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Abortion should remain a legal standing law.

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Started: 6/25/2015 Category: Health
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Women should be able to determine their own future. It is ultimately the woman"s decision whether or not she should bring a child into the world. This is important because only she knows whether or not she is capable of bringing a child into the world. I believe that the abortion law should remain standing.

1). Reproductive choice empowers women, allowing them to take control over their
2). Women who receive abortion are less likely to suffer mental health problems
than women denied abortions.
3). Allow women to have an option to choose not to bring fetuses with abnormalities
to full term.
4). Women who are denied abortions are more likely to become unemployed, be on
welfare, to be below the poverty line, and to become victims of domestic
5). Reproductive choice protects women from financial disadvantage.
6). A baby should not come into the world unwanted.
7). Abortion reduces welfare costs to tax payers.


Good day my fellow debater, I will like to thank you for given me such a wonderful opportunity to enlighten you About the Con's side of Abortion,but before I go further I will like to define the main subject of your debate topic which is ABORTION.
"Abortion is the removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to end a pregnancy,most often performed during the first 28 weeks"
My fellow debater I believe you will agree with me that we cannot talk about ABORTION without talking about pregnancy and of course women get pregnant because of unprotected sex. so you see the connections between the three,I believe also that you will agree with me that we might say that most women abort because of unwanted pregnancy but we fail to ask what makes them have this unwanted pregnancy, the answer is UNPROTECTED sex and not UNWANTED SEX.
In this juncture, I would like to outline some of the reason below why I believe that if "Abortion should be a legal standing law" it will be disastrous to human existence.
1-since it is a crime to kill a full grown person punishable by law,it is also a crime to kill an innocent yet unborn child who knows neither about you having unprotected sex nor your ability to save a life.
2-According to WHO most of the women who do abortion end up dead,and in such case we lost two people,one being innocent and the other a cruel witch.
3-A country with high abortion rate will end up with economic difficulties as there will be low work force compared to country with have legal laws that punished women who are guilty of such act.
4-We are disobeying God the creator of human soul by destroying an innocent child thus, violating the law "thou shall not kill"
5-Most women that have abort a child end up destroying their womb, and so doing she will not be able to give birth any more and she will never be happy with herself,then she will end abducting a child.
6-If a woman has the gut to destroy an innocent child's life who has done her mother no harm are Ruthlessly killed how much more for her to kill full grown individual.
7-My fellow debater you will agree with me that if not for the love of your mother who did not abort you for any reason other than the love she had for you, you will not be here today debating on this topic.
To crown it all,your point that if a woman is not prepare for a child should abort the child doesn't make sense because if you are not prepare for a child then you should not have sex,but if you did, don't destroy life because there are people or NGO's or Government agencies that will take care of that future leader that a Barbarian of a mother has destroyed. I believe that people at home will surely agree with my views,Thanks once more.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for your response/argument.

The abortion law remains standing since Roe vs. Wade (1973). It has not been calamitous as you say.
1). Since abortion has been legal, abortion is not a crime. The mother is doing what she thinks is right for her and her baby.
Note: Abortion should not be used as a form of contraception.
2). Persons lacking the necessary skills most likely performed the abortion, causing the mother to die, and violating the
law. Research again.
3). See pro # 5 and # 7.
4). Not everyone is catholic. Also, a lot of women who are catholic still chooses to have an abortion.
5). Abortions nowadays are safe. Again, go back to the research. Abduction? Uh" not everyone think the way you think.
6). You have the right to your opinion.
7). My mother knew she was financially and emotionally stable, as well as she was capable of bringing a child into the world
That is the norm for some people, but easier said than done for the rest. Refer back to pro # 7. We already have women
in America having babies after babies who cannot afford to raise them without assistance, and then relying on welfare.
Some taxpayers hate paying for children who are not theirs.

Thank you for being a sport!


