our money. "

If you didn't want to deal with abortions being a real issue maybe you should grow a brain and not complain about having to pay for birth control. It's very simple. Nobody else gets to direct their taxpayer dollars just because they want to.

"Remember the pro choice movement isn't about women's rights. At the very top it's about eugenics. Many minorities want to oriented against a eugenics group like planned parenthood that at one point supported their forced sterilizations."

No, we're literally talking about women's right to have an abortion f they choose. Don't change the subject. The pro choice movement as a whole literally supports the choice to use freely available medical technology if they so choose. Nobody wants to kidnap pregnant women and force them to have abortions against their will and without their consent. That literally isn't even close to the 'agenda'.

Key words; *minorities*, *at one point*. This is not some kind of conspiracy, this is a small group of bigots who want to use the same technology to take reproductive liberty away rather than giving it. Don't conflate the two as being the exact same thing. Grow up.
Posted by Jingram994 2 years ago
"Conservatives can't deny birth control to others but they should not be forced to pay for birth control if they don't want to. Anyone who believes that companies not wanting to save you 10 dollars a month by paying for birth control needs to get their priorities straight."

Sorry t break it to you, but us you should. Everyone has to pay taxes, and nobody gets to decide where their taxes end up going. Birth control is a medical necessity, unless you think people are magically going to not have sex because conservatives with egos bigger than their brains don' want them to.

"This debate isn't about denying ones "right" to an abortion. It's about not forcing someone who oppose abortion to pay for it. And most abortions aren't done for health reasons. They are done because the baby is an inconvinence."

No, literally 54% of abortions are done when at least one form of birth control was already being used, 52% on people who have never had an abortion before, and us married women only account for 45% of abortions. This along with statistics showing that less than 50% of unplanned pregnancies end in abortion.
Even leaving this out, could you please explain why abortion is 'wrong' and why people shouldn't be allowed to use it as a form of birth control? It sounds to me line you're simply trying to dictate how other people are 'allowed' to use their own bodies.
Posted by UndeniableReality 2 years ago

I did learn that the american government was doing something like that in the past, but do you have evidence that this is still going on?

By the way, you're incorrectly assuming that I live in the same country as you.
Posted by Jingram994 2 years ago
"Jimgram 994. Elective abortion is not the same as medical procedures and blood transfusions. Those are to save lives, in many cases in only minutes while elective abortions aren't done to save lives."

So are you insinuating that abortions aren't done to save the lives of women who will otherwise be placing their lives in serious jeopardy by going through childbirth? Even leaving out specific problems with the pregnancy, childbirth by its very definition is actually very dangerous, and strictly speaking even the 'safest' possible full-term birth is over 10 times more dangerous than any form of abortion. Why do women not get to control whether they put their lives in possibly mortal danger or not?

"You should watch silent scream which shows an abortion of a 13 week old. The poor baby tried to squirm away from the Canula and begs for it's life. Also by 4 months they can recognize their moms voice."

Are you serious? Anyone who's ever done ANY amount of actual research about that movie knows it's a complete sham.. For one thing, the FOETUS ('baby' literally, strictly refers to after childbirth only) is actually
almost double the stated age, the footage is deliberately sped up & slowed down to give the appearance that the foetus is making controlled, coordinated movements that it simply is not capable of 'trying' to make at that developmental point (they are autonomic, and indicative of precisely nothing), and the foetus itself actually isn't even 'screaming'; the space shown is undeveloped area between its head and chest.
Educate yourself.

"And if we want to judge your value of life by brain activity we should kill anyone whose brain dead since it takes recourses and space to keep them alive."

Obviously. Unless given express orders otherwise from the family or court, or if it would help preserve organs for donation, this is what actually happens. If your brain is dead, you are dead. This s literally how it works. Again, educate yourself.
Posted by Dilara 2 years ago
Undeniable reality look at my last comment. Read everything about his planned parenthood begin a a eugenics group and in many ways still is. As someone with relit ices who survive ww2 I do not want to pay for a group that had a president who personally met with hitler (the man who helped send my family members to concentration camps) and if you are black you might not want to pay for your own genocide let alone a group that at one point wanted to exterminate the black race.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro seems legit and i guess i like him doe.
Vote Placed by NoMagic 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: For the most part I see the argument as a tie. However, when we live in a large nation, and pay taxes, some of those taxes will go to things we don't like. That is the nature of a society. Each individual doesn't get to pick where their tax dollars go. I don't get a special exemption, neither does Pro.