My greetings, It's a pleasure doing this wonderful debate with you my good friend.
To start with, Abortion is a murder. Unborn babies are considered human beings by US federal unborn victims of violence act,which was enacted "to protect unborn children from assault and murder" and that under federal law anybody intentionally killing or attempting to kill an unborn child should "be punished... for intentionally killing or attempting to kill a human being".The act state that "an unborn child is a member of the species of Homo sapiens" an at least 38 States have passed similar fetus homicide law.
It's believe that life begin at conception so unborn babies are human beings with a right to life.
Also, Abortion cause psychological damage. A 2008 peer reviewed study published in Scandinavian journal of public health and that "young adult women who undergo... abortion may be at increase risk on subsequent depression." Also a peer reviewed of 2005 in BMC medicine found that women who underwent an abortion had significance higher scores on hospital anxiety and depression scale up to five years after the pregnancy termination. Also, A 2002 peer reviewed study published by the southern medical journal of more than 173,000 American women who aborted were more likely to commit suicide than women who carry to the term.
At this point,It is useless to think that a child will come into this world unwanted, after all the woman gets pregnant because of having unprotected sex" because no child will ever come into her mother's womb if her mother doesn't ask to come(by having sex).Nevertheless,if women becomes pregnant,they should accept the responsibilities that comes with producing a child because nobody forced them to have sex in the first place. Also, people need to take responsibility for their actions and accept the consequences,but if a woman can't afford to to take care of the child then she should give him/her to be adopted rather than aborted.
Abortion promote a culture in which human life is disposable. The legislation of abortion send a message that human life has little value. House Representative Randy Hultgren wrote in Jan. 2014 that " when we tell one another that abortion is okay,we reinforce the fact that human lives can be disposable that we can throw it away like anyone or any this that inconveniences us."
In addition, your point that people who are denied abortion are more likely to be unemployed,be on welfare, below poverty line is baseless,unfounded and untrue. How can a person become poor just because she is not allow to commit abortion? How many women are out there with children who have never aborted before but still remain to be above poverty line because they are hardworking. My friend I think you have to do a lot more reading exercise. By the bye, I want to use this opportunity to teach you one of the major effect of abortion which I believe you don't know at all. Abortion can lead to medicine problem for the mother. A June 2003 study published by the reviewed international journal of epidemiology estimated that about 15% of first- trimester miscarriage on attributed to a prior history of induced abortion, and stated that induced abortion by vacuum aspiration is associated with an increase risk of first- trimester miscarriage in the subsequent.
However, it is true that not everybody is Catholic but even Catholic are Christians, aren't they? Abortion is the killing of a human being which defied the word of God and the Bible doesn't draw distinction between fetus and baby, he/she is recognized by God as he says in Jeremiah 1:5 "Before I form thee in the belly I knew thee; and their before thou cometh forth I sanctified thee..." The BBC state that Buddhism reject Abortion because it involve "the deliberate destroying of a life" and also Exodus 20:13 says that "Thou shall not kill."
In a nutshell, allowing abortion conflict with the unalienable right to life recognized by the founding fathers of the US(United States). Abortion takes away from the unborn the unalienable right to life that the founding fathers intended on all human beings. My fellow debater it is the virgin truth that abortion eliminate the potential societal contribution of a future Hunan beings. It has been reported that the mothers of entertainer Celine Dion and Justin Bieber were advice gave abortion or were considering the procedure, but choose to give birth to this wonderful babies knowing fully well that life is prestigious. Can you imaging for once how many Talented society changers that the world has lost to abortion? My question is "Does it right to take another man's life?" Or is it OK to kill an innocent poor child who has done you no harm and go Scot-free?
What if it were you? or some one very close to you, how would you feel? Or may be you don't value human life right?
Debate Round No. 2


Then, every other woman should be in jail.

The 2002 peer review is too old. There has been new research contradicting that since then.

People do need to take responsibility for their actions. Not every woman prefer to give away their child, then at a later time have that child hate her for that.

Women who are "settled down," have abortions. It is not only for the poor.

We cannot change how people think. The bottom line is that it is the mother"s choice, and this thing called abortion is legal and made available for those who think they should have it done.

Thank you for your arguments.


Thank very much for your time, I would have love it if you should have answered my questions,but it just shows your weaknesses and your inability to debate well(Not backing up your arguments with evidence).

To start with, my 2002 peer review research is old but it is the mother of all other research because no other research has contradicted it findings. For instance, according to one new research it points out the following resulting from Abortion:

Physical Complications
Excessive bleeding
Chronic and acute infections
Intense pain
Life-threatening infections
Pelvic inflammatory disease
Punctured uterus
Higher risk of future miscarriages
Higher risk of breast, cervical and
uterine cancer
Higher risk of ectopic (tubal)
pregnancies, hysterectomies,
stillbirths, premature birth (leading
cause of birth defects)
Maternal death rates

Psychological complications
Clinical depression
Substance abuse
Broken relationships
Anxiety disorders
Eating disorders
Sleep disorders
Post-traumatic stress
6 times higher suicide rate
Twice as likely to be hospitalized for
psychiatric illness within 6 months
More outpatient psychiatric care
60% said they felt "part of me died"
Risk of coerced or unwanted abortion
Risk of pregnancy-related
Risk of coercion escalating to
violence or even homicide, the
leading killer of pregnant women
Risk of forced abortion
Risk to teens

Quotes from experts
"Many, many girls and women have
wound up in the emergency room ,
bleeding uncontrollably or deathly
sick from infection. Many have had
to undergo hysterectomies. Quite a
number of women and girls have
died from abortion on demand." "
Kevin Sherlock, The Scarlet Survey

" Teens are suffering adult-sized pain
with a child's coping skills. [Abortion
providers] tell them to "get over it""
My dream is to get this pain out in
the open ... to help give women the
freedom to acknowledge that abortion
hurts." "Terri, who had an abortion as a

"As the host of documentaries on
abortion, I have met many women
who carry deep psychological scars.
In fact, I have met so many that I
now believe that there are only two
kinds of women who have had
abortions: those who have hit the
emotional wall and those who will." "
Jane Chastain, columnist and radio host

Quotes from individuals and families
who've been there.

"Our mom made my sister have an
abortion. At age 14 my sister
became a completely different
person. She got into very hard drugs
and would use them every day. She
had attempted suicide at least 3
times that I know of and has horrible
huge scars on her arms from one of
the attempts." "Anonymous

"The thought of abortion in our
family is a terrible thing. Our
granddaughter, age 21, had an
abortion. Three months later her
father found her hanging from the
cross beams in the basement. We
did not know ... about the abortion
until a week before her death when
she tried suicide by cutting her wrist.
... she told her mother what she had
done. They took her to the hospital
... kept her five days, released her ...
three days later she killed herself.
She said her boyfriend made her do
it [the abortion] ... She dearly loved
children ... She was always taking
care of some friend's children. ... If
someone could have talked with her,
she might be alive today." "A

Also I am glad that you agree with me that women do need to take responsibility for their actions, but your argument that they are afraid to give their children for adoption for fear that they may be hated by that children in future is unfounded and baseless. There are many people who are adopted by someone else but still visit their biological parents. For Instance; I am adopted by My uncle but I can still see my parent whom I love so much especially my mother because she did not abort me. For instance these are are celebrities who were adopted:

1. Marilyn Monroe / Via
Marilyn Monroe was abandoned by
her widowed mother, and she spent
much of her childhood in foster
2. Dave Thomas / Via
Dave Thomas, the founder of
Wendy's, was adopted at six weeks
old. He also created the Dave
Thomas Foundation for Adoption.
3. Bill Clinton / Via
Bill Clinton was born to a widowed
mother and was sent to live with
his grandparents as a child. He is
only the second president in U.S.
history to have been adopted
(Gerald Ford is the other).
4. John Lennon / Via
John Lennon's father went AWOL
while on a naval ship, and his
mother was unable to care for him,
so he was adopted by his aunt

Children in most societies are seen as an integral part of the family and are regarded as society builders. So if the poor people who can't afford everything can keep a child how much more for those who have "settled down" Let's be pragmatic.

However, it is true that we cannot change the way people think but I believe we can help people to think in a better way through teaching programs,debates,lectures and symposia etc. Also raising up a child is not that expensive as children are exempted from the payment of tax and in most countries there is free education, free healthcare and government even grant to mothers Child benefit. So what is the welfare cost, my friend I recommend that you do some more research.

To crown it all, I believe readers Will agree me that if "Abortion should remain a legal standing law" our fellow compatriot will be deny the right to life and then human life can be disposable just like our waste. As the adage says "The loss of one life is a tragedy". Thanks once more my fellow debater for sharing your views with me and I hope readers will surely make a sound judgement as to who is the winner.



Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Cherry415 3 years ago
Thank you very much for your comments, Epicular.
To Mr. Con, I truly understand emotions; there is certainly nothing wrong with that. Backing up your arguments with "your arguments are baseless" indicates to me that you do not agree, and that"s okay. Again, not all people think the same.
Posted by Epicular 3 years ago
Dangit, I can't vote yet. So here's my thoughts.

Pro wins, although their argument had a few issues. Con used some horribly invalid arguments (see below)
Round 3 seemed weak for both sides. Con just listed a bunch of women's injuries from old abortions, while pro didn't write much at all.
Some other terrible arguments from con:
"we fail to ask what makes them have this unwanted pregnancy, the answer is UNPROTECTED sex and not UNWANTED SEX."
This statement is very false. Rape is the cause of many abortions.
"she will never be happy with herself,then she will end abducting a child."
WTF? You're seriously using abduction to back up your argument? This is a very specific scenario that has likely only happened a few times. Adoption is a more likely result.
"We are disobeying God the creator of human soul by destroying an innocent child thus, violating the law "thou shall not kill""
Oh please. Don't play the religion card. The only thing that can back up a religious argument is religion itself, rendering religion an invalid argument.
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